Mandy's Tue Blog: Michelle Zellner Talks Mens Health, Plus Heidi Pops By

I BROUGHT A COLD BACK FROM NEW YORK And I only tell you this so you will feel sorry for me with my summer cold. Thank you for your support.

LET'S TALK MEN'S HEALTH WITH MICHELLE ZELLNER! She joins us at 2 to discuss Men's Health Week and she's got lots of stuff for you guys to keep an eye on. Find our more about Michelle or hire here to get you back in shape or do a wellness program for your company by clicking here. SHE'S EVEN GOT A NEW PODCAST OUT! You can listen to that here.

GOOD GRIEF I LISTENED TO THE TINA PETERS-PAM ANDERSON "DEBATE" It was on the George Brauchler show on a competing station and I came away more convinced than ever that Tina Peters is completely delusional and disconnected from reality but she genuinely believes the things she says and when she can't argue a point she accuses anyone who disagrees with her of "gaslighting" her when they are clearly not doing that.

WOW, ANOTHER ARMED STAFFER SAVED A BUNCH OF KIDS This time at a summer camp in Texas. A man walked into a fieldhouse with gun, and a staff member exchanged gunfire with him while teachers got kids to a safe space and locked doors. Police were called and the man was shot and killed. This feels like suicide by cop, but I don't care as long as the kids were safe.

ROLLING BROWNOUTS MAY BE COMING TO SOUTHERN COLORADO As we've taken too much reliable energy offline to make room for unreliable energy and now we can't handle big heatwaves anymore. That's my take on things anyway, but you can read the story that doesn't mention any of that by clicking here.

KEN BUCK OUTLINES DEM INTERFERENCE IN THIS COLUMN And it's just another reminder that Democrats want Ron Hanks and Greg Lopez to win, so please don't vote for them. Find the column here.

COLORADANS LIKE CHARTER SCHOOLS A new survey shows a majority of Colorado voters like charter schools and would oppose measures to prevent them from opening. See the results here.

IF YOU'RE HEADED TO YELLOWSTONE THIS SUMMER You should be aware that flooding has currently closed the park and several roads and bridges have been completely washed away by flooding.

COULD ISLAMIC REFORMISTS BE TAKING HOLD? This latest column by Ayaan Hirsi Ali about a new film by a Muslim imam that breaks new ground in art that before now got people killed. She writes about it here.

WHO ARE YOU GONNA BELIEVE, THE PRESS SECRETARY OR YOUR OWN LYING EYES? The disastrous Press Secretary is trying to tell people that Joe Biden is not old and addled but unfortunately we can see he is old and addled with our own eyes. She's been given an impossible task and she is not good at it at all.

AMAZON IS ABOUT TO START DRONE DELIVERIES And a town outside Sacramento will be the test market after the FAA and local officials clear the drone delivery service. The new service is called Prime Air and the drones will drop your packages into your backyard, which is a GREAT idea that solves a lot of problems.

DITCH THE TRIBAL FLAGS AND FLY THE AMERICAN FLAG INSTEAD I love this column. In it the author writes about how few of us fly the American flag while so many love to fly flags announcing their tribal affiliations. Today is Flag Day and we could all take down our tribal affiliation and fly the Stars and Stripes instead.

NEW YORK CITY IS RUNNING ADS TELLING DRUG USERS TO BE "EMPOWERED" IN THEIR DRUG USE And boy howdy is this bad and I fully expect to see this in Denver soon. Here is a news story on the subway ads.

OHIO JUST WENT PERMITLESS CARRY And I sure hope Ohioans take the training part seriously even though it is no longer required to carry a firearm. You also don't have to tell a police officer that you are carrying unless they ask. There are some limits:

The law does have some criteria for who is allowed to follow permitless carry. It says you must be 21 years of age or older, be a legal resident, not be a fugitive, not be the subject of a protection order and not have been hospitalized or adjudicated as being mentally ill.
Further, one must not have been dishonorably discharged from the military, not have a conviction or delinquency for a felony, a drug offense or domestic violence.

There are some other rules and you can find them here.


EU REGULATORS SAY NO TO NUCLEAR Which is just so, so stupid considering it's the form of energy production with the smallest carbon footprint and the biggest energy bang for the buck. They also said no to natural gas so I'm guessing they are going to replace Russian oil and gas with unicorn farts and rainbows. We have to seriously push nuclear if we are going to push down greenhouse emissions. And the EU is stupid. There, I said it.

AN ANTISEMITIC STATUE IS ALLOWED TO STAND IN GERMANY And this isn't just a war memorial with a guy on a horse, it is a truly vile statue depicting Jews as literal pigs and it's outside a church. A man sued to have it taken to the Luther museum instead, as Martin Luther was a famous anti-Semite, but the Lutheran church has declined. They added a memorial plaque in the 1980s but are now going to be adding more context about the church's anti-Semitism and their turn away from that ideology. It's truly a horrible statue. A judge declined to have it removed. I must say if I were a church I would not want it outside, but maybe they keep it there as a reminder of when they got it terribly, terribly wrong.

JAPAN BANS ONLINE BULLYING And makes it punishable by up to a year in prison! The law will be re examined in three years to check its effect on free speech. The law came about after the suicide of a reality star who was bullied relentlessly online leading up to her death. Read more here.

MOST PEOPLE SUPPORT TRANS PEOPLE BUT NOT TRANS WOMEN COMPETING AGAINST WOMEN And this isn't the least bit surprising unless you can't separate out that you can believe both of those things at the same time. There are a lot of interesting numbers about social acceptance of trans people in this, and it makes it hard to argue that it's "transphobia" when people say that trans women would have a competitive advantage over biological women. I can't believe this is such a big issue when it seems clear that a swimmer like Lia Thomas, who went through puberty as a boy and even swam as a man, don't have an unfair advantage when the dominate women after being a mediocre man.

NANCY PELOSI REFUSES TO TAKE UPTHE SUPREME COURT SECURITY BILL She's giving a lame ass reason for not taking it up because she's trying to kill it in the hopes a conservative justice will get killed and Biden can appoint another liberal. I'm just guessing when I say that, but what other reason could there be? Read about it.

THIS AS PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS ARE ATTACKED BY VIOLENT ABORTION ADVOCATES We already know that abortion advocates love death, so there is a real threat that they will decide to kill real people instead of just babies in the womb. This article outlines the attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and they were tagged with a sentence that said "if abortion isn't safe, neither are you" which is clearly a threat. I sure hope DHS takes these as seriously as it took parent "terrorists" at school board meetings last year. Just kidding, they won't.


HAPPY THE ELEPHANT ISN'T HUMAN AFTER ALL And a New York has officially declared the elephant at the Bronx Zoo ineligible for habeas corpus protections. This case was brought by an animal rights group and would have opened the door to a level of judiciary chaos if Happy had been declared a human. Luckily, she is still an elephant.

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