TGIF Blogcast: 'shrooms and booze and more (Boy that makes me sound bad)

Just One Thing

As we head into a 3-day weekend followed by a 4-day work week I continue to believe that that will be a trend for at least some industries. If I may be self-centered for a minute, I think that a permanent 4-day-a-week schedule won't work for people with jobs like mine, i.e. jobs where if you're out for a day lots of people will notice, at least if it's a day when lots of people would expect you not to be out.

But I do think that many Americans in many jobs, both blue-collar and white-collar but especially the latter, would opt for four 10-hour workdays rather than five 8-hour workdays. Indeed, I know I would but again I don't think that works for my line of work.

In the meantime, this is about as bad a reason as you can imagine for implementing a 4-day work week: because you need people to be at home growing their own food due to government policies that destroyed your nation's food production by requiring farming to be organic.

Sri Lanka wants a four-day work week. But it's not about making workers happy - CNN

Today's Guests

Del Jolly is the CEO of UMBO Mushrooms. Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer is a co-founder of the company. We'll talk with the guys about "functional mushrooms."

About Umbo (

More about Jake and not-that-kind-of 'shrooms here: Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer Is Sold on Mushrooms | Westword


Aussie comedian Monty Franklin joins me in studio. If you want to do something fun and family-friendly on Fathers Day, check out the all-ages show for this Sunday (as well as the other shows tonight and tomorrow night.) I'll be at the Fathers Day show so say hi if you see me!

Monty Franklin | Live in Denver | Comedy Works


André and Tenaya Darlington are siblings…who love something I also love a lot. Listening to albums on vinyl while sipping something delicious. (My preferences are good bourbon or dessert wine.) We'll have Andre on the show today but it will be way more than half the fun even if his sister isn't with us.

Booze & Vinyl (

Booze & Vinyl Vol. 2: 70 More Albums + 140 New Recipes: Darlington, André, Darlington, Tenaya: 9780762475223: Books - Amazon

Other Stuff

The FDA just authorized a three-shot Pfizer vaccine series and a two-shot Moderna vaccine series for young children. I suspect that only a small percentage of parents will go ahead with getting young kids vaccinated since kids have close to zero risk from the virus and since making a kid get a shot, especially multiple shots of something that probably won't offer long-lasting protection, is not a parent's idea of a good time.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Down to 6 Months of Age | FDA


Bottom line from the January 6 Committee hearings yesterday: Everybody, including attorney John Eastman knew that Eastman's scheme to steal the 2020 election was unconstitutional and that even a first small step or two to implementing the scheme would be exceedingly harmful to the nation. Eastman knew it well enough that he said his argument as to how the vice president could steal the election from the actual winner would lose 9-0 at the Supreme Court, and then he asked Rudy Giuliani to add his (Eastman's) name to any working list of potential presidential pardon recipients.

We also learned a little more about how hard Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was working to alter the election results. It's a VERY bad look for the wife of a justice though I don't see a real argument that she did anything illegal; just unwise. And of course she's not in elected office and I don't see why Congress has any business talking to her about her views and non-criminal (again, even if misguided) actions as a private citizen. More from David Harsanyi here: The Jan. 6 Committee's Targeting Of Ginni Thomas Is Despicable (

Mike Pence and his team stood strong in the face of Trump's determination to steal the election: January 6 Committee: Mike Pence Showed Courage | National Review

I knew a guy who used to believe that pretty much everybody was lying to him all the time. It was pure projection; he was lying to everyone all the time. That is my framework for thinking of Trump's exhortations to "stop the steal." It was pure projection on to his willing MAGA base as he was trying to steal an election.


Monday is the relatively new federal holiday of Juneteenth; the first one was technically last year but the law that created the holiday was signed on June 17th so for most of the country this will be its first widespread celebration. And since June 19th is a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on Monday, June 20th. I think it's a day worthy of a holiday though I share the view of some that we're at a point where there are enough paid holidays (esp for government workers who are receiving taxpayer money) so that the addition of any new holiday should be accompanied by the retirement of another. Some folks had suggested eliminating Columbus Day as a paid holiday for government workers in order to add Juneteenth. That would have been fine with me. Anyway, here's a little Juneteenth history:

What Is Juneteenth? - HISTORY

What is Juneteenth? – Juneteenth World Wide Celebration


Lots of folks are saying "guns are the #1 killer of youth now, surpassing car accidents." It's true but only because death by gun is almost 5x more likely for black youth than white youth. Can change views of best policies if people are honest.

Here's the data, and the same article that people are referencing to begin with:

Microsoft Word - appendix.docx (

Current Causes of Death in Children and Adolescents in the United States | NEJM


That's a cute baby: San Diego Zoo welcomes 1st aardvark birth in years | AP News


I'll have a kilo with my kilo: Cocaine Shipment Worth $83 Million Gets Delivered to Supermarkets By Mistake (


On the one hand, great shot. On the other hand, when that many of your employees are sooooo excited to leave work early, maybe you have a problem?

Worker sinks miracle hole-in-one golf shot to get colleagues day off (


Well this seems like one of the worst ideas in a while: Double-decker airplane seats could make flying coach hell (

Today's Videos

I can't vouch for whether any of the editing causes this video to misrepresent Elon Musk and I can't even vouch for this being what it claims to be, namely snippets of Musk's comments to Twitter employees on Thursday, but it sure seems real and he says basically what I'd expect him to say. I don't understand why not every social media CEO sounds like this.

The future lead singer of AC/DC

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