Wed Blog: Fauci ReWrites History and DPS's New Strategic Plan Is Stupid

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I DIDN'T THINK I COULD DESPISE ANTHONY FAUCI MORE BUT HERE WE ARE Now the little medical troll who once announced he WAS science is denying our reality of the last two years. He's gaslighting the nation and I'm super mad about it. Watch this nonsense.

I want to punch him in the face but I will not because I'm a decent person, unlike this guy.

THE FBI TEAM INVESTIGATING TRUMP IS BEING INVESTIGATE BY DURHAM And if this is true, it is a scandal. The same counterintelligence unit that ran the sham investigation into the Russian dossier they knew was a lie is in charge of investigating this issue with Trump. The same guy who said Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation is involved in the investigation into Hunter Biden's laptop. Many of the agents who are involved in the raid on Maralago are currently under investigation themselves for their actions in the LAST witch hunt against Trump. After reading this article it is clear that the FBI must clean house and I hope a Republican administration would demand nothing else since Biden is happy using politically biased agents as his own personal Gestapo.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS' NEW STRATEGIC PLAN MISSES THE MARK ENTIRELY In a district with the largest achievement gap in the state, where black and brown and poor students suffered mightily under the teachers unions lockdowns, they have a new strategic plan that fails spectacularly in two major areas. First, there is no laser like focus on the basics that are obviously lacking. Second, they set it up to not even measure how well things are going until 2026. That's four years from now. The entire plan is set up to call DPS a racist system, push equity, and make sure adults are comfortable as they do a lousy job educating students. If I were a DPS parent I'd be paying for private school. Period. Read the rest of the claptrap here.

AN EX-POLICE CHIEF'S EX IS A REAL PEACH We know that Robin Niceta filed a false report against a political opponent of Ex-Police Chief Vanessa Wilson while they were an item (they are no longer together apparently). Now we have more allegations that Niceta lied in accusations against other families whose children were removed from their homes. Now the FBI is investigating Niceta to find out if she abused her position with the department. This to me feels like some of the worst abuses of power I can imagine, because we're talking about putting kids in foster care for NOTHING. This is a HUGE deal and is going to be a mess for Arapahoe County as a class action lawsuit is in the works.

NOW DEFENDANTS ARE FIGHTING THE RELEASE OF POLICE BODY CAM FOOTAGE And this is a really great thing about body cams, as they can help catch bad people doing bad things. This story is a bit jumbled but it seems that police have body cam footage of a man who was shot and killed by another man and the defendant in that murder is fighting to prevent the release of body cam footage. Sorry pal, there is no expectation of privacy anymore and if cops are held to account with body cam footage than you should be too. The judge ruled against the suspect.

DOUGCO SCHOOLS HAS PUT A BOND ISSUE ON THE BALLOT And if it fails, please blame people like Bob Marshall, the Democrat operative who has created havoc by filing lawsuits with no merit that have created chaos in the district. Blame the teachers unions and their stooges who have been planning a recall SINCE THE DAY OF THE ELECTION (even though when they tried to fundraise for it no one donated). And if it fails you need to understand that the mass exodus of teachers, who can move to Cherry Creek and make almost 20 GRAND A YEAR MORE, will continue until our great district is a hollowed out shell of what it once was. I do not advocate for tax increases EVER, but I've seen the financials, I know the people running them and they are BAD. This district runs lean already even as growth has exploded, and we need to do more to reward the great teachers we have before they make the sane choice and leave for more money. Read about the bond issue here. And for those who say they won't vote yes because they don't like this board, try to put our teachers ahead of your politics, as I did when I voted for the last bond issue when a board I absolutely DESPISED was in power. Rise above, it's just not that hard.

DENVER'S SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL TEACHES KIDS COPS ARE RACIST Why else would they show kids a video telling them that if they see a racist attack they should NOT call police. Why? From the video:

Students at Denver's South High School were shown a video that explicitly warned against calling the police in the case of a racist or transphobic attack, claiming law enforcement officers have been trained to view members of minority groups as "perpetrators of violence."  
"Armed police presence often escalates, rather than reduces, the risk of violence in a situation," the video's narrator says. "Because police have been trained to see people of color, gender non-conforming folks and Muslims as criminals, they often treat victims as perpetrators of violence."

Got that? They've been "trained" to discriminate. Needless to say the Denver PD is NOT happy and is calling on DPS to do something but they won't, because we know at least one of their members believes this to be true.

SEVENTY PERCENT OF CRIMINALS RELEASED WITH NO BAIL REOFFEND QUICKLY Colorado needs to pay attention to this and quickly. A District Attorney in Yolo County, California decided to make a point about the revolving door of the criminal justice system by tracking who got re arrested in the subsequent years. Not only did 70% re offend, 20% of those re offended with violent crimes, including murder. No cash bail is a bad policy and needs to go away.

BIDEN CANCELLING STUDENT LOANS JUSTIFIES TRUMP TAKING RECORDS That's the way I read this column in National Review which outlines that Biden, the Department of Education or any other bureaucrat has the legal right or ability to cancel student debt. If he does it anyway, doesn't it show how unlimited the President's powers are? Thusly justifying whatever any President wants to do? I'm making a stretch but I hope you get my meaning. Don't even get me started on how this is a giveaway to the rich, who may not be rich now but statistically will do well in life with a college degree.


IF YOU PLAY FORTNITE, WATCH OUT FOR IHEARTLAND! IHeart has entered the metaverse with Iheartland in Fortnite and it's kind of amazing if you're into the kind of thing. Eventually you'll be able to see live concerts in Iheartland and there are games to play in there too. I don't play but saw a demo and I have to say, it's really, really cool. Read about it here.

A SCHOOL DISTRICT IS BRINGING BACK PADDLING And I have to say, I don't hate this. I still remember kids talking about being paddled by Mr. Williams in Junior High. Grab the desk and take your licks. With a witness to insure that no one is over zealous in their paddling, I think this makes sense instead of keeping kids out of class. It really just says the district is serious about discipline and parent have to opt IN, rather than opt out, which is also important. Read more here.


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WHY IS EQUITY MENTIONED OVER 500 TIMES IN AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE REPORT? Because Jared Polis, that's why. In a new report by a state agency about how to get the 98% of us in Colorado who do NOT drive electric cars into electric cars the word is used like seasoning throughout according to this article. My favorite part is that I'm pretty sure the state is going to put "free" charging stations in neighborhoods where few have the money to pony up for an electric car, or the money to replace the batteries on a used electric car. This is such idiocy.


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