Mandy's Wed Blog: The Dems Won't Fix Our Roads, plus Drug Companies Suck

WHY WON'T THEY JUST FIX OUR DAMN ROADS??? If you like your car, you need to vote Republican. If you want to be urban planned into a traffic nightmare full of buses and trains no one rides, vote Democrat. It's literally as cut and dried as that after reading this story about how Democrats have decided to shelve I-25 and C-470 expansion projects in favor of trying to force us out of cars into their government planned system. Hard pass for me. Read this article but get the duct tape because your head will explode.

THIS BOOK WILL INFURIATE YOU I picked up American Cartel by Sari Horowitz and Scott Higham to skim it before I was going to read it later. An hour and half later I was 100 pages in and could not put it down. Horowitz and Higham lay out the damning case that shows clearly that the drug companies not only knew they were lying about the addictive properties of oxycontin and other opioids, they joked about it in emails. The book covers multiple criminal investigation that were kneecapped by politicians, the culpability of the FDA, and many lawsuits against the drug companies. After reading this, I'm truly sorry I got vaccinated because the drug companies put profit ahead of the public good and this book proves it. Buy it here and read it with your book club. Everyone needs to see this. I've got Sari and Scott at 1pm today.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS BACK! And it's going to be more regular but shorter than it used to be as I invite Fox 31s Dave Fraser to answer your weather questions weekly. Today at 12:30 will be our big introduction and next week we will dive into your questions full bore! I will be asking about this story about a La Nina for this winter.

KRISTA KAFER IS IN TO TALK POLITICS And I know you guys heard from Krista last week but we're going to touch base every couple of weeks until the election to talk about Colorado races and today Liz Cheney's loss in Wyoming. She's on at 2.

LIZ CHENEY GOT WHOOPED LAST NIGHT And this is not at all surprising as Wyoming is not nearly as anti-Trump as Cheney is. I have to say I admire her for sticking to her principles, even as I can criticize her for not being fair about the January 6th committee. I'm still waiting for Secret Service agents to be called to testify there. She says she may run for President, but I think she's putting the cart before the horse on that one. The Maralago raid has given Trump 2024 new life and it's not her time unless Trump actually gets indicted.

A BIG SEX TRAFFICKING BUST REMINDS US PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE The average age of the children that were rescued is thirteen years old. My daughter is 13. There was a three month old baby recovered a teen who needed a Narcan shot because of an overdose. This would not be happening if there weren't disgusting men who want to have sex with children. If you are attracted to children, get help, or move to where there are no children.

STOP WITH THE NOT HAVING KIDS BECAUSE OF OUR HOPELESS WORLD NONSENSE A lot of my younger (in their 20s) friends tell me they will not have children. Most of them say it's because they don't want to bring children into this hopeless world where there is no future, and this editorial says just that. They have been sold a bill of goods that is just stupid and when there is no one there to take care of them when they are old, they will regret this decision. I'm making the case for children today.

MIKE ROSEN CALLS OUT POLIS TABOR REFUND SCAM And I've never been happier to see a tactic be so widely exposed. Mike calls the Governor out beautifully here.

THIS IS WHY I DON'T HAVE A PERSONAL ASSISTANT Because this is what it would look like.

DO YOU GET ENOUGH VITAMIN E? Our Standard American Diet sucks when it comes to getting the vitamins we need. This article says most Americans don't get enough Vitamin E, which is a very important antioxidant.

DON'T FALL FOR THE OLD VIOLIN SCAM I've seen these people outside grocery stores "playing" the violin with a speaker and asking for money. I'm not afraid to give a busker money, but these people aren't playing, they are just PLAYING at playing. The cops are saying don't fall for it.

WOKE CULTURE KILLED A JAMIE FOXX MOVIE And this isn't speculation, the movie starring Foxx as a racist white cop and Robert Downey, Jr. as a Mexican guy has been declared too subversive to release in today's hyper sensitive climate. By who? Jamie Foxx himself. Read it here.

RESTAURANTS IN BLUE STATES ARE DYING WHILE RED STATE JOINTS ARE FLOURISHING This is a story that I could have told you was coming. People who live in deep blue states have been terrified by their governments and are not resuming their prior activities, including going out to dinner. In red states, restaurants are packed, but diners are too afraid in blue states. Seems about right to me.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? This story about people changing their names is super interesting to me. I've known so many people who has adults simply decided they never liked their name so they adopted their middle name or a completely different name instead. I'm not going to lie, I don't get this, but it's made many of my friends happier so okay. This article lists the names that are the most changed (two that are the victims of misspellings are at the top) but then the trendy names are next. Read more here.

SNIFF...WE'RE NUMBER ONE! IN COCAINE USAGE Colorado has the dubious honor of being the number one state in the union for cocaine usage. This used to be just fun and games, but now with the influx of fentanyl into the drug supply it's led to deaths of people using cocaine. Number 1 in bank robberies, car thefts and now cocaine usage! Go Colorado!

DENVER POLICE RELEASED THE BODY CAM FOOTAGE OF A SHOOTING IN LODO And if there is one thing that is abundantly clear while you watch his is how fast everything happened. I am actually impressed that the officers consistently reached down to record audio when stuff hit the fan. This is graphic video of a shooting in which the victim did survive so you have been warned. The progressive DA in Denver is calling a grand jury to investigate and I hope they do the right thing.


TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING AT CASA BONITA? It's going to get a lot harder as new owners Trey Parker and Matt Stone have sued to keep the plans secret.

THE WATER SHORTAGES ARE BEGINNING TO TAKE EFFECT As Arizona, Nevada and Mexico are set to see their share of the Colorado River reduced because of drought. Read more here, but if you aren't actively trying to save water at your house you should probably start.

IS THIS A GHOST PHOTO BOMB? I'd totally do this if I were a ghost. Read it here.

AND NOW FOR SOME MEDICAL TRUTH BOMBS And some of these are quite concerning while others are amusing. Did you know the xray tech can see your fart inside your belly? That made me laugh. Read this to find the disturbing ones.

THE TRAINS ARE STILL IN LOUISVILLE, MINUS THE HONKING Some find a train horn soothing (it depends on how far it is from your house, tbh) but other find it an annoyance. One Louisville woman has been driven crazy by the fact that the train horns at night just stopped. She wanted to know why so she asked here.

IDRIS ELBA REMOVES HIMSELF FROM BOND CONSIDERATION And this one hurts, although at 49 he is a bit too old to play Bond. I love him as an actor and I love Bond so I was hoping. He's officially stepped away from the negotiations and even offered other suggestions. We'll see who they finally land on.

THE SUN IS ACTING UP AGAIN And is hurling lots of plasma and whatnot at Earth and it may cause some geomagnetic storms here on Earth. That could cause disruptions in power grids and phone services in the next day or so.


DON'T MESS WITH AN ELEPHANT So this rhino learned.

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