Grover Norquist Talks Inflation and Big Tech

Grover Norquist is a true fixture in the American conservative movement as founder (at Ronald Reagan's request) of Americans for Tax Reform. I've probably spent more time than any other talk show host you know discussing the unprincipled pandering of a handful of conservatives going along with anti-capitalist hard-core leftists in Congress with so-called anti-trust legislation to attack "big tech." The left hates the companies because they're big and profitable.

NORQUIST: Democrats Laid A Trap In One Key Bill. Will Republicans Walk Into It? | The Daily Caller

Rand Paul op-ed on the same subjectAnger at Big Tech no excuse to abandon free market | Fox News

By the way, here's a brilliant episode of Michael Morell's "Intelligence Matters" podcasts which discusses, in part, how this effort to break up and tear down big tech companies poses a risk to American national security: Intelligence Matters: Big Tech, Regulation & National Security: Klon Kitchen & Jamil Jaffer on Apple Podcasts

On another topic: Senators Send Letter to USTR Urging Against COVID-19 IP Waiver - Americans for Tax Reform (

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