Mandy's Wed Blog: Thank Goodness Colorado Republicans Didn't Fall For It!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU For not throwing away this election on candidates who simply can't win this November in a general election. Heidi Ganahl is the candidate for Governor, Pam Anderson is the candidate for Secretary of State, Joe O'Dea is the candidate for Senate, and Erik Aadland won CD-7, with Barbara Kirkmeyer taking the nomination for CD-8. I'm very happy for all of this. On to November!! This is a great article about the GOP "sanity slate" being elected.

GUESTS FOR TODAY: Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown at 1, Heidi Ganahl at 2:35 and maybe some other stop by for a victory lap!

OF COURSE THE LOONY TINA PETERS WON'T CONCEDE And y'all, she got her butt KICKED in this primary, coming in third in a three person race that wasn't even close. But she says she's going to keep fighting because that is literally the only thing she knows how to do. Period.

HERE'S HOPING WE'RE AT THE END OF ONE PARTY RULE IN COLORADO This is a GREAT editorial about one party rule like we've had in Colorado and how toxic it is when one party can run roughshod over everybody else. It's correct, and it's even correct when Republicans run unchecked as well. The aggravation of our system is that we are allegedly forced to work together to get things done, and that is also the beauty of our system as well. It needs that tension to function on behalf of the people.

DENVER RESIDENTS, YOUR NEIGHBORS ARE GONNA PUT TRASH IN YOUR CAN NOW And I say this because Denver just passed a new trash program that charges you based on how much waste you produce. Now composting and recycling are "free" instead of you being charged, and you will be charged more if you need a bigger can. Prediction, fights will be had when a neighbor is seen tossing a bag into someone else's can because their tiny can is full. Bet on it. In case you were wondering, about 91% of plastics end up in landfills ANYWAY so this is just a scam to make people feel better. Single stream recycling has become a nightmare and most plastics can't be recycled anyway because their chemical compounds are too different. This is exactly like the stupid concealed carry ban in parks which will also do absolutely nothing.

AND HERE COME LEGAL MAGIC MUSHROOMS When will we learn that when we legalize drugs we become a magnet for people who end up living on the streets to party? It doesn't matter that the people behind the push to legalize psilocybin, the hallucinogen in magic mushrooms, have very valid reasons for wanting it, as it has been shown to be helpful for people struggling with PTSD and anxiety, but we don't need another reason for scumbags to show up and stay. Just saying. We'll have the ability to vote on this on November's ballot if the signatures hold.

STUPID COLORADO FAMILY LUCKY THEY AREN'T DEAD As they walked WAY to close to a bison at Yellowstone and almost got killed. Check out the video embedded in this story to see the encounter. No one died and they are damn lucky they didn't. And they had a kid with them!!! They truly deserve to be investigated because they are too stupid to be parents.

ABOUT CASSIDY HUTCHINSON'S TESTIMONY I watched her testimony last night after I heard about it during the day, and a lot of people are getting stuck on the whole "Trump grabbed the wheel" thing but that part is not nearly as compelling as all the times that she relayed from first hand knowledge that Trump wanted to and expected to go to the Capitol to watch "his people" tear things up. I'm waiting to see what the Secret Service provides in terms of pushback before talking more about this, and frankly, I'm not convinced that there is enough "there" there to warrant any charges of any kind, but this should exclude Trump from further political aspirations. Why? Because he was warned about violence, he knew there could be violence and he did NOTHING even when the violence is taking place. He did not care. His ego was enjoying the chaos too much.

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE LOOKING BEYOND THE LIMO STORY This column by John Podhoretz explains why Hutchinson's testimony was so, so damaging to Trump. From the column:

If what she has testified to, sworn under oath, is not countered or contradicted by Meadows or Trump’s White House counsel Pat Cippolone—either under oath themselves or eventually before a grand jury—then there is a credible criminal case that Trump violated the law in ways not dealt with by the second impeachment, and from which he would not be shielded by executive privilege. It’s possible her memory is faulty, or that she is a fantasist and that none of this happened. But she has reported directly on things that went on inside the White House and around the Oval Office on January 5 and January 6 that go beyond the merely circumstantial.

He is absolutely right. Now either Meadows or Cippolone MUST testify or her testimony will be deemed accurate in its entirety. Read the rest of the column here.

WHY WAS HUTCHINSON'S TESTIMONY SO DAMNING? Andrew McCarthy writes about the OTHER parts of her testimony that I found far more compelling here. The limo story is such an insignificant part of everything else she testified to and the fact that Trump supporters have glommed onto it shows just how damning the rest of what she said really is.

SATAN RESPONDS TO THE OVERTURN OF ROE V WADE And only the Babylon Bee made it to Hell to cover the presser.

CYBERBULLYING IS FAR WORSE THAN IN PERSON BULLYING And I've said this for YEARS because in person bullying has limits because kids can physically remove themselves from the situation by going home. Cyberbullying follows them everywhere, it remains on their phone to taunt them and a new study shows can lead to suicidal thoughts far more than in person bullying. Talk to your kids about this. Today.

THIS IS A PERFECT COMMENCEMENT SPEECH It's really good and offers deep thoughts but it's also FUNNY.

YOUR FOURTH OF JULY PICNIC WILL COST 17% MORE THIS YEAR And I'm guessing the Biden Admin won't be sending out a tweet like last year's touting the cost of things. Last year they celebrated that we paid a whopping SIXTEEN CENTS less than the year before. Seventeen percent is way bigger than a lousy sixteen cents. Thanks, Brandon! Great job.

WHISPERS OF HILLARY 2024 HAVE BEGUN And please oh please let this be a thing. Please bring back the ancient and extremely unlikable Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate! PLEASE!! Read about it here and then pray hard.

IS AMERICA ABOUT TO BREAK APART? This is the question asked in this column from across the pond, but I think it misses the bigger point, which is let our system work. Let the legislators in states where abortion is not popular pass the laws and let the voters affirm it or not. This has just begun, and frankly, we haven't had a minute to figure out how people REALLY feel. It's been easy to say you are for a full abortion ban knowing Roe kept that from happening. It's a much different proposition now that it's here.

BIDEN'S PLAN TO SHUT DOWN OIL AND GAS WORKED TOO WELL FOR REFINERIES And now the chickens have come home to roost all over the Dems before the mid terms. Look at this brief article on why our refining capacity is currently so low, and if you guessed because of government interference you guessed right.

YES, TAX POLICY CAN MAKE PEOPLE MOVE And this is a story about just that. Democrats in Colorado would do well to pay attention.

THIS IS COLORADO OUTBOUND MIGRATION IS WAY UP We've seen years of more people rushing to move to Colorado than those moving out, but those numbers have shifted dramatically lately. From our friends at CBS Denver:

GDP SHRANK MORE THAN INITIALLY REPORTED INTHE FIRST QUARTER And I don't expect the second to be any better. Originally we were told the US economy shrank 1.4%, only to see it creep up to 1.5% and now 1.6%. Once again for those in the back, a recession is coming, so get prepared.

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR FUN ON THE 4TH This is a very comprehensive list of stuff going on around the state, and yes, there are fireworks available.

A FUN VIDEO OF THINGS THAT ARE BANNED IN CHINA And this is mindblowing. Not surprising, but mindblowing.

A QUICK HISTORY OF BOTSWANA This is really cool about how Botswana came from third world status to the modern era with pragmatic leadership that respected human rights.

BROTHER HAS A WEIRD GIFT FOR HIS SISTER ON HER WEDDING DAY And it was a very lifelike statue of her father, who had passed away the year before. I would not like this.

THEY ARE DUCKING THEIR DUTIES To serve and protect occasionally means for ducks too.

IF YOU WANT TO EAT THIS WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS Because it's a vegan burger that allegedly tastes exactly like cooked human flesh and I just threw up in my mouth typing that. WHY IS THIS A THING???

WHY YOU DON'T LIE TO YOUR KIDS IN ONE EASY LESSON And I'm talking about not telling kids the truth when an animal needs to be put down. One teacher accidentally told a student the truth about her long lost pet when she used the phrase "that project went to live on a farm" about a failed computer software program. Little Chloe had a dog that "went to live on a farm" until one of her classmates broke the bad news that her dog is really dead. Whoops.

THE NEW TEASER TRAILER FOR HOCUS POCUS 2 IS OUT And I have mixed feelings about this but we'll see.

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