Adam Carolla in Studio

I'm really psyched to have Adam Carolla join me for the first time, and as an extra bonus he'll be in studio with me. Adam is one of the most successful podcast entrepreneurs anywhere, as well as being a big-time stand-up comic and a best-selling author. Not bad for a day's work.

Adam Carolla Show - Daily Podcast

Everything Reminds Me of Something: Advice, Answers...but No Apologies: Carolla, Adam: 9781637582688: AmazonSmile: Books

Here's the info for Adam's goings-on at Comedy Works tonight and tomorrow:

The Adam Carolla Show | Live in Denver | Comedy Works (live podcast, 7:15 PM)

Adam Carolla is Unprepared | Live in Denver | Comedy Works (standup, 9:45 PM)

Adam also co-starred in "No Safe Spaces", a film which exposes the tyranny of today's woke mob...see the trailer below. No Safe Spaces (Official)

The dude even has his own line of drinks: Carolla Drinks

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