The American Dream with Danny Moore Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor

Danny Moore is the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, running with my friend Heidi Ganahl. Danny's life story is a real version of the American dream. But that doesn't mean he will be given a pass by Dems or the media because politics ain't beanbag. And of course there's almost nothing the left hates more than a successful black conservative. We'll talk politics and policy and life, and I won't avoid the question about his prior statements about the 2020 election but I also won't overly focus on them. The latter headline below is here just to show you how the left and their scribblers in the media have treated Danny.

Danny's business, DeNOVO Solutions provides technologicial solutions for our military and gov't agenciesDeNOVO Solutions ( He won't be able to tell us much about it since a lot of the work is classified.

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