Colin O'Brady Has Set 10 Amazing Records Talks Making Life More Fulfilling

Colin O'Brady is famous for defying death and pushing beyond his own limits. In 2018, he spent 54 days on the landmass Antarctica, alone, trekking 12-hours every day, against blistering winds to become the first to make it across (Joe Rogan interview hereTODAY interview here). Shortly thereafter, Colin set yet another “world-first” by crossing of the deadly Drake Passage (between Antarctica and South America) in a rowboat (Joe Rogan again interviewed him).

All told, O’Brady has set 10 amazing record-breaking firsts and he thinks that anyone has the power to be extraordinary—if they can achieve the right mindset. Watch Colin talk about mindset and positivity here.

His book, The 12-Hour Walk: Invest One Day, Conquer Your Mind, and Unlock Your Best Life (Scribner; August 2nd) is part adventure memoir, part primer on setting aside “limiting beliefs”—inspired by Colin’s own struggle after an accident charred 25% of his body and he was told he would never walk normally again. He went on to win the Chicago Triathlon 18 months later.

Definitely check this out: The 12 Hour Walk - Invest One Day, Your Best Life Awaits

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