Mandy's Thu Blog: John Morrissey Visits, Plus Judicial Malfeasance Allowed

HE'S GONE FROM THE JETCOPTER TO MAZATLAN Our pal John Morrisey is living the expat dream down in Mexico and he's back in the area for a visit so I thought I'd ask him to stop by to talk about life as a gringo in Mexico. He's on at 2p today.

OUR JUDICIAL BRANCH PLAYED FAST AND LOOSE WITH THE RULES And this should be a really big scandal but it's not. The Denver Gazette's David Migoya wrote about the way the judicial branch protected their bad actors by gaming the system and riding out the statute of limitations. It's shameful and I truly think our Legislature and Governor need to do something about this. Read David's story on this here, he's been covering this story for three years. He joins me at 1 to give the backstory of this sordid tale. By the way, this is another reason you need to subscribe to the Denver Gazette.

SIX THINGS THAT PROVE WE'RE LIVING IN 1984 I saw this last night and it's dang good.

IF KIDS ARE COMING TO EAT, WHY NOT TEACH THEM TOO? Denver Public Schools, where just 5% of black and brown third graders read on grade level, is going to be feeding kids all summer long. Great. Why not teach them too to make up for the learning gains they lost by being at home for a year? Why doesn't the teachers union, who always tells us they want schools to be the best they can be, support this strategy? It was the teachers unions who kept them home after all. Why not ask teachers to come in for a half day of reading instruction for all kids? Paid, of course. I'm not being facetious, I'm being very, very serious. Why don't they do it? I know the answer, I just wish someone would force them to say no.

THIS AS DENVER PUBLICS SCHOOLS HAS NO PLAN FOR STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT If you are a Denver Public Schools parent, why aren't you attending every school board meeting? Seriously, your board has no clue what it's doing, they have no plan to address the failure to teach black and brown students, no plan to bring up student achievement except to consider ditching the tests that show how badly they are performing. I'm not even kidding. They are performing so poorly you should sue them for theft of your tax dollars. Read this for more.

THOUGHT ABOUT GUNS FOR THE DAY And this is an email from Listener Joe, who sends me really good emails. It says:

Thought for the day:
 Each year, 38,000 people are killed in traffic fatalities. Lowering the national speed limit to 30 MPH would reduce that number by at least 50% saving a minimum of 19,000 lives per year.
Less than 15,000 people per year are murdered by guns and less than 500 of that 15,000 are killed by so called "assault rifles" and even a complete ban on both the sale and possession of that type of gun would not save all of those lives since there are many alternative guns that evil and/or crazy people could use to kill dozens of people in less than 2 minutes.
So why are our politicians not proposing changes to our national laws that would save almost 20,000 lives per year and instead are focusing all of their energy on legislation that MIGHT (at best) save just a few hundred lives?
 If you think about it long enough, you will understand why the answer is important.

He makes a really good point. In 2020, 611 children died in auto accidents just as a point of reference.

FENTANYL IS FLOODING INTO COLORADO And this story is super depressing because it means that more people will die from these pills and our Legislature couldn't be bothered to make possession a felony to give cops some teeth at the street level. We've now seized more fentanyl in 2022 than we did in the entire year of 2021 and it's just June. I wonder why they are sending it here? Perhaps because they can get away with it? Well done, cowardly Democrats. Well done.

WE DON'T HAVE A THE HEARD-DEPP TRIAL TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE Because the jury came in and found them both liable. Depp was the winner, both reputationally and monetarily, as he was awarded more than $10 million bucks, while Heard was awarded just $2 million. I think this is a clear win for Depp though as his ex-wife was proven to be a liar over and over again. What happens next for these two hapless former lovebirds? I have no clue but this article talks about it.

THE DAYS OF ANONYMOUS SPERM DONATION ARE OVER At least in Colorado and one must wonder if men are going to be as likely to step up and donate now that their "children" can find them at 18 years of age. I'm all for allowing someone to find out their medical history, but this seems like a big deterrent for donation. We'll see how it pans out.

YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE FASTER PROGRAM And I've had Laura Carno on the show to talk about this, but this is a GREAT article about the program where teachers and administrators can learn through extensive training how to respond to a school shooting situation, including by how to fire back. It is invaluable, and every school should be allowed to volunteer to be a part of it. Then every school can hang a sign outside that says "Staff is trained and armed" which I think would be a really, really good deterrent.

JOE BIDEN CAUGHT LYING AGAIN And this time by the Washington Post on his nonsensical claim that his green energy boondoggle would save every family $500 a month in energy costs. Glenn Kessler gives him four Pinnochios here.

IT'S THE SLOWEST REUNIFICATION IN HISTORY But adorable. A baby sloth was found crying on a beach and rescuers reunited it with it's momma.

OLD BOOZEHOUNDS RECOVER BETTER FROM SURGERY And I'd love to know the science behind this, but here you go. A new study shows those who drink in the "moderate to hazardous" range did better recovering in the hospital than non-drinkers. Perhaps because they were in better shape than non-drinkers? I have no clue.

DUDE An ear, 3D printed using the patient's own cells, has been transplanted onto a young woman and this is freaking amazing.

STOP WANTING AN ANTIBIOTIC FOR EVERYTHING Doctors are overprescribing antibiotics for asymptomatic diseases. I am almost positive it's because patients ASK for an antibiotic and they are too afraid to say no. Taking unnecessary antibiotics RUINS your gut, and all health begins in the gut. Just ride it out and let your body fight it off.

ELON MUSK JUST ENDED REMOTE WORK And this is going to be interesting to watch. He just told Tesla's entire workforce that they needed to be in the office a minimum of 40 hours a week or get a new job. I'm sure a bunch of other CEOs are watching to see how this plays out.

OUR PAL LARRY REED IS BEING HONORED BY POLAND! And this is a really, really big deal! Larry is being awarded The Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, which is the highest honor bestowed on a foreigner by Poland. Other notable recipients include a guy you may have heard of...Ronald Reagan. What an amazing honor for an amazing man and friend of the show! Read about it here.

IF YOU ARE INTO PIANO, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS It's time for an event that brings the worlds best young pianists to one place to compete in a piano showdown of epic proportions and it's starting today. Read about The Cliburn here.

IS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT A THING? A new study seems to say perhaps. They use "love" and I say attraction because this article is about the chemical reaction that happens when we meet the "right" one. The answer is something happens, but is it love?


DON'T HATE THE MILLER MOTHS, THEY ARE JUST DUMB AND LOST Or so says this article from the Denver Post. I'm not going to lie, these are almost as annoying as lovebugs in the South, but at least they don't cover your car.

OUR REAL ESTATE MARKET IS OVERVALUED At least according to this study on real estate markets around the country. We are overvalued by about 36%. This means our home values should even out, and maybe even not increase for a bit, in theory. I don't worry about the collapse of our market because so much of it is owner-occupied and not investment properties. The good news is young people may be able to afford something in the next few years. Perhaps.

WHY YOU DON'T MESS WITH GRIZZLY BEARS Because this one took a shotgun blast at close range and still kept coming.


GOOD WOMAN WITH GUN STOPS BAD GUY WITH GUN And oddly, the networks ignored it. Read about her bravery here.

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