Wed Blog: Weather Wednesday and Krista Kafer!

COULD HEIDI GANAHL PULL THIS OFF? New polling is good news for Heidi Ganahl and her campaign has shown with it's latest internal polling that when voters are told about Jared Polis's policies in this state they are less likely to vote for them. This means she needs money to get that message out and I'm talking with Krista Kafer about that race and more today at 2. If you'd like to find Heidi and give her money and support click here.

FOX 31'S DAVE FRASIER POPS IN FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY And someone sent me a weird question about cloud seeding I'm going to ask him at 12:35.

ONE DOUGCO COMMISSIONER IS GOING ABOUT THIS ALL WRONG And of course I'm talking about a drag show gone bad at the PRIDE event. Commissioner George Teal is making noises about cancelling DougCo Pride over a fake nipple exposure during a drag performance and that's just dumb. Can we stop giving the gay community reasons to think Republicans hate them please? I said yesterday a much better way to handle this is a collaborative manner to insure things like this don't happen in the future.

ANOTHER EFFORT TO RECALL CONSERVATIVE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS FAILS We all know that when the teachers union loses their grip on a school board they immediately begin to accuse the board they don't like of all kinds of high crimes and misdemeanors so they can get them out of office (see DougCo for a great example of this). That is exactly what they've done in Woodland Park as well even going so far as to collect signatures for a recall of the independent minded board members. They failed. Just like they failed in DougCo. Don't fall for this, people.

BUT IS A FOUR DAY SCHOOL WEEK GOOD FOR KIDS? This may be one of those "is a four day week better than overcrowded classrooms and overworked teachers" but it's still not ideal. We have no data on how kids do academically in a four day week so we are essentially experimenting on kids in Southwest Colorado. Personally, I believe if we can get kids a great education in four days that would be amazing. We simply don't know if that's happening as of yet. Read more here.

SHOULD AN ACCUSED KILLER BE FORCIBLY MEDICATED? The man accused of killing three in an attack on a Planned Parenthood in the Springs may be forcibly medicated so he can stand trial. Robert Dear, who is clearly mentally ill to everyone, is facing forced medication to bring him enough into reality to participate in his defense so he can stand trial. This is a really tough situation, but he needs to be held to account for his crimes, although at this point an insanity defense seems like a lock. This leads to a bigger question for me, and that is should mentally ill people who are being a nuisance be forcibly medicated? It may solve a lot of our homelessness, but those drugs have horrible side effects.

THE SIERRA CLUB WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GAS APPLIANCES And this is just the beginning of this, where we will all be forced to give up anything run by natural gas in our homes because the Sierra Club wants to tell everyone how to live their lives. They are petitioning the EPA to ban home furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers and stoves. This is what you need to worry about if you vote Democrat. Just saying.

THIS GROUP IS WORKING TO HELP YOUNG PEOPLE IN AG And I think this is really cool. A group of successful people in Denver formed a group to raise money to bid on animals raised by kids for the state fair. In my hometown local businesses always tried to outbid each other so the animals always went for a pretty penny but we don't seem to care about the Fair much here. This group fills that gap.

WANT TO SEE THE ELK RUT THIS YEAR? This is a good article on where the best places are to catch the drama.

THIS GUY USED HIS WIFE'S FAVORITE WORDS ON A FAKE CALL AND IT'S HILARIOUS I have no idea how he came up with this but her reaction is so great.


PENNSYLVANIA'S JOHN FETTERMAN PLAYS STROKE VICTIM WHEN IT SUITS HIM And I'm wondering how the voters there feel about Fetterman, who suffered a serious stroke several months ago, saying that he is fine to be in the US Senate but not fine enough to debate Dr. Oz, his opponent. Luckily for Fetterman most of the media there won't ask him any follow up questions. Dr. Oz's camp sent over some "concessions" that are definitely designed to cast light on the effects of the stroke, which are plain to see. Jerk move? Probably, but this ain't bean bag.

AND NOW, TEN FUN FACTS ABOUT ELECTRIC VEHICLES We are constantly being told by our overlords that if we don't like high gas prices, we should just buy an electric car. This article shows ten dirty little secrets those people are either willfully ignoring or simply don't know.

THE DAYS OF DRUG EXPERIMENTATION ARE OVER That's the message from one police chief who has seen overdose deaths skyrocket from the influx of fentanyl laced drugs. These drugs are so deadly the first try could be fatal. This is a conversation we all need to be having with our kids while encouraging them to have it with their friends as well. Read more here.

AUSTRALIAN MEDIA COVERS JOE BIDEN HONESTLY And they have entirely too much fun mocking his complete inability to speak.

TOLERANT DEMOCRATS CALL REPUBLICANS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST CELL And if you want to know why Trump will be the nominee this is pretty much it. This "Democratic Strategist" was on MSNBC to say horrible things about Republicans but no one at MSNBC pushed back for one second.

THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF THE COVID SCARE And I say it like that because this article is about people who put off healthcare during the pandemic out of fear of contracting covid at a doctor's office or hospital. Now they are in terrible shape and beyond what medicine can do to fix their issues in many cases. We're going to see elevated mortality from this for years.


“If you had to choose one of the following courses for your child’s life to take by the time they reach age 40, which would your prefer: happily married with children but just getting by financially, or financially well-off but single with no children in the household?”

A majority of 60% chose family, but 40% said money. And when you look at how those numbers broke out by political affiliation it looks like this:

Almost half of Democrats (46%) chose “rich, single, and childless” over “happily married with children,” while a supermajority of Republicans (74%) chose family over wealth.

You don't get to promote big government programs and then not produce the children to pay the bill. You just don't.

WHY IS MERRICK GARLAND SUBTLE THREATENING EMPLOYEES NOW? A memo went out to remind people who worked for the DOJ (including the FBI) about rules about speaking with members of Congress. Hmmm, could it be that whistleblowers are coming out to call out the partisan nature of these departments? That's what this column is accusing him of.

FED EX IS ROLLING OUT A PHOTO FINISH They are making a big deal out of this but hasn't Amazon been doing this for years? Why yes, yes they have. Read it here.

FEELING A LITTLE BLUE? A TYLENOL MAY HELP This is really interesting to me as I can't take aspirin or NSAIDS so it's always been Tylenol for me. This article says that tylenol has been shown to blunt emotions, so if you're feeling bad, give it a try. He also offers some really good suggestions for more permanent relief.

THE JAMES WEBB TELESCOPE IS DESTROYING THE "SCIENCE" OF SPACE At least many of the theories that have been widely accepted are being completely upended by what scientists are actually seeing. The Big Bang Theory is at the top of the list of things turning out to be wrong. Interesting how wrong the settled science can be, huh?


THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER And now I want basset hound puppies.

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