Mandy's Wed Blog: Dems Support Ron Hanks, and Mike O'Donnell Visits

MIKE O'DONNELL JOINS ME AT 2 And he is running for the GOP nomination for Secretary of State. A lot of you wanted me to have him on the show, so he's on today. Find out more about Mike and support his campaign if you'd like by clicking here!

RON HANKS IS NOW BEING SUPPORTED FINANCIALLY BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY And I don't just mean with words, I mean with LARGE ad buys that begin today. Why would the Democrats buy ads for a Republican? Because they know he has NO CHANCE of beating the very vulnerable Michael Bennet and they need him to win the primary. Please don't be a useful idiot for the Democrats and give this man your vote. It's literally a vote to send Bennet back to the Senate. A SuperPAC called Democratic Colorado is dropping $64,000 into spots that will run across ESPN, Fox News, and History channel, so they are clearly targeting men with this buy. This as rumor has it that national Dems are going to drop a MILLION into supporting Hanks. Do NOT fall for this. And PLEASE talk to all of your friends about this strategy so they don't fall for it either.

I'VE ALSO HEARD DEMS ARE SPENDING ON BEHALF OF GREG LOPEZ FOR GOVERNOR I genuinely like Greg Lopez, the man. That being said he has rendered himself unelectable in our state by going on record as saying he will absolutely pardon Tina Peters if/when she is convicted. He also told Kyle Clark that he would work towards a full ban on abortion and Kyle slid in his long ago assault charge stemming from a domestic violence situation with his wife. Both of those things make him unelectable in the current state of Colorado. That's why the Dems are buying ads on his behalf. Again, don't fall for it.

WHY WAS RON HANKS LOREN HANKS WHEN HE RAN FOR CONGRESS IN CALIFORNIA? And why doesn't he talk about his history of supporting abortion in some cases, unionization of workers (except federal workers), support of gay marriage, and support of red flag laws to keep guns from "mentally/emotionally disturbed" people? The funny part is that I agree with a lot of these things, but he doesn't agree with them anymore.

AND BY THE WAY, JARED POLIS IS NO LIBERTARIAN And Jon Caldara beat me to the punch with this column about the ridiculous interview in Reason magazine where Polis touted his libertarian street cred. I threw up in my mouth when I read it. Jon Caldara rips the article and the Governor to shreds here.

POLIS' HOME COUNTY JUST WENT AFTER GUNS IN A BIG WAY Polis likes to lie and say he supports the 2nd Amendment, but based on what just happened in his home city and the surrounding cities no one could possible believe him. Read about the new raft of gun restrictions in Boulder County and the cities therein here. If I were a criminal, I'd be headed straight to Boulder where I'm relatively certain the rich people have no guns.

POLIS IS ALSO SPENDING TEN MILLION ON ANOTHER EMPTY TRAIN I'm guessing so his friends in Boulder can slum it and ride the train into Denver to feel like "normal" people on occasion. Read that here.

CAN YOU TRUST THE AT HOME TESTS FOR THIS COVID VARIANT? The answer is probably not but we aren't sure. I'm telling you I just went through this and am pretty sure I had covid even though I tested negative on a rapid test. Read more here, but take precautions if you have symptoms and stay home.

MONKEYPOX AFFECT MEN WHO CAN'T BE CALLED GAY I have seen this a lot lately and I am genuinely confused. Why can't we call gay men gay men? Or bisexual men? Now we have to call them "men who have sex with men" for some reason in this story about monkeypox.

WOMAN GETS BIG PAYOUT FROM CAR INSURANCE COMPANY OVER HER STD This is a new one. A woman who says she was infected with HPV, the virus that can cause cervical cancer, by a sexual partner in his car. Because it was in his car, she sued the guy, won, and now Geico has to pay over 5 million bucks in damages. This is just ridiculous in my opinion. She had unprotected sex and is a mad she got an STD. This is as much her fault as the dude who lied about not having anything.

ANTIBIOTICS CAN HAVE A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Why? It's all about the gut. Antibiotics really screw up your guts microbiome by killing all the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. We are now beginning to understand how important our gut health is to our overall health, and this study shows a negative connection between antibiotic use and high level athletic performance in mice. I'm all for antibiotics when you really, really need them but we need to stop asking for them for every little thing, it's not health long term.


THE FOUR DAY WORKWEEK IS GETTING A SERIOUS TRIAL IN THE UK And you know I love this even though I will never be able to work a four day workweek. Read about the trial of 3,300 workers here.

MODERNA SAYS THEIR NEW BOOSTER WORKS BETTER FOR NEW VARIANTS You can read about it here, but I personally am done with shots for covid.

HOSPITALS ARE IGNORING PRICE TRANSPARENCY LAWS And this is why it's so important that we passed a law in Colorado forcing them to do so. A new study shows that fewer than SIX PERCENT of hospitals are fully compliant in presenting their pricing in an easily accessible form. Remember, if you have something done in a hospital in Colorado and they aren't in full compliance at the time of your service there, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE BILL.

ONE GEORGE SOROS BACKED DISTRICT ATTORNEY DOWN, DOZENS MORE TO GO I'd love to have the chance to ask George Soros, a man who made a fortune betting AGAINST civilized society, what he is hoping to accomplish by supporting soft-on-criminals District Attorneys nationwide. One such man has now been recalled in progressive San Francisco because he's let the city become a hellhole. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

ABC EMBARRASSES ITSELF FAWNING OVER THE INCOMPETENT NEW PRESS SECRETARY Dave and I both think that Karine Jeanne-Pierre will have an extremely short tenure before she announces she's leaving for MSNBC because she is literally TERRIBLE. The worst press secretary I've ever seen, and I lived through the Sean Spicer era. Robin Roberts, another gay black woman, was chosen to do the softball interview and it's just as terrible as one of Jeanne-Pierre's pressers.

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING AT THE WASHINGTON POST STAFF? If you aren't on Twitter, you have probably missed the bitch slap fight going on BETWEEN staff members and journalists in a very public way. It's all been very middle school, and there are Angry Women who seem to completely without a sense of humor combined with a burning desire to punish anyone who does. Beri Weiss writes about the breakdown here.

THE BRONCOS WILL HAVE A NEW FAMILY AT THE HELM And this isn't surprising as Rob Walton brought a huge $4.5 BILLION dollar bid for the team to the table. So now begins the long process of transfer of ownership. Congrats to the Bowlen family for their windfall!

COLORADO'S TOWING INDUSTRY JUST GOT CHECKED And I'm talking about the roving towers who scoop up cars who are parked illegally or for other such things. Now they can't keep your car if you can pay 15% of the total owed. This is a BIG deal and will save people thousands in the "storage fees" attached to this kind of towing.

HOW TO SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY and these are ideas that would all affect me, so you'd think I would hate them but I don't. We need to do something, and these suggestions are a darn good start!



LAW AND ORDER: SOUTHERN VITTLES UNIT I laughed and laughed about this yesterday because it's super accurate on so many subtle levels.

NO, CONSERVATIVE MEDIA DOESN'T "DWARF" LIBERAL MEDIA Even though based on ratings it may seem that way. Read more about this ridiculous assertion here.

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