Mandy's Thu Blog: The Avs Big Day and Then Some Show!

WE'RE HERE A BIT LATE TODAY as we celebrate the Avs winning the Stanley Cup in the morning. But you already know that.

KRISTA KAFER IS ON TO TALK ABOUT THE EARLY STUFF ON THE ELECTION Because I love her perspective and we're going to start sizing up races.

MY FRIEND ANDREW LEE DIED THIS PAST WEEKEND And some of you have heard him on my show when something Minnesota popped up because he was half of a dynamite morning show in Minneapolis on KTLK called Justice + Drew. He and I were interns together way back in the late 90s and stayed in touch throughout the years. He gave me a job when I needed one desperately, he introduced me to the man who eventually led me to my own show and current husband and for that I will always be eternally grateful. But he was so much more than that. In a business that tends to be full of aholes, he was a gem of a human being, a truly good person who you just enjoyed being around. He was a great boss, a great friend and a great family man. We spoke most recently about him bringing his wife Melissa to Colorado because she always wanted to visit. He was 50 maybe? I know you didn't know him, but if there is someone in your life who has helped you or just been a good friend, take a minute to call them today and let them know how much they mean to you. I wish I had done this last week but I really thought I'd have more time. We always think we'll have more time.

TUESDAY WAS SUCH GOOD NEWS FOR COLORADO REPUBLICANS And this column discusses the bigger picture of how this might be the return of a sane Republican party just as the Dems are going off the left wing cliff.

THE HIPPIES WON'T PAY THE TICKETS I guess I should give them the benefit of the doubt but no. The Rainbow Gathering has already seen about 90 tickets written and it hasn't even really begun. The tickets covered such issues as damages to natural resources, inoperable equipment, narcotics possession or distribution, aggravated assault on a peace officer, felon in possession of a firearm, and resisting or evading an officer. This event goes on for a couple of weeks.

COLORADO BUSINESS LEADERS SAY WE'RE ALREADY IN RECESSION And if this is it, I hope they are right because so far it's not THAT bad. Other than not being able to get things at the store, which is getting WORSE in my opinion, and gas prices being just stupid, things are SO bad. Business leaders are very pessimistic about where we are though. The good news is they are way more pessimistic about the national economy than they are the state economy and many of them are still hiring.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TRAIL TO BE FINISHED Because I am pretty sure I can walk 65 miles in four days and stay in places along the way. The Peak to Plains trail will connect Denver to Loveland Pass when it's completed, and progress on the most difficult part of this trail is going slow but steady. Read about it here and then let's plan a long weekend!

AN ARVADA DAYCARE HAS AN INTERESTING COVID VACCINE POLICY And I kind of don't blame them. They are telling parents that their children must stay home for seven days after getting the covid vaccine because they are afraid of adverse events and don't want to be blamed if something goes wrong after the vaccine. Parents aren't happy and say their kids are being discriminated against, but kids and adults who AREN'T vaccinated have been discriminated against this entire time. Choices have consequences and if this daycare doesn't want your cranky, feverish post vax kids, they have a right to say no.

YES, CASSIDY HUTCHINSON HAD HIGH LEVEL ACCESS And this article in the Wall Street Journal explains how she heard what she heard and how much access she really had to President Trump via her role as Assistant Chief of Staff (spoiler alert: a lot). She has credibility even if the limo story she relayed is wrong.

PEOPLE ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER And that isn't a metaphor, I mean the national clearance rate for homicides has dropped below 50% for the first time ever. This story about of Baltimore also notes that the clearance rate for homicides with a white victim is much, much higher. Before you call racism, ask if certain communities are less likely to engage and assist police. In Baltimore there have been very high profile murders involving people who report drug dealers and a video threatening "snitches" so people are reluctant to talk to cops. But a less than 50% clearance rate is no deterrence at all.


That trailer was made by a fan and it's really good but it has nothing to do with the new reboot of the series for Paramount+. I loved Frasier during its initial run and I hope they can pull this off. No word on a launch date yet.

GOT $110,000 FOR A MASSIVE DISNEY VACATION? then you can get on the waiting list for a 24 day adventure that goes to all the Disney parks and some other landmarks like the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower. It sold out before it hit the market, but the waiting list is open. This is nuts, by the way.

RUSSIA LEAVES A STRATEGIC PORT IN UKRAINE And Ukraine says it's because they bombed the Russian out of the area, while the Russian propaganda machine spins it as a "goodwill" measure so Ukraine can begin to export its grain in the face of a food shortage worldwide. Russia is not winning. They aren't losing per se, but they aren't winning and that's really the best we can hope for.

AND NOW THE PRO-LIFE CROWD OVERREACHS With the overturn of Roe there is a fervor in some red states to not only outlaw abortion, but even go further. There is a move by some to try to prohibit women from travelling to another state to get an abortion. They are using the Texas law that essentially uses the civil courts to exact punishment, but allowing someone to sue anyone who helps a woman travel to get an abortion. This is flatly unconstitutional and I fully expect these laws to be sent down in flames when they are challenged and they will be challenged. Worry about your own state and don't try to infringe on someone's right to interstate travel for whatever reason. Justice Kavanaugh addressed this in his concurrence just to be clear:

BOB MARSHALL IS A POLITICAL HACK WHO IS ABUSING THE COURTS TO RAISE HIS NAME RECOGNITION And I'm not talking about this because I don't want to bore you guys out of Douglas County, but Bob Marshall is an awful man. He's the Democratic nominee for the State House and he is using lawsuits against the school board in order to raise his name recognition and create havoc in the district, because that is the Democrat and teacher union playbook when they are out of power. I emphasized that because I want you all to know THIS IS WHAT THEY DO. Read about his latest move here, but if you're in DougCo vote for whoever is running against him. There's a fun video below of Bob, also known as Biden Bob, pretending to be a Trump supporter with a confederate flag. He's a political hack and an awful person, full stop.


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