Tue Blog: Susie Wargin has a New Podcast, And The Damage To Kids From Covid

WANT TO HEAR FROM PLAYERS WHO'VE BEEN CUT TRADED FIRED OR RETIRED? Susie Wargin has them ALL in her new podcast by the same name. She's already interviewed so many people from Steve Atwater, to Derek Wolfe to Karl Mecklenburg and even Dave Logan and you're going to want to listen. She joins me for a few minutes at 1, and you can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

MARY KATHERINE HAM IS A CONSERVATIVE BALLER And the thing I admire her the most for is being a fill in host on The View and surviving unscathed. Okay, that's not the thing I admire MOST, but it's still cool. She recently had this piece in Reason.com about a new book about school shutdowns during covid. The book is written by a reporter from NPR who manages to not recognize the people (teachers unions) who shut the schools down in the first place, but okay. She joins me at 2 to talk about the book and the damage of school shutdowns overall.

DOUGCO PRIDE FEST HAS AN ISSUE Can I be clear that I have no issue with Pride Festivals in any way shape or form? That being said something happened at DougCo's Pride Fest that was a great demonstration of why drag shows and family friendly entertainment are not always compatible. Hip left wing parents love to take their small children to events where men dressed as gorgeous women with the silicone "accoutrements" that make them look like women are barely covered by costumes and sometimes costumes slip or move with unexpected results. Apparently a drag queen gave the crowd an extra something when a costume slipped a big fake boob fell out. It's a fake boob, not a weapon of war, but it's created a huge controversy that is entirely unnecessary and will end up making DougCo conservatives opposed to such displays look like bigots. If you don't want your kids exposed to fake boobs popping out, don't go to drag shows. Problem solved. If you want to tell me that you should have authority over what OTHER parents do in this situation you can go pound sand.

COLORADO COVID NUMBERS ARE FALLING And hopefully this is that last wave of any real significance and we can all get to where if we feel a sniffle we don't worry about leaving our houses. Read more here.

NEED SOMETHING TO DO? Here is a good list of over 100 free things to do this autumn in Colorado!

WHO IS PIMPING PSYCHEDELICS IN COLORADO? Spoiler alert, it's not Coloradans. We are seen around the country as drug friendly and organizations that promote such things as psychedelic use know that they can get stuff passed here that they can't get passed elsewhere so they are pouring millions into the push to bring psychedelics into the mainstream. The problem I have is that we know how it goes with pot. First off, they make it legal for "medical" purposes and everyone develops a "medical" condition so they can get it, then it's recreational. We already know that pot uses has risen dramatically with legalization, so what about magic mushrooms? I'm not sure adding this to our homeless stew of abuse is a good idea, especially because the push is coming from out of state. You can read about the PACs pushing this here, but it paywalled so just subscribe to the Denver Gazette already.

DENVER IS GONNA SPEND A BUNCH OF MONEY TO GET YOU TO COME BACK DOWNTOWN And it's money from the ARPA slush fund and they voted to give it to the Downtown Denver Partnership to figure out ways to get people downtown again. Only the communist Cande Cdebaca voted against it because she doesn't think the DDP is "equitable" enough for her taste. Is $2.4 million enough to lure you back downtown?

JENA GRISWOLD'S GROSS LIES ARE BEING CALLED OUT IN ALL CAMPS If you missed what I'm talking about, our Secretary of State did an interview with a hyper partisan newspaper in the UK and told them that if Republicans win, they were going to take away the right to vote. For real, she said that. It's disgusting and truly an indication of what must be some ugly internal polling to appear this desperate so soon. The good news is that she is being called out for her lies from every direction. The Denver Gazette has an editorial here that is rightfully indignant editorial here, and even the crew at 9News was unable to stay quiet on this one. They went even further and pointed out Griswold's lies about Pam Anderson's positions on the election. Griswold MUST go. She is utterly horrible.

COLORADO IS ALL IN ON CODDLING CRIMINALS And this column by George Brauchler outlines just how bad our current rules around young perpetrators have gotten and what that means to the families of people murdered. One judge did the right thing by rejecting a plea deal for a gang banging adult who allowed a fourteen year old to shoot a single mom in her car.

ABOUT THAT TEACHER PAY STORY GOING AROUND The one that says teachers in Colorado have the LARGEST PAY GAP IN THE COUNTRY when they are compared to all other workers with college degrees. Ari Armstrong shares the underlying details which are far different than the scandalous headlines we've seen about it so far. Spoiler alert: it's because we have a very high income per capita here and a highly educated workforce.

WHY DID THE COLORADO SPRINGS VIBE CANCEL A PRO LIFE NIGHT? There are a lot of questions swirling around after the evening was cancelled last minute because talking about letting babies live is too controversial or something. Read it here, and I'm going to see if I can get someone from their organization on the show to discuss.

WE'RE NOW ARMING TAIWAN And I'm okay with us selling them a little more than a billion dollars in military equipment. Heck, we gave way more than that to the freaking Taliban.

DUKE THINKS HE SHOULD BE IN THE POOL This is me whenever I tell Jinx no.

THE FBI AGENT WHO PROTECTED THE BIDEN FAMILY IS OUT And this is one guy who won't face charges for protecting Hunter Biden and his dumpster fire life before the election but at least he was fired I guess. Oh wait, he didn't get FIRED, he RETIRED, thus keeping his generous government pension for the rest of his life. This as the FBI is running around telling everyone they didn't spike any coverage of Hunter Biden's laptop. Mmmkay, we believe you. No, we do not. I can't wait to see what department in the Biden White House hires him to thank him for his help in getting Biden elected.

THIS AS BIDEN HIRES ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO SIGNED THE RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION LETTER Because of course you would after they did you a solid like that. Corruptocrat Jeremy Bash will leave his position as an MSNBC talking head to join the President's Intelligence Advisory Board because he's SO GOOD at recognizing Russian disinformation. That last part was sarcasm by me.

THIS AS A MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS WANT BIDEN OUT IN 2024 To be clear, they want a Democrat to run that ISN'T Biden, not that they are rushing to vote Republican. I kind of feel like USA Today buried the lede here. In addition to the 56% of Democrats saying Biden should NOT run again, a huge majority of Republicans in this poll say Trump is their guy. I still believe that is a huge mistake.

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS Because the Pacific Island chain that has long been an ally and place for US Navy ships to stop, has signed a "security agreement" with China. This is very concerning and demonstrates how far our relationship with them has fallen. Recently a Coast Guard ship wasn't given clearance to refuel on the islands, but government officials say it was just a delay in getting back to them. This is part of a bigger strategy by China to shore up it's dominance in the Pacific region and we need to pay attention.

THIS IS A SOLUTION IN SEARCH OF A PROBLEM Is flushing really that hard? And I would have murdered him for using spray paint in my shower but whatever.


THIS WOMAN CALLED A MUGGERS BLUFF AND WON Not that I'd recommend this but damn... there is some bad language in this but it's understandable. Here is a longer version of the story. She says watching herself be distracted from her surroundings was the hardest part to watch in hindsight.

THIS MAY BE THE SADDEST STORY I'VE EVER SEEN A tribe of indigenous people in Brazil were almost wiped out in the 80s after being poisoned by cattle ranchers who wanted their land. One man survived. Until now. He passed away in a hammock in a hut after avoiding contact with the outside world for thirty years. The genocide of this tribe is now complete.

IF WILLEM DAFOE STARRED IN PRETTY WOMAN This is super weird and freaky. You're welcome.

DRUG DEALERS TRY TO EXTORT MONEY FROM A TV PRODUCTION CREW This didn't happen in some third world country, it happened in freaking BALTIMORE. You can read the story here, but this is incredibly embarrassing for that city.


The jury is out for me so far.


JOE ROGAN TELLS PEOPLE UPSET OVER COVID RESTRICTIONS TO VOTE REPUBLICAN And I will admit I did not see this coming but apparently the red pilling of Joe Rogan is complete.

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