Mandy's Fri Blog: And Just Like That, Roe is Done

ROE V WADE IS DEAD Although it means absolutely nothing in Colorado or other states where abortion has been codified deeply into law. There will be a bunch of angry young women downtown I'm sure, with a bunch of dudes trying to get laid by chicks they know will not carry a baby to term. You know, just in case. It changes nothing in Colorado. Period. Read about it here.

GUYS, DOES THIS CHANGE WHO OR HOW YOU HAVE SEX? I realize that in Colorado the overturn of Roe V. Wade is meaningless because our ghoulish Democrats codified abortion until the moment of birth into law already, but I wonder if this gives guys pause. It should. It really, really should.

VALDAMAR THE GAY REPUBLICAN IS ON AT 1PM And we're talking PRIDE month. I'm interested to ask him if he, as a normal gay man, is disturbed that PRIDE is solely represented by drag queens and the Super Gay instead of just normal gay folks. Find Valdamar's writing and more good conservative content by clicking here.

LINDSAY DATKO AND BETH PARKER ARE MOMS WHO GET THING DONE And I LOVE stories like the one being written by the two moms behind JeffCo Kids First, an organization that fought the teachers unions and the JeffCo Board of Health to try to get kids back in school unmasked. They are on today to talk about why they are supporting Heidi Ganahl in the Governors race at 2.

IF YOU ARE IN CD-6, PLEASE VOTE FOR MOLLY LAMAR FOR STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION I saw Holly last night at a fundraiser for Joe O'Dea and she is EXACTLY what we need on the Board of Education. Find out more about her here.

OUR PRESIDENT NEEDS STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ACT And this one is pathetic. President Joe Biden made a mistake by lifting up his "cheat sheet" during a press event and someone got a photo of it. Check this out.

Thank goodness they let him know where to be because without it, he'd probably be falling off a bike or something.

MORE DARK MONEY ELECTION MONEY COMING IN THE CD-7 RACE The Democrats will stoop to anything to win, and they have dropped almost 3 MILLION bucks into the Republican races in order to do just that. Now we have another mysterious mailer urging people NOT to vote for Tim Reichert because of his anti-woman comments. They were comments about birth control that will be easily used against Reichert in the general election so OF COURSE they want you to vote for him in the primary. His thoughts on price fixing make him a total non-starter for me, even though I like the thinking behind it. I don't think Tim knows any paycheck to paycheck people himself. Don't fall for this dark money game.

CENTRAL PLANNING FAILS EVERY TIME IT'S PLANNED And it's failed as far back as the Roman Empire and here is a great column about how and why things like price controls and debasement of currency never lead to a flourishing society. It's been done before, we don't need to try it again.

THE HIPPIES ARE COMING, STEAMBOAT And it's going to be a long month. I hope they don't burn anything down. This is what concerns me most, as a bunch of people dropping acid for a month don't use good judgement.

KNOCKED UP TWICE IN ONE WEEK! I did not know this was possible, but apparently getting pregnant twice is not unheard of and a Texas woman found that out the hard way. She found out that she had gotten pregnant a SECOND time at her first ultrasound where the second tiny baby was spotted. They call the kids "twins" but are they really? I don't think so. What an odd and happy accident.

GANNET PAPERS HAVE GONE FULL WOKE And it's all coming from the woke pages of USAToday, their flagship paper. This column by an opinion writer really exposes them for the wokefest that they are and it's not flattering. They believe they will make the world a better place by doing this, I believe these papers will all go under eventually.

WHAT'S THE PERFECT TEMP FOR THE AC? Our house is SO COLD in the summer guests complain and I'm not exaggerating. But when I saw that a survey said the best temperature for ac was 64 degrees I was sort of shocked. That is HELLA COLD. The other part of this survey is that a a majority of people like to plan stuff INDOORS in the summer because of the heat, bugs and humidity. Praise Jesus we don't have a lot of that, but can we all agree summer is the worst season?

SAN FRAN NAN'S HUSBAND WILL FACE DUI CHARGES AFTER ALL And honestly I don't care much about this story. People make dumb choices about drinking and driving and then they get caught, but I'm reporting this because I really thought he was going to get away with it scot free. He is not. He will have to face the charges and hope a good attorney can get them knocked down (which happens a LOT, not just for famous people) but he WILL face charges. That is all.

STOP BEING A WHINY BITCH ABOUT INFLATION That's the gist of comments by a Washington Post reporter on her home network (she belongs there) of MSNBC. When asked about polling that showed people would rather have a recession than the inflation we're now seeing, Michelle Singletary said:

“Overall, many Americans aren’t suffering as much as they think they are and we can think things into existence because we are unrealistically fearful of something that hasn’t happened yet,” the paper’s personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary said during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC. “We don’t know if we’re in a recession yet....You know, I’m just gonna say this, and if I get banged for it, I don’t care. There is a great deal of Americans where it is uncomfortable that they are spending more, but they’re not gonna go under. You know, you’ve got to stop complaining when there’s so many people who literally the inflation rate means they may only have two meals instead of three.”

So quit yer bitching, the economy is great, just ask this dame.

DON'T LIKE HIGH GAS PRICES? BUY A $300,000 ELECTRIC SUV INSTEAD Y'all I am a fan of Cadillac cars. They drive like a dream and are all super comfortable, but there is a ZERO percent chance I will be buying a new Celestiq EV for 300k. Zero. And here's the kicker that galls me the most. They will qualify for Electric vehicle SUBSIDIES. I'm all for rich people buying whatever it is they want, but don't make me pay to offset that purchase.



HOW COUNTRIES FIGHT THEIR WARS This is just really, really cool.

SCRUBBING YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET As best you can is the caveat here. The details on how to make this happen are here.

WE ARE OVER THE HUMP IN THE LATEST COVID OUTBREAK IN COLORADO And I think the numbers are really undercounted, as when I told people I had covid EVERYBODY is telling me they've had it or their family has had it in the last couple of months. Hopefully this is somewhat done for summer. We'll see what new variant pops up next. Read more here.

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