Mandy's Wed Blog: Dinesh D'Souza for a follow up and Ken Buck

I HAVE SOME REALLY, REALLY BAD NEWS And those of you who read the blog early will get it first. Dave the Intrepid was laid off yesterday by Iheart. Mike Rosen was as well. So was my most favorite boss I've ever had. It was a bad day at work yesterday. We will discuss at the beginning of the show. Just to answer the obvious question, this is not a temporary layoff. It's forever. This is not what I would have preferred for the end of Dave's run here. But this is the business we are in.

TIM REICHERT AT 12:35 Tim is running for Congress in District 7 and we're talking economics and more. Find out more about Tim and support his candidacy by clicking here.

I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT 2000 MULES And filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza is back to answer them. He joins me at 1. If you haven't seen 2000 mules it's an interesting thought experiment but the further I get away from it, the more questions it raises.

KEN BUCK POPS IN AT 2 TODAY Just to check in about the budget proposed by the Republican Legislative Study Committee that actually balances the budget.

SUPER, NOW POLIO IS BACK At least in the sewage of one part of London anyway. It's enough for the British government to declare an emergency even though they don't believe this is going to be a widespread issue. This version of polio is called "vaccine-derived" which means it's really only a problem if you are unvaccinated for polio. They are trying to track down the source now.

OUR GAS PRICES ROSE MORE THAN ANY OTHER STATE LAST YEAR And this is a testament to the fact we used to have cheap gas. Now we do not, with our prices averaging way up near 5 bucks right now. But I don't need this news story to tell me that.

AND NOW PUEBLO'S ELECTIONS ARE A MESS What the hell is going on with our elections? Especially in Pueblo, where their County Clerk has held that position since forever. Jena Griswold has had to appoint an observer to oversee the mess there as the ballots have been printed and reprinted and they are STILL WRONG. The only good news is this is a bipartisan dumpster fire, with candidates from both parties demanding intervention. That's new.

THERE WILL BE NO BLOODSHED AT THE POLLS IN ASPEN This is just so silly. Worried about the toxic political climate, the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners passed a temporary ban on firearms at polling places. The ban applies to open carry and concealed carry, two categories utilized by the most law abiding gun owners. Is there truly a threat at the polls in Aspen? No. Does this make them feel better? I'm sure it does. This is yet another reason I would never live in Aspen.

THE DANIELS PARK BLUSTER MAY BE JUST THAT Because even though DougCo commissioner George Teal said he was in talks with Denver's Mayor about DougCo taking over Daniels Park, the Mayor's office says they haven't heard from him. Read more here.

TWO COLORADO COUNTIES ARE ON THE HEALTHIEST COMMUNITIES TOP TEN Congrats to Douglas County and Broomfield for making the list! You can read all about the methodology here. The next Colorado county is down at #30 and that's Pitkin.

TWO PORNHUB EXECS AMID RAPE AND CHILD PORN ON THE SITE Although the company says there is no connection, someone thinks there is. The New York times did an expose on the company and found multiple examples of non consensual sex, rape in other words, and child pornography on the site. So far the site says they do everything in their power to stop that, but if it's still happening someone needs to be arrested for it. That may change the culture at PornHub.

THE BIDEN STATE DEPARTMENT IS TOO INCOMPETENT TO FACILITATE A PHONE CALL The story of WNBA player Brittney Griner being detained in Russia roils on as the Biden Admin is completely unable to get her out of jail where she's been since a vape pen and cannabis cartridges were allegedly found on her person. The State Department promised Ms. Griner's wife Cherelle that they would help connect a phone call on the couple's fourth anniversary so they could speak. They haven't spoken since Griner's arrest. On the day in question, Griner called and called the number she was given, but it went unanswered because that desk wasn't staffed on a Saturday. A perfect metaphor for the entire Biden regime in one story.

CNN HITS NEW LOWS And I'm talking about the ratings, not their general performance, although the two go hand in hand. CNN had so few viewers in the coveted 25-54 demo I likely have more during my show than they have during theirs. If I were the new boss at CNN, I'd clean house, rebrand as All News and go at it like they did when Ted Turner owned the joint.

NEBRASKA NAILED IT WITH THIS AD I first heard Nebraska's new tourism slogan and laughed out loud, but I'm telling you they may be on to something. Check this out.

THE RAINBOW GATHERING WEIRDOS ARE TAKING OVER STEAMBOAT THIS MONTH If you don't know who the Rainbow Gathering is, it's a group of hippies who show up uninvited to take over large swaths of some outdoor space while refusing to get permits to do so. They are a relic of days gone by and I keep thinking eventually they will all die but they don't and here they are. Expect an uptick in petty property crimes as some attendees will steal so they can buy their acid. I've been through this before and am not impressed. I hope they don't start any fires.

LGBTQ FOLKS SAY DISCRIMINATION IS UP And I put this firmly at the feet of the Gay Mafia, who aren't content to insure equal rights in marriage and adoption, but must shove their agenda down everyone's throats. Even though people overwhelmingly support gay marriage and gay people overall, they don't want their kindergartners to be fed a stew of gender ideology and sex talk. Full stop. So the pushback bleeds into normal gay people who just want to live their lives. I'm so sorry for that.

MEDICAL-GOVERNMENT-PHARMACEUTICAL TRIFECTA THAT'S TAKING OUR MONEY And not helping us like they are supposed to. This column is excellent, just check out this part:

As all are required to medically insure and to pay taxes, one can’t simply opt out or buy only those medical services that one thinks justify their costs. With massive, guaranteed funding sources, aggregate medical revenues will continue to climb. 
Thus, Medical-Industrial-Government Complex has become a Black Hole for today’s wealth. With great money comes great power. The Med/Pharma juggernaut rules the airwaves. Nonexistent until the 1990s, hospital System and drug ads now dominate advertising. By being such big advertisers, Med/Pharma dictates news content. Analysts who point out that lavish medical expenditures don’t yield commensurate public health benefit have small audiences. Med/Pharma critics can’t afford ads. 
Medicine has fed Coronamania. The TV news I’ve seen during the past 27 months painted a very skewed picture of reality. The virus has been misrepresented—by the media and government, and by MDs, like Fauci, often posing in white jackets— as a runaway train that’s indiscriminately decimating the American populace. Instead of putting into perspective the virus’s clear demographic risk profile and the very favorable survival odds—even without treatment, at all ages, or promoting various forms of contra-Covid self-care, including weight loss—the media and medical establishment incited universal panic, and promoted counterproductive mass isolation, mass masking, mass testing, and treatment with ventilators and expensive, often harmful anti-virals. 

This is the Scientific Industrial Complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about in action.

FIVE TYPES OF PARENTS AT LITTLE LEAGUE I think we all know these people. We may even be these people.

WHY DO I PAY MORE IN TAXES BUT STILL GET THE SAME TABOR REFUND? I mean this as a genuine question. My tax bill is high, but I get the same refund as people who pay way less than me. Why? Can anyone answer that question?

4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS ARE ALREADY BEING CANCELLED AND REPLACED If you MUST have fireworks, go to a Rockies game. Please don't set my neighborhood on fire being an idiot with your Wyoming stash of explosives. Here is a list of places that have already said no way to the annual firestarter event.


THE LEGACY MEDIA IS WARNING YOU NOT TO VOTE ON GAS PRICES And they are in a full court press to make sure you don't blame our hapless President for the high prices EVEN THOUGH HE LITERALLY CAMPAIGNED ON SHUTTING DOWN OIL AND GAS AND FRACKING. But they want to make sure you don't fall for that.

IS THE PILL FOR EXERCISE ABOUT TO BE A THING? This is SUPER COOL. When we exercise, our body is flooded with an amino acid compound called N-lactoyl-phenylalanine, or Lac-Phe for short. Scientists decided to flood the bodies of obese mice with that substance to see what would happen and they lost weight! Read about it here.

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