Mandy's Thu Short Blog: Maybe Erik Aadland After Baseball

ERIK AADLAND WANTS YOUR VOTE And he would get mine if I were in CD-7. Find out more about Erik by clicking here.

ONE REPORT IS OUT ABOUT THE MESS AT JUSTICE And it's not flattering to the culture of the Colorado Supreme Court. The biggest issue is that the Chief Justice seemed to be kept in the dark about the sordid cesspool environment at Justice. It all started when a no-bid contract was given to a woman who had also been accused of judicial misconduct. She apparently threatened a lawsuit that would have exposed the sordid cesspool environment at Justice. You should read the whole article (it is paywalled, just subscribe already) from the Denver Gazette here.

AS A MOM, I GET WHY SHE IS SUING The mother of a Good Samaritan who was shot by Arvada Police and killed is suing the department over his death. This story is so tragic and the Arvada Police have admitted that the officer did not announce himself before shooting Jonathan Hurley in the back. Hurley had already shot and killed a gunman who ambushed and murdered an Arvada Police member. His mother is suing the officer and the police chief.

JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS REFLECTS This is a very interesting walk down memory lane by Clarence Thomas as part of a new book and film about him. In this excerpt he reflects on how well intentioned government policies have damaged the black community forever. It's worth your time, read it here.

THE OPEN ADMISSIONS POLICY THAT WRECKED AN ELITE HIGH SCHOOL IS DEAD Because the San Francisco School Board, which saw three progressive school board members recalled in February, reversed their earlier decision that opened admission up via lottery to the Lowell School. Failure rates shot through the roof as student not qualified for the rigor of the school were let in over racism and diversity concerns. Lowell is one of the top performing schools in the country, or they were until they went away from merit and academic test scores for admission. They will return to that system in 2023.

THE SUPREME COURT SHUTS DOWN MAY ISSUE GUN LAWS And did so in spectacular fashion. In a case that pits New York against the New York Rifle and Pistol Association, they struck down a state's right to demand a reason before allowing someone a firearm. The difference between "shall issue" and "may issue" is what's at stake, and the ruling told New York they had no right to add such a provision to the rule books. This is GREAT news.

SOUTHERNERS AT A FUNERAL I can attest that this is 100% accurate.

"NOBODY GIVES A BLEEP ABOUT JANUARY 6TH" At least according to the Politico reporter who said that two Democrat members of the House said just that to her. It's got to be super frustrating to realize the strategy the Dems wanted to use to swing the midterms is something no one gives a bleep about.

OIL PRICES DROP AS RECESSION TALK GINS UP Ladies and Gents, we are going to have a recession. This should not be news, you should be as prepared as you can be, because it's happening because the only way to bring inflation to check is to dry up the money supply and crush demand, which will lead us into recession. There will be some bright spots if you prepare, especially in the housing markets near term. Read about oil prices here.

iN HONOR OF DAVE'S FORCED RETIREMENT I found a story about chess being like a boxing match that he will enjoy. I'm not sure I'm buying it, but here you go.

MORE PEOPLE SCARING OTHER PEOPLE And I know I shouldn't laugh so hard but these are so funny.

THE LEFT IS EATING ITSELF This is a great column about how the progressive organizations are too busy fighting within their own confines to be effective at what their alleged missions are. The young Social Justice Warriors are accusing the higher ups of engaging in the same behavior they think is horrible and a ton of time is being wasted trying to calm everyone down so they can get anything done. This is the natural result of intersectionality where everyone fights to be the BIGGEST VICTIM and must constantly look for new ways to be aggrieved to prove their status. It's glorious, it really is, and very reminiscent of the Tea Party schisms of the GOP.

SO NOW THERE IS A MERMAID CULTURE And of course there is because we live in a world where people can just decide they are something they are clearly not. Now here is a story about people living the mermaid life by swimming around with a mermaid tail on. Good for them. I hope a friendly crab becomes their bestie and a prince falls in love with them even though they can't talk on land.

FASHION IS UGLY NOW AND PEOPLE KEEP BUYING IT I often look back at the fashions of the 1970s and wonder just how many drugs everyone must have been on. I feel sort of the same way about today's fashion, but the drugs must all be antidepressants. The clothes are just ugly. Like super ugly. This column think so too.

THE FDA BANS JUUL IN RETALIATION FOR MARKETING TO KIDS The FDA says by having fruity and minty flavors Juul was catering to kids (they were) and are not doing enough to stop youth vaping (they aren't) so the FDA banned the sale and marketing of Juul products. This is a godsend for their competitors. That being said, I am very pro liberty when it comes to adults making their own decisions but when these companies try to hook kids I am not so libertarian.

VIENNA IS THE WORLD'S MOST LIVABLE CITY and after going to Vienna I can attest to this one being likely accurate, if expensive. Other cities include Copenhagen and Zurich as well. All of these cities are very expensive but lovely, I'm sure.

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