Mandy's Fri Blog: Denver Art Festival and Mike Rosen Talks Movies

THE DENVER ARTS FESTIVAL IS THIS WEEKEND And my favorite Art Festival guru Jim DeLutes joins me at 1pm to talk about what you can expect to find at the festival this weekend. Find more about the festival by clicking here. By the way, it's in Central Park which is Stapleton, not downtown Denver if that makes you want to go more.

MIKE ROSEN JOINS US AT 2 TO TALK ABOUT THE OFFER AND MORE I have watched more tv in the last week than I have in the last month but boy have I seen some good stuff. Today we're talking about The Offer on Paramount+ and Operation Mincemeat, a movie about a British con played on the Nazis that I had never heard about.

HERE ARE SOME FUN THINGS HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND For the holiday weekend, check them here.

BOULDER IS BEING SUED BY HOMELESS ADVOCATES And of course it's over their camping ban and here's hoping Boulder realizes this is a chance to get things right by fighting this as far up as it needs to go. One of the plaintiffs, who has been homeless off and on since 1996, said this:

"I would like to see the criminalization of our lifestyle (emphasis mine) stopped. It makes a really difficult situation even more difficult, and there’s no reason for it," explains 46-year-old Jeni Shurley, who has been homeless on and off since 1996. Shurley signed onto the lawsuit after being ticketed in December 2021 for sleeping in a "bike-drawn tiny home." During one of her interactions with Boulder Police Department officers that month, Shurley was told to "get out of Boulder," the lawsuit claims.

So she's at least admitting that this isn't just because she's down on her luck temporarily, it's a "lifestyle". I hope Boulder fights this with every fiber of their being because this is their chance to take back public spaces from people like Ms. Shurley who CHOSE to live like this and create garbage and havoc for everyone else who chooses to live like a responsible human being. My sympathy is zero for her. Zero.

IF RE ELECTION JARED REALLY BELIEVES IN LOCAL CONTROL HE'LL VETO THE HORRIBLE COLLECTIVE BARGAINING BILL The sole purpose of this bill is to cement Democratic support by government workers. It can bankrupt small counties and cities, but the Dems don't care. They love unions more than they love the rest of us. The Denver Gazette says Polis should veto it here.

ANOTHER PRO-LIFE BALLOT MEASURE IS BEING RUN And this one would abolish abortion completely and has zero chance of passing but here we go again. I wish they would spend time and energy on educating people about options and what abortion really is instead. We're so far away from voters making abortion illegal.

THIS LONE TREE GIRL IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD And it's not just me saying that, she's already proving it. I interviewed Gitanjali Rao when she created the Kindly app that encourages kids to think about what they are about to send in an effort to end bullying. Now she is working on a program to spot opioid addiction using the body's proteins before it gets out of control. Imagine if doctors had a real diagnostic tool other than the word of the patient! She is amazing, read more here.

COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH IS USING KIDS INFO WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION And they are doing so to create a database of covid school vaccination rates. A group representing charter schools has asked them to stop using Governor Polis emergency order from last year to do this.

A WATER SLIDE SO BIG IT NEEDS A CHAIR LIFT And now I have to go to Malaysia.

WHY DID UVALDE COPS WAIT OUTSIDE FOR SO LONG? This is the question being asked by angry parents and frankly everyone in the world. Though law enforcement tried to explain, it sounded ridiculous. They even admitted they were afraid they would get shot after the gunmen shot at them. I know it's easy to say, but little children were in danger I hope I'd be brave enough to possibly get shot. I got a message from an Aurora cop today about a message from the Interim Chief Dan Oates, and I am encouraged. This is what it said.

Here's hoping the full time Chief will follow his lead when they are hired.

WE WILL NEVER REVIEW THE NEW POOH SLASHER PIC But Dave sent me this story on it anyway. It's going to be horrible but perhaps funny.

YOU NEED TO SEE TOP GUN IN THE THEATER According to this reviewer and everyone I know who has already seen it anyway. I'm going to see this asap.

RIP RAY LIOTTA This one was shocking, as Ray Liotta passed away in his sleep in the Dominican Republic while filming a movie. Please let it be of natural causes....

THIS IS HOW YOU FLUSH WHEN THERE IS NO WATER IN THE TOILET And I am shocked Dave didn't know this. Maybe living in the country was a good thing after all.

WANT TO AGE GRACEFULLY? THIS BOOK CAN HELP The term "age gracefully" seems to subjective. Madonna's version of it seems to be acting like she's 25 years old and posting pictures of herself nekkid at 63 and all it does is make her seem desperate. A new book gives a very interesting strategy for aging gracefully, and I have to say I found it very illuminating, especially the part about giving up the success mindset and adopting a teaching mindset instead. I like that. Read about the book here.

I'M SURE THIS WILL HELP CLOSE THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP San Francisco Unified Schools made a bold choice to do away with any title that include the word "Chief" out of cultural sensitivities. I'm sure they don't realize the word has been used since well before we encountered Native Americans who were given that term to use for their Leader by us. But hey, I'm sure this will help the near California worst Achievement Gap of 57% between black/brown and white students. Well done, kids!

WANT TO KNOCK UP YOUR WIFE? CHILL THE BOYS DOWN As heated testicles can actually inhibit the production of sperm. It's super cool (pun intended) how they figured this out, but as overall sperm counts have been declining in the US, this is important information. The lesson is if you want to have a successful mating session, keep the boys cool!

WANT TO KNOW WHERE PHOTOS OF YOU LIVE ON THE WEB? There is a new very powerful service that searches the web for your photos. It's called PimEyes and for 30 bucks a month you can upload your photo and it finds ALL of them. Even ones you didn't take or post or even knew were being taken. Find out if your ex loaded sexy photos to porn sites! This is definitely one of those double edged sword things, and if I were a private investigator, I'd be signing up right now, but isn't this kind of creepy too? I'm very tempted to sign up just to try it but I'm also very cheap so we'll see. Read more here.

WHY IS BLACK LIVES MATTER SILENT ON THE BIGGEST KILLER OF BLACK CHILDREN AND TEENS? Mostly because they are shot by other black people. The irascible (just ask Dave) Heather MacDonald writes a column and brings receipts here.

KIDS ARE SOLVING CRIMES IN DENVER And we had NOTHING like this when I was a kid and now I'm mad. There is a forensics camp where kids can do crime scene investigation and see if they can gather enough evidence to track down the perp. So cool! Read about it here.

KIDS ALSO GOT THE LAST WOMAN CONVICTED IN THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS PARDONED I love this story too! A group of eighth graders found out that Elizabeth Johnson, Jr was convicted, though never executed, for being a witch. They decided it was time to clear her good name and investigated the Legislative steps necessary to secure her a pardon a mere 329 years after she was convicted. What a cool thing and a great learning experience.

HOW ABOUT SOME SUPER COOL DOLLAR TREE CRAFTS? We love the Dollar Tree in my house. No, for real, go buy your party items there, trust me. And now we've got projects for the summer!

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