Mark Greaney's latest thriller: "Armored"

Mark Greaney may be the best thriller writer working today. Only a few other guys are even in his league. (I think of Jack Carr and Brad Thor in particular.) The "Gray Man" series is just incredible, which may be why the first book in the series was recently made into a movie by/for Netflix.

Mark's new book, which actually first came out as an Audible Original audiobook, is called "Armored" and it's the first Greaney novel in a while (other than Red Metal, which he co-authored with Rip Rawlings) which isn't part of the Gray Man series. This is an exceptionally exciting new book that introduces us to a very likeable character, Josh Duffy (and his wife, whom I hope is a more central part of the action in subsequent books.) The plot involves rival Mexican drug cartels which keeps it fairly close to home and believable (at least by wild thriller standards) for American readers.

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