Mandy's Tue Blog: A Big Adventure, Abe Laydon and Please Tell Me I'm Right

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IS AT 12:35 FOR THE NEXT MANDY CONNELL ADVENTURE! And this one is a humdinger and it is EPIC. After I announce the trip I will add the link to check it out here, but I don't want you early blog readers to get a head start on booking. Space is VERY limited and this will sell out likely this week, so call Cruise and Tour at 800-383-3131 to book today. And I mean TODAY.

DOUGCO COMMISSIONER ABE LAYDON JOINS ME TODAY And we're talking about why he voted to investigate a fellow commissioner and whether or not Douglas County needs more water. He's on at 1:05.

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER RETURNS FOR MORE WORD AND GRAMMAR TALK And you can ask him any question about language or grammar by emailing me at or just calling us at 2:05 when he joins us for an hour.

DON'T FALL FOR THE RE INVENTION OF JARED POLIS This is making me INSANE. National media is swooping in and declaring our Governor to practically be a Republican and I can't take it. First there was the puff piece by Nick Gillespie at where he painted Polis as a liberty loving patriot when he clearly is not. Then we have The Wall Street Journal declaring that he "stood up" to the climate lobby when he clearly did not. Thankfully the Independence Institute reminds everyone of just how totalitarian Polis really is. Don't fall for this.

COLORADO MAN GIVES FLORIDA MAN A RUN FOR HIS MONEY I don't know local real estate agent Kerry Endsley but if you do, it's time for an intervention because he has clearly lost his mind. He tried to kidnap two people at gunpoint while they walked along a trail in Jefferson County because he had some beef with the woman. You have to read this story. It's truly nuts.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION RACE THIS YEAR As control of the Board hangs in the balance. If you like charter schools and parental choice, you need to support the Republican candidates in this race. The Denver Gazette has a good editorial on this here.

PEOPLE ARE JUST GETTING SHOT ON I-70 NOW And this freaks me out because there is no indication that the assistant chief of a volunteer fire department did anything that would put him in the crosshairs of what may have been street racers who fired into his truck and killed him. His wife and children were also in the truck but physically unharmed. This is Denver now.

LAUREN BOEBERT IS SUING THE CREEP WHO SPREAD LIES ABOUT HER And this kind of stuff makes me nuts but it's totally unsurprising that the Left would use the misogyny and slut shaming they claim to hate so much to attack a female conservative. At issue are the claims that Boebert says are demonstrably false that Boebert worked as an escort on a sugar daddy website and also had two abortions. Funny how the left ignores real examples of sexual malfeasance on the part of Democratic men but make up stuff about conservative women. Good for Boebert for suing, I hope she wins big and this creepy obsessed dude ends up broke and homeless.

JOE O'DEA IS SUING AS WELL HE's suing over the mailers being paid for by someone in the Democratic Party to support Ron Hanks. He says the mailers are not only full of disinformation, they violate Federal Elections Commission laws by not disclosing who paid for them. Since I've gotten a few more mailers that clearly say Paid for the by the Colorado Democratic Party, I'm guessing they are the ones behind the initial mailers as well, but we'll see who the courts unearth for this one. I'm glad he's fighting back against the dirty pool being played by Democrats who know they are in big, big trouble.

IT'S TIME TO STOP PUTTING OFF HEALTHCARE OVER COVID CONCERNS As this story is heartbreaking as it details people going blind unnecessarily or finding out they have cancer too late to do anything about it. Go to the doctor people. Get your preventive checkups. Do the things you did before covid. Do it.

BASEBALL IN THE 1920S IN NEW YORK This is a great video about how much we used to love baseball. Ah, the good old days.


WE THINK WE EAT HEALTHIER THAN WE DO Of course we think we eat healthier than we do, it's why we're fat. A new study showed that a whopping nine in ten of us think we are eating more healthy than we are. I think the word "health" has been marketed into meaning nothing to most of us.

THERE MAY BE A NEW TREATMENT FOR ALS But it's already a bit controversial even though it showed real promise in slowing the aggressive form of ALS. Read this to see how government standards may keep this drug from ALS sufferers in the US.

THE PLANETS ARE ALIGNING And I don't mean that metaphorically, I mean it literally as five planets are currently aligned and visible in the night sky until the end of June. Read more here.

THE SUPREME COURT HAS FIVE MORE BIG CASES TO ANNOUNCE And yes Dobbs is one of them, but there are four more that are really important, especially the one about the EPA. Read about what's coming here.

NO, THE SUPREME COURT SHOULDN'T CARE ABOUT PUBLIC OPINION This is a great column disabusing people of the notion that the highest Court in the land should defer to the mob on anything. The Supreme Court must rise above political noise and angry citizens who may be only representing a fraction of the citizenry and do its job figuring out the constitutionality of any law or situation. Period. Read more here.

A GROCERY STORE CHAIN CAVES TO A GUN GRABBER ON MERCHANDISE And this kind of stuff is just stupid. If you don't want a coozy that says "Arms change, right don't" don't buy it. That wasn't enough for one angry mom who sent an angry tweet to Harris Teeter, the Kroger owned grocery store. She was mad about gun violence and Harris Teeter immediately said they would pull the merch. Now the patriots are mad. This is all so stupid.

BRITISH MAN TURNED AWAY FROM DONATING BLOOD FOR DUMBEST REASON EVER And I mean it, it's the dumbest reason ever. He refused to answer a question on the medical questionnaire about whether or not he was pregnant. The 66 year old man, who has donated 165 pints of blood over the years, was told he MUST answer the question even though he is a man to promote inclusiveness. When he refused because the question was so, so dumb, he was refused.


HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE, EREBODY! Here is a good article on why we have the summer solstice and what it really means.

HERE'S TO THE BORING LIFE And I feel this more and more as I get older. The things I used to scoff at are the things I look forward to the most these days (gardening I'm looking at you) and this column just reinforces that it's okay to be boring.

WHAT ARE HIGH ENERGY PRICES ACCOMPLISHING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE? ALMOST NOTHING And that is something we need to talk about. To use the phrase I've heard about a billion times lately, the juice is not worth the squeeze on this, and I think it's in part because we've subsidized green energy even as it is inefficient and unreliable rather than investing in research to make it better. This column kind of agrees with me.

DEMOCRATS HAVE REALIZED JOE BIDEN IS TOO OLD And they have begun their full scale push to replace him in 2024 with a new candidate. I'm sure they don't want Kamala, as she is even more unpopular than Biden, but they don't want Biden. The drumbeat has begun and the Wall Street Journal has an editorial about it here.



COULD MINI NUCLEAR REACTORS BE THE FUTURE OF ENERGY? This is a great idea and we'll see if the greenies would rather have us broke and green or flush with energy. Nuclear engineers at the Colorado School of Mines are working on mini reactors that would eliminate the need for long transmission lines or storage, it just remains to be seen if the public will have it. Read more here.

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