Terrifying Video Shows Plane's Window Cracking Mid-Flight

Girl taking photo out of airplane window

Photo: Getty Images

A frightening video shared online shows the exact moment in which a plane window began cracking mid-flight.

TikTok user Tristan shared a "throwback" video from a Poland Airlines flight from Warsaw to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York that took place on August 20.

The video shows three passengers quickly exit their seats in panic as the window suddenly begins to crack as the plane descends.

A woman is heard screaming for the flight crew and a safety message is played telling the passengers to remain calm.

The Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 was reported to have experienced a cracked window after the "electrophotochromatic layer used to darken the window of the passenger window was damaged, the tightness of the window however was not impaired," according to the Aviation Herald on Monday (August 22), which confirmed the plane made a safe landing at JFK Airport and remained on the ground for around five hours before being dispatched for its return flight to Poland, where the window was replaced in Warsaw.

A similar incident took place earlier this month after a Polish Airlines 787-8 plane diverted back to Warsaw after a crack was found on its windshield mid-flight, according to the Mirror.

The plane was traveling to Toronto on August 14 and flying over Stavanger, Norway, when the captain decided to reroute back to Warsaw after the crack was discovered.

Additionally, the plane was lowered to about 10,000 feet in an effort to avoid more damage to the windshield or loss of cabin pressure.

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