Thu Blog: How Is What Trump Did Worse Than What Hillary Did?

A VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE COMING TO DENVER Because let's face it sometimes real reality won't get it done. Sandbox VR is a new company where you can go and play a virtual reality game with friends and I have to say it looks really fun. See it here, and today we're speaking with Marketing Manager Sierra Lawrence at 12:35. Check out cool video of the place here.

THE NEW DENVER CENTER BROADWAY SEASON IT OUT and I'm talking to the Executive Director of the Broadway series John Ekeberg about the stellar list of shows coming to Denver. Find out more and buy tickets by clicking here.

THERE'S NOW AN OMICRON VACCINE BOOSTER And I am a hard pass on this. I'm healthy, this virus is not nearly as serious and I'm sort of done. If you are in some high risk category and want the shot, find out where by clicking here.

THE NEW BRONCOS OWNERSHIP WASTED NO TIME IN LOCKING UP RUSSELL WILSON And this is a great idea, as many qbs in the league are about to sign huge contracts. Read about his new deal, much of it guaranteed, here.

DENVER POLICE CHIEF PAUL PAZEN IS GOING TO RETIRE So we can't even keep our top cop but who can blame him. He's been forced to fight an uphill battle on the streets with no help from the criminal coddling Legislature. He says after nearly 30 years it's time for someone else to take the helm, but there is a rumor floating around that he is going to run for Denver Mayor. Knowing the extremists who have already expressed interest in that position I sure hope he does. We need someone who will be serious about cleaning up our city.

WHY DEMS TRYING TO MAKE US LIKE CALIFORNIA WILL SUCK SO HARD Look at what California is doing RIGHT NOW, as they ban gas powered vehicles when they clearly don't have an electrical grid powerful enough to fun what they have now. These are the people that our Legislature idolize and want us to become, so you should read this article to be armed to argue against it.

MIKE ROSEN IS RIGHT ABOUT JENA GRISWOLD When he says in this column that she is unfit for office. Unfortunately that is not a disqualifier as many unfit people currently serve, but he lays out the case brilliantly.

DENVER TEACHERS UNION NEGOTIATING WITH THEMSELVES FOR A NEW CONTRACT Because they control each and every member of the Denver Public School Board so they are negotiating to get themselves more money and benefits with a group that is utterly and completely beholden to them. This should be fun to watch. Teachers want an almost 20% raise in starting pay after they got an 11% raise in 2019 after striking.

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S RACE IS A DEAD HEAT And boy do we need John Kellner to win this. He is neck and neck with our current Attorney General. I'm beginning to get hopeful that some Republicans can win this year. Maybe. Possibly.

THE US SENATE RACE IS A DEAD HEAT TOO! As Joe O'Dea is running a very smart campaign and no one knows who The Useless Michael Bennet is. Read more about the Trafalgar polling here.

TEACHERS UNION DEMANDED LOCKDOWNS DESTROY STUDENT LEARNING And there is no doubt about it because fourth grade test scores dropped precipitously. Reading scores dropped the most since 1990 and math saw drops for the first time since the testing began. People are sounding the alarm about how long, if ever, these losses can be made up. From the Wall Street Journal:

The scores of lower-performing students are most troubling and could take decades to bounce back, said Dr. Aaron Pallas, professor of Sociology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.
“I don’t think we can expect to see these 9-year-olds catch up by the time they leave high school,” he said, referring to the lower-performing students. “This is not something that is going to disappear quickly.”

We MUST hold the people responsible for this accountable, and that is the teachers union. Since we can't vote them out of existence, why not vote the political party that does their bidding out of office instead?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CERVIX, MA'AM Okay so this story is two years old but I really wanted to steal that joke from Twitter because it made me laugh so hard. A prostitute finally retired in 2020 after servicing her 500,000 customer over her 54 year career as a sex worker. She said when she was young, she could satisfy up to 100 men PER DAY which doesn't speak very highly about the stamina of those men. Read more here.

YES, THE COLORADO AC REWARDS PROGRAM LETS XCEL LOCK YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN THERMOSTAT And they did just that Tuesday as temperatures soared over 90 degrees. Roughly 22,000 customers found out that the lousy hundred bucks they got for signing up meant they got to sweat in their own homes because they could not turn down the air. Screw that noise. It would be super fun if everyone called and demanded to get off the program.

THIS IS A COOL PROGRAM FOR SENIORS WITH SPACE IN THEIR HOMES If you've got a home large enough to accomodate a renter but have no idea where to find someone that would be a safe bet, look at this. Sunshine Home Share Colorado is a non profit that connects potential renters who want or need a lower rent price with seniors who have space. Everyone is background checked, and the renter and the possible rentee meet and everyone agrees before someone moves in, so you can check it out and not worry about having someone sketchy placed with you. There is also a weekly acts of service commitment, which could mean a ride to a doctor's office or the grocery store. I love this and would totally look into it if I were a senior living alone. What a great way to fight loneliness.

THIS AS EAGLE COUNTY IS ASKING PEOPLE TO TAKE IN TEACHERS Because they can't afford housing in the district or even nearby. This is just sad.

ANOTHER LAWSUIT IS FILED OVER RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION IN SCHOOLS This is the second such case in the metro, following one filed in Douglas County recently. This one is in Weld county and a former principal alleges he was fired after giving a speech to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which he sponsored as principal. Some members of the administration in his building alleged he said mean things about gay people and didn't like working with women in accusations that got him fired. We'll see how this one turns out. This seems like the work of the Gay Mafia but we will see when everything comes to light or the school settles.

LET'S PUMP THE BRAKES ON RANKED CHOICE VOTING, SHALL WE? Because if this is how it works I'm out. Alaska has ranked choice voting and in the recent primary, Republicans got 60% of the vote and still lost to a Democrat. This is not a good system.


A TWITTER THREAD ABOUT ONE PERSON MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE This is a twitter thread that could have gone so differently.

WELL YOU WANTED A WEDDING IN NATURE This couple got a little more than they bargained for when they got married at Glacier National Park. Just across the river from the wedding they were treated to a grizzly bear killing a moose calf before it dragged it back into the brush.

MAD RESPECT TO KHLOE KARDASHIAN FOR WANTING TO MAKE FASHION SIZE INCLUSIVE In the interest of full disclosure I have a pair of Khloe's Good American brand jeans and they are AMAZING. This article is about why she works so hard and spends extra money to make clothes for women of all sizes. Spoiler alert: it's because she was locked out of fashion for years for being a size 14 or 16. I kind of love her for this.

THIS ISN'T YOUR AVERAGE PILOT ANNOUNCEMENT But it had to be made because some ahole was Airdropping naked pictures to everyone on the plane.


I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS TODAY And it's gross, I know, but OMG it's funny.

AM I THE ONLY ONE SAD THAT BED, BATH AND BEYOND IS STRUGGLING? I shop at BB and B (that's what those of us in the know call it) somewhat regularly but I'm usually alone in the store near me. Now they have announced they are shutting 150 stores and I'm on pins and needles to see if I get to work a Store Closing Sale like a pro.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID YOU BETTER BE TOUGH Dude tried to steal some bricks, but it didn't go so well.

HEY PAL, WANT TO PLAY? This crafty pup has figured out a surefire way to get strangers to play with him.

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