Thu Blog: Good Turf for Colorado, Lou Gramm of Foreigner, and Erik Aadland

THING NUMBER ONE: READ YESTERDAY'S BLOG There is so much good stuff on yesterday's blog. For real, read it here. So many good articles and infuriating stories. Get the duct tape for your head ready.

ERIK AADLAND WANTS TO BE YOUR NEXT CONGRESSMAN FOR DISTRICT 7 He joins me at 12:30 for a few minutes to chat. I think Erik is doing a bang up job with his campaign and I sure hope you listen to what he has to say and consider giving him your vote and giving him some money as well. Find his website here.

LOU GRAMM SANG SO MUCH OF MY TEEN YEARS As the lead singer of Foreigner he saw incredible success and co-wrote some of the most iconic songs of the 80s. I spoke with Lou yesterday and to say he's still not over the way he was treated by Foreigner's founder is an understatement. I'll play that interview at 1. He's coming to the State Fair this Saturday night and you can buy tickets by clicking here.

IT'S TIME TO RECONSIDER KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS And any of the other cold season turfs that we all have in our yards. Our drought is not going anywhere for the near future and water is going to become more scarce. Aurora just banned cool season grasses in new developments and golf courses so why not get ahead of the curve and switch your thirsty lawn out now. But with what? I've got Marty Thiel from Graff's Turf on at 1:30 to talk about what kind of grass does the best in Colorado and the pros and cons of each. Find Graff's Turf by clicking here! Marty also sent me the following links with more great information:

MY FAVORITE ART SHOW EVER IS BACK! I love art and the Affordable Arts show is the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to finding a GREAT deal from great artists. I've got Jim DeLutes on at 2 to talk about this year's event that raises money for scholarships at Arapahoe Community College. Find out more and scope out the artists you want by clicking here!

HEIDI GANAHL AND JOE O'DEA ARE GAINING GROUND BIG TIME At least according to the new Trafalfgar Group polling data. Check this out:

This is kind of a big deal in our state. If you've been sitting on the sidelines, not donating because you think these guys can't win, I'm telling you they can. Everyone said Hillary was a sure thing too. Just saying.

THE GREEN ECONOMY COULD LEAD TO WIDESPREAD STARVATION And many other shortages. As sulphuric acid is used in the production of fertilizers that we rely on to keep crop yields up (see what's happening now in Sri Lanka to find out why this is important) as well as making batteries the "green" economy needs, it's kind of a big deal that we are trying to shut down the cleanest production source we have: oil and gas. They get leftover sulphur when they desulphurize gas to prevent acid rain. Currently 80% of our supply comes from that source. When we stop drilling, we stop making sulphur, which we still need, so the alternative is giant strip mines all over the place. I've lived near one of these, and while they are active, they are horrible. They can be reclaimed beautifully, but it's a years long process. Unintended consequences are a real b*tch.

HOW POLIS IS MAKING TRAFFIC MUCH, MUCH WORSE Our pal Jon Caldara rips the Governor in this column about the shift of transportation dollars to the Governor's green fantasy priorities and AWAY FROM ROADS. It's really stupid, to be honest.

HOLY COW THE ROBIN NICETA STORY IS WAY WORSE THAN YOU THINK The former romantic partner of the former Aurora PD Chief Vanessa Wilson is now being accused by many, many more people of abusing her position as a child protective services worker. Now a woman says Niceta made sexual advances and when she rebuffed them, Niceta turned on the caregiver and removed her child. Danielle Jurinsky, the Aurora City Council member Niceta filed a false abuse claim against over political differences, has filed suit against Niceta and the City of Aurora. Now the suit is being joined by 40 OTHER families who say Niceta did the same to them. What a piece of work this angry broad is.

THERE'S A RACIST TAGGER LOOSE IN AURORA And police have some really good video of him here, so see if you can help identify this guy. Man, do I hate graffiti.

NEWLY MINTED DEMOCRAT KEVIN PRIOLA WILL BE FACING A RECALL As he is being written into a new district that leans heavily Republican, I fully expect this recall to have a good chance of success. Read about it here.

THIS IS WHY KEVIN PRIOLA IS FACING A RECALL This long Twitter thread is exactly why and explained beautifully by Sage Naumann:

THIS IS A PEAK AT WHAT IHEART IS DOING IN THE METAVERSE And like I said yesterday, it looks really cool. Gamers A-Rod and Dragon will have a review today, but if you play Fortnite, you can visit now!


THIS IS IT. WE'RE IN THE END TIMES AND THIS STORY PROVES IT Because we've reached a point where a child, who identifies AS A CAT, is allowed to be non-verbal and pretend to be a cat AT SCHOOL. This is surely it. Surely.

THIS FEELS LIKE THE MOST COLORADO THING EVER And I'm not even sure it happened here but I'm sure it has at some point.


LOOKING FOR AN UNWOKE MOVIE THRILLER? Our pal Christian Toto has a review of Idris Elba's new flick about a killer lion called Beast right here.

STEVE MOORE HAS A BETTER WAY TO PAY FOR STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS And I think this is exceptionally clever. Why not tax the endowments of universities? According to his article here, there is a whopping $691 BILLION sitting in endowments in 2019 and probably more now and he even includes a chart for easy checking.

FORMER AG BILL BARR TALKS ABOUT HIS TIME IN TRUMP'S WHITE HOUSE And I've always like Bill Barr because I think he is that rare politico who can check his politics at the door. I think he is extremely concerned about the rule of law, and the Constitution. In this interview with Beri Weiss, which you can read or listen to here, he gets real about Trump and what he's become, along with deep thoughts on what the Republican party is doing to itself because of Trump. From the interview:

So it’s a huge opportunity. But instead of taking it, we are purging the party and starting civil wars over whether people are RINOs. This is how I see the Republican Party: There’s never been more consistent conservatism within the Republican Party than there is today. The idea that there are RINOs, people that really don’t support Republican principles, is simply not true. What the president is defining as RINOs are people who are true blue Republicans and conservatives but who just have a problem with Trump personally. This is all personal to Trump. Trump is doing something that I can't think of any great leader in the past doing. He controls, in my view, maybe a third of the Republican Party. But what makes him powerful is that this is a man who’s willing to say that if you don’t do things my way and if I’m not the nominee, I’m taking my ball and going home. I will sabotage anyone you put up. He not only does that in the presidential election, but he’ll also do that in state elections. It’s my person or it’s sabotage. This pursuit of a personal agenda and personal power is weakening the Republican Party at a time when it could have a historic victory and make historic progress in “making America great again.” 
The tactic that Trump is using to exert this control over the Republican Party is extortion. What other great leader has done this? Telling the party, “if it’s not me, I’m going to ruin your election chances by telling my base to sit home. And I’ll sabotage whoever you nominate other than me.” It shows what he's all about. He’s all about himself. 

The whole thing is worth your time.

I WANT TO DO THIS SO BAD ON THE 16TH STREET MALL! Where do we get this super lifelike costumes????

THE CINCINNATI ZOO HAS A NEW BABY HIPPO And after the way they monetized their last baby hippo I'm sure they are super happy about baby Fritz.

LOTS OF GOOD FALL EVENTS HAPPENING SOON! And our friends at Fox 31 gathered them all up in this handy list!

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