Mandy's Mon Blog: I'm Back and Boy Do We Have Stuff to Talk About

KYLE MANN FROM THE BABYLON BEE IS ON AT 2! He's the Editor and he's also speaking at the Freedom Conference by the Steamboat Institute! You really should go to this thing one year. Register for it here! You should also be reading the Babylon Bee every day by clicking here.

ABOUT THAT RAID ON MARALAGO You guys know I don't love former President Trump, but once again, I am being forced to defend him against the weaponization of the Department of Justice. Here is a copy of the search warrant, but without the supporting affidavit it doesn't tell much. It's not that I don't think he is capable of taking Top Secret documents and storing them poorly, because I do, it's that they have treated him completely differently than former Secretary of State and Democratic POTUS candidate Hillary Clinton. I have a lot to say about this right out of the chute today. Alan Dershowitz writes perfectly about it here. A reminder via an extremely clever musical mashup that was made several years ago.

WHY NOT UP YOUR GAME, GUYS? I read this article and it made me sad. It's about the rise of lonely, single men in society and that is bad for a lot of reasons. Lonely, single men are unhealthier, are more prone to bad decision making and frankly more prone to violence. So why are there more lonely single men now than in previous years? Women have upped their standards and are no longer willing to accept someone not willing to put in the effort. If you don't know what I mean, it's time to seek help on how to be a better mate. Women have been doing this for YEARS so I don't really see why it isn't your turn. Read the article and then get to self improving!

ABOUT THE SALMAN RUSHDIE STABBING It took 33 years but an Iranian loving Muslim finally got to author Salman Rushdie in a bid to fulfill the fatwa calling for his death over a book he wrote. This column does an excellent job at taking apart those who have given in to the Cult of Offense to agree that Rushdie is the real problem. I'm sure they feel the same now that he's in the hospital and may lose an eye. The Iranians were quick to say they had nothing to do with it while their state controlled newspapers celebrated the news. This is not a good version of their religion. If I were Muslim I'd call for their ex communication but I'm not so I don't even know if that's a thing.

BIDEN CANCELS A PUBLIC SECTOR LABOR UNION! And before you get excited that he's seen the light about the toxicity of public sector labor unions, read this. The union the President just abolished only serves one sector: Border Patrol and Immigration. They have been VERY critical of the administration and it's non-handling of the border so he just cancelled them. Yep, he just shut them down. Between this and Trump's raid we are edging closer and closer to banana republic status. Disagree with the President and he'll just erase you from existence. Very 1984 of him.

JUST WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD RECALL? I follow all these union supporting Facebook pages and you should SEE the vitriol spewed about the current non-union controlled board members. If these upstanding members of the community were ever forced to read their nasty posts in public they would all die of mortification if they were truly decent. That being said, if you follow them too you would think there was a HUGE upswell of support for a recall of the Board and it was only a matter of time before they were bounced out of office. But there is no recall. Why? No one wanted to put their money where their mouth was.

WILL WE BE ASKED TO MAKE WATER CUTS IN COLORADO? The answer is yes, as the ongoing drought conditions and intense development in desert regions means that we are running out of water. Read more here. This is a really good article on it from the Denver Gazette, but it is paywalled.

AND JUST LIKE THAT, COVID IS OVER According to the CDC that is, who released guidelines that pretty much do away with all the stupidity they have forced on us since the beginning. It's really funny that health experts are concerned that the CDC is letting up too soon so now even they don't think the CDC knows what they are doing. Welcome to the club, pal.

STUDENT CLUBS ARE BEING KICKED OUT OF CAMPUS SPACES AT CU-BOULDER And honestly every student club I was a part of in college met at the union or a bar or a restaurant, we never had dedicated space on campus. I'm not sure when that started but it's ending as the campus tries to accommodate rising enrollment and needs the spaces for classrooms and offices. Read more here.

LORA THOMAS WAS CLEARED BY THE STUPID INVESTIGATION PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS And here's hoping that Abe Laydon and George Teal will move on to business the county needs done now that they have smeared Lora and not apologized for doing so. Read this for more on that. But I doubt it, as they have already indicated they want ANOTHER stupid investigation into whether or not Thomas released this investigation to a news media outlet. I watched the below meeting with great interest and I see two men talking over, lecturing and insulting Thomas over and over again. Teal literally says she is too stupid to serve and when she tries to ask a question they talk over her or accuse HER of making a speech. If you ever want to see what gaslighting looks like, watch this. Additionally, Lora get off your damn phone in these meetings.

THIS IS THE DENVER SCHOOL BOARD ALSO CAN'T GET ALONG Both of these stories have one thing in common: the entire boards are made up of one party. With no members of the opposing team on the boards it gets easy to cast one another as "the villian" and it's very hard to govern. The DPS board is a hot mess of racially motivated allegations from all directions. Read more here.

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED A woman trying to help a stray dog ended up with a $500 ticket for doing so. Read it here.


THIS DUDE ATE A CRAP TON OF GHOST PEPPERS IN ONE MINUTE And I hope he had some ice cream and I hope it comes out first. He set a Guinness Record for doing it.

I HAVE EATEN FISH COOKED THIS WAY And it was amazingly delicious. To be clear, I did not catch the fish this way, just watched it cook this way.

FORGET MEGAQUAKE, MEGAFLOOD IS THE NEW THING TO WORRY ABOUT But only for California where they are now to brace for a huge flood that will take out Los Angeles. Another reason not to live in California.

FACEBOOK IS JUST FOR OLD PEOPLE NOW And this survey must terrify Zuck and his cronies as they realize they are no longer a part of everyone's life anymore. Young people love the YouTube and the TikTok but Facebook is their mom's social media site. Read more here.

ANOTHER STORY OF A HOLLYWOOD PAY GAP And I think the headline is Chris Pratt negotiated way better than Bryce Dallas Howard. He also went to bat for her when he didn't have to. The lesson is, ask for what your worth.

COLLEGE PROFESSOR WRITES COLUMN ABOUT LAW THAT DOESN'T AFFECT HER And this is the sort of nonsense you can expect to see from Floridians who hate Ron DeSantis and want to make sure he doesn't become POTUS. This college professor wants us to recognize her bravery for teaching marginalized voices to college students, which is literally not addressed in the bill passed to prevent CRT from being taught to LITTLE CHILDREN in Florida. But I'm sure she felt super brave writing it.

SPIDEY FANS CAN NOW BUY REAL WEB SHOOTERS Okay maybe "real" is the wrong word, but functional web shooters anyway. This is super cool and I kind of want one.

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