Governor Jared Polis 100 Ways the Administration is Saving Coloradans Money

Governor Jared Polis joins the show...I have quite a few questions for him though I'm sure he'll want to tout "100 ways the Polis Administration is saving Coloradans money." Color me skeptical but we'll hear him out. But I also want to ask about some things, including:

Will Jared seek EPA Waiver to prevent another big increase in Front Range gas prices? (Might be too late already...)

Why are we paying for medical care for illegal aliens and isn't this a magnet to bring more illegals to the state?

He got this one right and even the WSJ notices:

Democratic governor defends vetoing bill requiring EV charging stations in Colorado: 'Last thing we need' (

Jared Polis Bucks the Climate Lobby - WSJ

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