Mandy's Tue Blog: Here Comes the Mayor!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON AT 1 And I've told him I want to get updates on the airport (which is much, much better than it has been) and the 16th Street Mall and to comment on a couple of articles like this one and this one that are not flattering to Denver. You can email further question to me for the Mayor to

THE RACISM OF THE BOULDER PD IS SHOCKING SAY AG PHIL WEISER Okay, he didn't say that AT ALL but if you used the standard used by our Attorney General to force the Aurora Police Department into a consent decree so the state can oversee their business he must think that about Boulder's police as well. George Brauchler writes about the situation here, and it comes down to another case of unequal treatment under the law. For the record, I reject completely the notion that either of these police departments are "systemically racist" or any such crap. It's just good to point out the disparity.

LGBT MAY BE LOSING A LETTER I talk to my gay friends about this topic a lot, and that is how transgender people fit into the spectrum they reside on. My closer gay friends have been very, very honest about their concerns that all this rushing kids into gender affirming care is another way to "erase the gay". It's not that they don't believe someone can be trans, it's that many of them struggled with their own gender identity before realizing they were simply gay. And many of them believe the rise in gender changing is another way to keep a kid from being gay. Now there is a movement, and to be sure I'm not sure how large it is, to separate the gay community from the trans community. Read more here.

MORE COVERAGE ON THE DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS INFIGHTING I talked briefly about this sh*t show is worse than I thought. CBS' Shaun Boyd gives some details on the toxic conversations happening as children can't read and write. Honestly the squabbling sounds like middle school kids fighting. The fact the Chair is calling people misogynistic and sexist really demonstrates how unsuited she is for the position in my opinion. And I don't disagree with the sentiment as it's levied at Tay Anderson, it's inappropriate for the Chair to say it out loud. What a mess.

AURORA LOOKS TO DISCOURAGE PANHANDLING And I think this is a GREAT idea. They aren't banning it, just planning to run a public service campaign asking people to give to organizations providing help rather than drug and alcohol addicted people on the street. I think it's a great idea and I wish every community did this.

HICK ADMITS THAT THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT IS A LIE Because he knows it won't bring down inflation. He says so here.

DID THE TRUMP RAID RED PILL AMERICA? If you don't get the reference it's from the Matrix series of films, where taking the red pill shows you the truth and taking the blue pill keeps you ignorant of the reality of the world around you. Now it's used to describe someone who has moved from the political left to the right or center right because they finally realized what's happening with the Progressive Left. This column makes the case that this raid by the FBI has red pilled even more Americans than before and it will backfire spectacularly on the nation. It's not wrong.

MARK CUBAN TELLS YOU HOW TO GET RICH And he's not wrong. My own financial adviser once told me the only difference between rich and poor people is that rich people save. Now Mark Cuban is giving the same advice.

HOW TO GET A GOOD CARDIO WORKOUT WHILE WALKING Walking is a great exercise and it requires no investment other than time. This is a great article showing just how to up your cardio game with walking.

HOW TO EXTEND YOUR LIFE WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF EXERCISE This is a another great article showing how much exercise you need to stay healthy and extend your life.

THIS IS HOW I RUN Okay, not normally but from now on. This made me laugh today.



FIVE IMPORTANT SKILLS KIDS NEED TO COPE This article is FANTASTIC and gives great tips on how to raise a super resilient child. I wish I'd seen this earlier!

QUIET QUITTING IS A THING AND I DON'T BLAME THEM I've seen it in my own building, where the people lucky enough to have survived Covid cuts are being worked to death now. Many people have resolved to simply do the minimum required for their job, and nothing more. It's called Quiet Quitting and you can read more here.

THE WEIRD STORY OF A GUY WHO DISAPPEARED FOR 35 YEARS This could be a spy novel but the reality, at least according to the man who disappeared, was far more mundane. Read it here.

WISCONSIN TEACHERS UNION NEGOTIATES A RACIST CONTRACT How else could you describe a contract which requires that white teachers be laid off before teachers of color? Oh, they are still laying off by seniority, but now white teachers will be let go first.This is clearly a a violation of civil rights law, but I guess teachers in Wisconsin don't care about the law, only about perceived equity.

IF YOU WERE HOPING TO GET AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE REBATE You need to hurry because most people and cars won't qualify under the new rules that are part of the Inflation Increase Act about to be signed by Biden. Read more here.

WANT TO BUY A HOME? SHOP ALL YOUR MORTGAGE OPTIONS FOR THE BEST RATE This story gives some good advice but before you run to take advantage of an adjustable rate mortgage make sure you know EXACTLY what that means. Read more here.

A TINY PROBLEM WITH A COLONY ON MARS And that would be the high doses of radiation that colonizers would face, even with protective gear. This article shows that just a 1000 day mission would expose astronauts to over one sievert of radiation and that is well beyond what NASA is willing to expose them to. Radiation at those levels can change your DNA and lead to cancer issues.

SCIENTISTS BENT LASER BEAMS TO MAKE A KITTY PIC I read this entire article and I still don't understand the how or the why but I do know that two Brazilian scientists bent lasers to create a lifelike image of a cat.

HACKERS TAKE OVER DEFUNCT SATELLITE FOR FUN And though they did it for kicks, the ease with which they did it should give you pause. And what they did was entirely legal, but it seems like a Super Villain is probably taking notes on this for a future Super Weapon they can fire from their lair.

WAYNE GRETZKY FINDS OUT WHY YOU SHOULDN'T LIE IN COMMERCIALS As the former hockey star is facing a $10 million lawsuit from the manufacturer of a weight loss gum Gretzky's wife was endorsing. Apparently Wayne said he lost 35 pounds using the gum...only to admit later he lied, which tanked the company. Now he's being sued by the owner.

DUDE EATS 100 EGGS A DAY AND THE INTERNET FREAKS OUT And I have to say, I agree with the internet when they ask why he doesn't just buy egg whites in a carton instead of throwing away a hundred yolks per day. Read more and what a nutritionist says about this diet plan here.

PEOPLE SHARE THEIR SPECTACULAR QUITTING STORIES And I've always thought this trend was stupid, to be honest. Quit the same way you came it, with dignity, even if your work space doesn't deserve it. Read the stories of people choosing differently here.

INFLATION HITS THE SINGLE HARDER THAN THE MARRIED And of course it's because you're not splitting costs with anyone else. What I don't understand is why people don't get roommates? Is that not a thing anymore?

A 99 YEAR OLD WOMAN MEETS HER 100TH GRANDCHILD This story is just cool. Read it here.




TUESDAY FEELS LIKE YOU NEED AN ABBA SONG But this is the most creative styling of Dancing Queen I've ever heard.

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