Mandy's Fri Blog: Joe O'Dea Visits and Michelle Zellner On Wellness Month

I'M TALKING TO JOE O'DEA AT 1:35 And I'm going to ask him about Michael Bennet's attack ad about abortion and allow him to expound on his views in that area. I'm seeing some uber conservative Republicans on Twitter announcing they could NEVER vote for a candidate who isn't an abortion abolitionist and I'm going to make the case against that today. Probably to no avail, but we'll see. Find out more about Joe by clicking here. He's coming on just as the Senate race here is said to be tightening, with the Cook Political Report moving the race from "Likely Dem" to "Leans Dem" which is a big, big deal.

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS ON TO TALK NATIONAL WELLNESS MONTH And I am going to ask her first to define what wellness actually is, as when I went to search for photos using the word "wellness" I got back a bunch of spa photos. She is also celebrating 25 years of Better Beings, which is her health company that you should find out more about by clicking here.

DON'T LIKE THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING IN COLORADO? This column makes the case that it's time to give power back to Republicans, as things have deteriorated badly under Democratic rule. Mark Hillman busts out some really shocking stats on crime that most certainly are linked to Democratic policies designed to coddle criminals and punish police officers.

TEN ALBUMS MADE AT COLORADO'S FAMED CARIBOU RANCH This is a really cool walk down memory lane. If you don't know about Caribou Ranch this will let you see how influential, if short lived, the recording studio actually was. I bet it was cool as hell to hang around there.

SIXTEEN FILMS MADE IN COLORADO AS WELL Some of these I knew but some I didn't, some I've seen and some I'm going to watch again to see if I recognize the scenery. Find them here.

EDGEWATER TRIES TO TIE GUNS TO WHITE SUPREMACY And isn't this rich, when a majority of murder victims in the metro are black and brown. And they weren't shot by Klansmen. In the effort to curtail the Second Amendment rights of residents across the state one stupid local unconstitutional law after another, Edgewater wins for the dumbest justification by a council member. From's Page Two:

At a June 7 meeting, Councilmember Hannah Gay Keao — who doubles as a Mom’s Demand Action gun control activist — suggested language be added to the ordinance stipulating that gun violence can be mostly attributed to white supremacy, a trait at least one other council member then connected to right-of-center political ideology.
“I would propose the language say, ‘Whereas the city council finds that open carrying of firearms, during the times of civil protest and unrest tends to exacerbate rather than ameliorate the harm of white supremacy and the potential for violence and death.’”
Councilmember Liam Donevan agreed with Gay Keao but said he didn’t think it fit in this ordinance.

I'm going to reach out to Ms Gay Keao and ask her if EVERY gun owner is a white supremacist in her mind. I'd truly like to know. That part of the language did not make it into the new ordinance which bans open carry in Edgewater.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN GUN OWNERS HAS FILED SUIT IN NUMEROUS CITIES On behalf of gun owners who are having their rights curtailed by worry wart councils mad with power since Jared Polis unleashed them on the rest of us. RMGO has filed suit against Louisville, Boulder City, and Boulder County over their recent moves to disarm the citizenry. Read more here.

EXPRESS TOLL LANES ARE HERE TO STAY And you should expect to see more of them as they are currently bringing in about $20 million per year! And this was during the pandemic when people weren't driving as much. That 20 million represents a significant drop that is expected to rebound this year as people resume their driving habits. I fully expect any major road expansions to include more toll lanes, so this is the new normal.

THIS COLUMN MAKES THE CASE THE TRUMP RAID WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL And it's the best argument against the FBI's stupid justification I've seen. Mike Davis was a law clerk for Neil Gorsuch so he's no slouch when it comes to this stuff and he brings receipts.

THIS IS A FUN VIDEO OF BORDER PATROL UNLOCKING A GATE TO LET ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS INTO THE COUNTRY And you really should see the whole Twitter thread. This administration is overseeing a complete southern invasion because they think it will benefit them at the polls, our Nation be damned.

TRUMP'S ENDORSEMENT OF DR. OZ MAY COST THE GOP THE SENATE And it remains to be seen if the Trump backed candidates can pull any wins off in the general election. Oz is running a terrible campaign and now the seat has gone from "Toss Up" to "Leans Dem" even though it's clear that Oz's opponent is suffering ill effects from his recent stroke. I'm sure Trump won't take any responsibility if his people lose, as he took no responsibility for the losses in Georgia that gave Dems the Senate when he CLEARLY screwed that up. This column explains why the Trump celebrity picks may lead to big losses that should have been big wins. Here's hoping it's wrong.

DENMARK STOPS OFFERING COVID VACCINES TO CHILDREN Unless a doctor says they are medically necessary. Why?

”Children and adolescents only very rarely have a serious course of illness due to covid-19 with the omicron variant, which is why the offer of primary vaccination for children between 5 and 17 years will not be a general offer, but can be given after a specific medical assessment, cf. the Danish Health Authority's guidelines.”
“The Danish Health Authority does not currently plan on recommending vaccination to persons under the age of 18 as a group,” said Lotte Bælum, a spokesperson for the Danish Health Authority told AP News

Hmmmm, interesting. And in the US we have Big Pharma pushing another booster on us even though boosted people are still getting sick from this milder strain of covid. I'm done with this vaccine. Done. You should read the rest of this column here.

DESHAUN WATSON IS SUSPENDED AND FINED Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson, who has been accused by over 20 women of sexual impropriety, has been suspended 11 games and fined $5 million. He still maintains his innocence by saying that the large cash settlements paid to many of the women do not indicate he is guilty of anything. I still don't believe him.

DID RUSSIA SHOOT A MISSILE AT THE DEADLIEST CATCH BOATS? Tonight's episode of Deadliest Catch will show the drama that went down when a fishing boat and a Russian fishing ship had some kind of dust up. Right after the Russian fishing ship backed off, a missile was fired by someone and it headed towards the fishing boats. Read more here.

WELL NOW I HAVE TO TRY FOUR DOZEN EGGS And I have a pan that will fit them all, but it's super heavy and is going to be hard to flip. Stay tuned for that one, but watch this one instead.

JONAH HILL SAYS NO THANK YOU TO PUBLIC EVENTS TO PROMOTE HIS FILM And he says it's because of the crippling anxiety he has suffered from for years over mockery he suffered over his weight and physique. I don't blame him, but if he wants people to see his movie he needs to figure something out. His new film is a documentary about his therapist, btw.

THE SOUTHWESTERN DROUGHT IS ON DISPLAY IN THESE SATELLITE PHOTOS And you should check them out in this story with an active before and after graphic. Can anyone tell me why California is not using desalination for drought relief? Anyone? Anyone?

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID YOU BETTER HOPE IT ISN'T DEADLY A dumbass Wendy's employee who decided to sucker punch a sixty-seven year old man after he complained about his food is now facing 2nd degree murder charges after the man died. Good that he's facing charges. This was completely uncalled for and he deserves to go to jail. Dumbass.

THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SOME HUG A Chinese man has been ordered to pay a co-worker $1500 after he broke her ribs with an especially firm hug.

WHY BUYING THE LATEST MEME STOCK IS A BAD IDEA Whether it be Gamestop or Bed, Bath and Beyond. A meme stock is one that takes hold in social media, enticing retail investors into buying the stock so it will rise so they can dump it. Only it's usually the bigger players who know when to get out and everyone else is left holding the bag. This is one of those stories.

WWHY PEOPLE HATE RELIGION IN ONE EASY STORY To be clear, I do NOT hate religion but stories about a luxury gift grubbing pastor in Missouri are used as justification by those who do. A pastor actually stood at the pulpit and scolded his congregation for not giving him a luxury watch as a gift. Seriously dude.

THE DEAD BODIES KEEP COMING AT LAKE MEAD And is this really shocking? Gangsters have to put the bodies somewhere, amiright?

MAGNETS COULD HELP MAKE AIR IN SPACE! This is super cool and nerdy. Making fresh air for the Space Station uses a lot of energy currently, and new ways to make it are being sought. Now a group of scientists have used magnets to pull oxygen out of water. This is just cool.

JAGUARS MAKE THEIR RETURN THE US And I don't mean the mediocre football team, I mean the beautiful spotted cats that were hunted out of the US years ago. Now a couple have been spotted near the southern border.



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