Don Knight Attorney Representing Richard Glossip, May Be Innocent of Murder

Don Knight is an attorney (from Littleton, CO) representing Richard Glossip, a man who may be a month away from execution by the state of Oklahoma for a crime that it looks increasingly likely that he didn't commit. Even pro-death penalty hardcore conservatives in Oklahoma are saying they will move for the repeal of the death penalty in the state if Glossip's case is not carefully re-examined prior to Mr. Glossip being put to death.

(Maybe Joe Kenda can help Don Knight find the killer!)

This kind of story is why if I cannot in good conscience support the death penalty even though there are plenty of bad people who need killing.

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Law firm: New evidence uncovered in Richard Glossip's death penalty case | KOKH (

2021-01-08 _ Glossip Discovery Letter.pdf | Powered by Box

22 Aug 4 Letter to AG from 61 Legislators 2022.pdf - Google Drive

Reed Smith investigative report here

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