Scott Lincicome and the Problems in the Refinery Industry

Scott Lincicome is one of my favorite thinkers, writers and guests. He's true expert in international economics and the economics of trade. Today we'll talk mostly about refineries and how problems in the refinery industry are responsible for a significant part of our high fuel prices. We'll cover other stuff too, such as baby formula...and I hope we have time to talk about the Jones Act.

Scott Lincicome | Cato Institute

His great newsletter, part of the Dispatch family: Capitolism | Members | Substack (

What drives prices at the pump | American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (

(18) Scott Lincicome on Twitter: ""The main driver behind record US pump prices isn’t costly oil or too much demand: It’s the simple fact there are too few refineries" via @business" / Twitter

What Won't Solve the Baby Formula Crisis (

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