Mandy's Wed Blog: The Show Starts When the Rockies Game is Over

I WROTE A LONG BLOG POST ABOUT THE ROBB ELEMENTARY SHOOTINGS And you can find it here. I did it as a stand alone in case anyone wants to share it. I simply can't talk about this today. There are no words left.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS TRYING TO UNDO DEMOCRAT RACIST POLICIES If you believe that the primary job of Denver Public Schools is to insure "The district will be “free of oppressive systems and structures rooted in racism.”" you're probably a member of the Denver Public School Board. That is the first requirement they are going to be grading Superintendent Alex Marrero on when he comes in for his annual review. I sure hope they point out that DPS has been under Democrat and teacher union control for EONS so THEY must have set up these racist and oppressive systems they are now trying to dismantle. Find all the grading criteria here:

  • The district will be “free of oppressive systems and structures rooted in racism.”
  • Students will receive a well-rounded and culturally relevant education. All students will score at grade level on district tests, and students who score below will achieve “significant academic growth.” Students with disabilities will have the resources they need.
  • Students and staff will be mentally and physically healthy.
  • The district will be a safe environment where the impacts of COVID are minimized.
  • Graduates will be ​​independent, lifelong learners who can make well-informed decisions.

I love these goals actually, but they are laughable at this moment. With just 5% of black and brown third graders reading on grade level, unless they give Superintendent Marrero the power to call summer school for all those kids, he's facing a Herculean task with no means to make it happen. Good luck to him, he's gonna need it.

A POLIS APPOINTEE IS IN ETHICS HOT WATER As he is now being investigated for an overinflated contract the agency he oversees gave to the company his wife works for, while he forgot to disclose that his wife worked there. Uh-huh. Dan Gibbs, the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources, is accused of failing to disclose his wife’s employment at the Keystone Policy Center before the group secured a $500,000 government contract to manage public engagement on wolf reintroduction in Colorado. The Independent Ethics Commission voted to investigate, which means at first glance, there is some "there" there.

THE BIDEN ADMIN IS USING SCHOOL LUNCH TO FORCE SCHOOLS TO ALLOW BOYS IN GIRLS SPACES And you know exactly what this is about, the tiny fraction of people who are genuinely transgender. We already know of one boy wearing a skirt who sexually assaulted a girl in a girls bathroom, so how many more girls have to be assaulted before we end this madness? To be clear, I am all in favor of gender neutral bathrooms for those who want that, but girls bathrooms and locker rooms should not be open to anyone who simple declares they are a woman. This is the ultimate patriarchy move right here. Now they are tying school lunch money to the forced rules change and I can't wait to parents of daughters to vote in November. (I am not in any way saying that transgender people are sexual predators, just that this will be exploited for personal gain by people saying they are transgender as has already happened in schools and in prisons)

DANG REPUBLICANS SUCK AT SUPPRESSING THE BLACK VOTE As we can clearly see from the state with the voting laws SO BAD that Biden called them "Jim Crow 2.0". So how successful was the GOP at keeping those lousy black people away from the polls in this primary election? They did an awful job, as minority turnout was UP from previous years. About 100,000 more minorities voted in this election over 2018. This is impossible! They don't have ID! They can't photocopy them! They don't have Kinko's! Oddly the White House has been silent so far. You'd think he'd want to do a victory lap about the Republican failure to stop the black vote.

ABOUT TRUMP'S INFLUENCE IN THIS ELECTION CYCLE It seems to be completely done in Georgia, where his two most hated nemeses both won their primaries in a primary with HUGE Republican turnout. Maybe Georgians realized he used them to stroke his already massive ego to the detriment of the country via the US Senate race?

YOUR PORCH LIGHT IS CONFUSING BUTTERFLIES Unnatural light like electric lights is very confusing for migrating animals. It can throw off their natural circadian rhythms and confuse their internal GPS. Even for Monarch Butterflies, whose pilgrimage from Canada to Mexico could be imperiled by your lights. If you want butterflies, turn those outdoor lights off at night.



TEACHERS OF LITERATURE ARE SURRENDERING ON THE CLASSICS And this is awful. From taking To Kill a Mockingbird off required reading lists to banning Mark Twain and other books that accurately portray how black people were treated unfairly to trying to de-white curriculums heavy on great European literature, this is a bad, bad move. I was surprised to see Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry on a list of books removed after parental outcry. My daughter read that book in sixth grade, and it was a powerful example of the injustices suffered by black Americans in the 1930s and it moved her greatly to want to make sure everyone is treated fairly. How can that be bad?

GET YOUR ANNUAL SKIN CANCER SCREENING PLEASE! It's easy to schedule with a dermatologist and only takes a few minutes and it can save your life. Melanoma, when caught early, is very curable. Caught late, very deadly. Choose the first option!

ANOTHER REASON TO DISTRUST LEGACY MEDIA Especially the New York Times and the Washington Post, as they BOTH somehow managed to miss the bombshell testimony of Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager who said under oath that Hillary herself approved the Russian Bank disinformation to the media. She knew it was a lie, she promoted the lie, and the lie was used by the FBI to investigate a Republican candidate for President. And the New York Times and the Washington Post, who both won Pulitzers for their work on The Lie, declined to cover his testimony.


KATE MOSS BACKS UP JOHNNY DEPP I know, I know, this stupid trial doesn't matter at all but IT'S SO JUICY. Amber Heard mentioned that she had heard that Depp threw a former girlfriend down some stairs. Here she is testifying to what really happened.


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