Neal McCluskey From Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom on Student Debt

Neal McCluskey is the director of Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom. We'll take a deep dive into the many things wrong with Joe Biden's effort to cancel $300 billion of student debt, essentially a giant reverse-welfare program, transferring money from blue-collar folks to people who are already or likely soon will be in the "upper-middle class."

Neal McCluskey | Cato Institute

Top Five Reasons Federal Student Debt Cancellation Is a Bad Idea | Cato at Liberty Blog

Big student loan forgiveness plan announced by Biden | |

Is it legal? I don't think so: Legality of student loan plan relies on pandemic, 2003 law | AP News (And as noted above, neither does Nancy Pelosi.)

A few comments from happy people...happy to be getting other people's Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan: Who is eligible? - Chalkbeat: Essential education reporting across America

People who went to grad school owe around half of all student debt: Graduate students owe around 50% of all student debt (

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