Mandy's Tiny Thu Blog: I May See You After Baseball

I'LL BE ON AFTER BASEBALL And that could be any time after 2ish or something so pay attention.

LISTEN TO GRANT'S PODCAST! Grant's podcast is always good, and if you haven't been able to listen to his show, just listen to this one where he made a compilation of all of his guest's tips for happiness. Listen to it here!

THE JUDGE WILL RELEASE SOME OF THE TRUMP AFFIDAVIT Because Judge Bruce Reinhardt says he reviewed the affidavit and thought parts of it can be unsealed. This is a big blow to the FBI, which has been ordered to work on redactions for the documents release. He's given them until a week from today to do the redactions and justify them but warned he could override them if they were outrageous. Read the rest here. This may or may not be a big deal.

THIS AS TRUMP'S LONGTIME CFO FLIPS ON HIM This could be a REALLY big deal. Allen Weissleberg worked for the Trump Organization for 40 years, rising the role of CFO. He also evaded taxes by not paying taxes on perks he was given via his employment and he's going to prison for five months and has agreed to testify against his former boss's company. This could be a very big deal indeed.

SHOULD TAXPAYERS PAY FOR A CAMPAIGN AD? Oddly Republicans say no, while our politicalized Secretary of State absolutely says "of course!" I know she doesn't have a problem with it because there is a spot running right now, paid for with MY tax dollars and yours, with her and the competent man she beat last time talking about election security. It's a timely message but there is literally no reason for HER to be in it. An ethics complaint has been filed and her opponent Pam Anderson has demanded she stop running the ad right now and Anderson is correct. Read more here if you subscribe to the Denver Gazette, and you should be subscribed to the Denver Gazette.

ERIK AADLAND REMEMBERS AFGHANISTAN And in this column the veteran says that the failure of the Biden Administration in last year's pullout is a prime example of incompetent leadership. He's not wrong.

A NEW WAY TO EXPERIENCE GARDEN OF THE GODS This is super cool and I can't wait to use it. One thing I've learned from the Mandy Connell Adventures is that having a guided tour is SO MUCH BETTER than just going on your own because you learn a whole lot more about what you are seeing. Now you can download an app that has a guided tour of Garden of the Gods! I am so stoked!

AN OVERVIEW OF STANDARDIZED TESTING IS NOT GOOD NEWS FOR COLORADO SCHOOLS At what point do we decide that having only 30% of our children be able to read of do math on grade level is a shameful failure that needs drastic intervention to fix? The new CMAS scores are out and they are terrible by my measure, although not significantly worse than students in other states where schools are allowed to do a lousy job with impunity. If you can't read well, your opportunities are greatly diminished. Perhaps we should spend less time on the Gingerbread person assignments and more on phonics and reading? I am perfectly fine with grades 1-3 being almost nothing but reading instruction. They can catch up on the other stuff later. This is shameful and it's even more shameful that this is just accepted as the norm.

THE USELESS MICHAEL BENNET HANGS HIS HAT ON KILLING BABIES Because he's got a new ad out attacking his opponent Joe O'Dea on the issue. Unfortunately for Bennet, O'Dea shares the same position on abortion that many, many people have. He's what I call an abortion moderate and has been open about opposing late term abortion but also supporting a right to choose abortion early on in a pregnancy and always in the case of rape or incest. Bennet literally has no accomplishments to run on so this is it for him. Just wants to make sure people can still kill babies right up until the moment of delivery.

REGRETS ABOUT FALLING FOR POST FEMINIST LIES ABOUT SEX This column is really powerful and one that needs to be shared with young women and teen girls everywhere. It's written by a woman who wrote for Playboy for a long time, who was steeped in the world of sexual liberation, only to find out it wasn't liberating at all. Read it here.

WELL THAT'S EMBEARASSING And yes, the typo was on purpose. A dinky Pomerian pup chased off a bear in Castle Rock, watch it below.

LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL WHEN YOU'RE AT A STRIP CLUB IN LA As the ladies who dance there have voted to unionize. The dancers say they want basic protections from things like wage theft and sexual harassment and would like to be able to join Actors Equity, the union which represents all other performers. They will be picketing at some of the clubs, which should be interesting.

ABOUT THE BIG BANG THEORY New images from the Webb telescope seem to show it didn't happen. Cosmologists who have treated the theory as gospel are now panicking about the fact they may have gotten it terribly, terribly wrong this entire time. Huh. Imagine a human being wrong. But please tell me again about climate theory.

BIG TECH STRIKES AGAIN AGAINST CONSERVATIVES And this time it's Facebook who has banned Libs of TikTok, which is a genius account that simply highlights the videos that crazy progressives post online as well as news stories about the madness perpetrated by them. They have been banned permanently from Facebook. Another reason to not use Facebook. Make sure you follow Libs of TikTok on Twitter or elsewhere.

DID I MISS THE STORY ABOUT LEFTIES BEING A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY? As a starting point, I will say that threatening the life of someone in any office because they do something you don't like is just stupid and should be prosecuted as a crime. Period. That being stipulated, can we talk about how once again the Associated Press is driving the narrative that it's conservatives who are the big problem here. You have to get midway into the 11th paragraph before the threats against Brett Kavanaugh are mentioned. You can condemn this wholeheartedly while also being fair, as there are plenty of idiots on both sides of the aisle for this one.

BRIAN STELTER IS OUT AT CNN And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I am beginning to believe that the new leadership at CNN is actually trying to make the station suck less. We'll see what they replace it with. Read about Stelter's ouster here. It's absolutely pitch perfect that he reached out to NPR to announce his departure.

IF THIS IS OUR FUTURE, WE ARE SO SCREWED I don't know why I watch these but they are so damn depressing.

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