Baron Daniel Hannan on How Brexit Looks So Far

Baron Daniel Hannan of Kingsclere (how's that for a title?!?) is one of the smartest, most interesting people I've ever met. I think of Dan frequently because there is near my home a park called Magna Carta Park, named for one of the world's great political documents which was written in the part of England that Dan represented, pre-Brexit, in the European Parliament.

Dan is about as big a fan of the US as a Brit can be and I take his commentary about this side of the pond very seriously, as one should with everything Dan writes. Here's the latest, about how our woke racist nonsense is infecting the rest of the world: The world is being infected by America's race pathology | Washington Examiner

Dan was a major champion of Brexit (which I also supported, not that my support mattered in any way). We'll talk about how that's going so far. Here's one update: DANIEL HANNAN: Eurocrats don't care about peace in Ireland - they just want to punish Britain | Daily Mail Online

Dan has written several books including "Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World".

One of my favorite political speeches of all time is Dan's takedown of former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the European Parliament. One quote "You are the devalued prime minister, of a devalued government." I'll post the video immediately below this list of today's guests.

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