Mandy's Tue Blog: I'm Here Because the Mayor Is On

I'M STILL SICK BUT THE MAYOR IS SCHEDULED And as we've missed several visits lately I'm not missing this one. We're talking the concealed carry ban in Denver and our slide down the Best Places to Live ladder. He's on at 1.

DOUGCO COMMISSIONERS VOTE DOWN SHADY WATER DEAL BUT... The water deal with RWR and Douglas County is dead for now, but only for now. I just read the legal memos about this project and am genuinely curious as to why, after what I read, this deal is continuing to be negotiated AT ALL. I am going to get Abe Laydon on the show asap to discuss, but the commission voted to NOT use Federal dollars to get the project started, even as Laydon and Teal voted to have the county continue "negotiating" with RWR about the project.

THIS AS LEFT WING GROUPS ARE MAD ABOUT THE CCW BAN TOO Because they believe it will be used to harass Black and Brown people who have also been legally arming themselves a nice rate. Read the drama back and forth, but what it comes down to is this has nothing to do with people who have done the right thing and gone through the process and everything to do with bad actors who haven't.

THE DEMOCRATS PLANS TO MAKE EVERYTHING MORE EXPENSIVE IN COLORADO SEEM TO BE WORKING WELL As our inflation is HIGHER than the rest of the country all while our representatives are doing things like demanding more unreliable renewable energy while shutting down oil and gas in Colorado, or raising fees on EVERYTHING without asking our permission, or not fixing the disastrous building bill from years ago that has stopped the construction of entry level housing condos in the region. It's death by a thousand cuts and they know they are doing it, as they just PAUSED all the new fees for a year until AFTER the election. All this while creating an environment for criminals that has us #1 in car thefts and bank robberies! Read more about how people are worried about affording food here.

AW LOOK, A HOMELESS ENCAMPMENT ACROSS FROM AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL This is just what you want your first grader to have to do on the way to school, step over human debris and needles and defecation. Nice, Denver, nice.

A NEW APP PREDICTS WORSENING HEART FAILURE And this is the kind of science I love. Heart failure is when your heart doesn't work efficiently enough to effectively move blood around your body, and when it worsens it can lead to fluid in the lungs that often leads to hospitalization. A new app uses changes in a person's voice to recognize when the fluid BEGINS to build and can allow doctors to change meds or get it early. Very cool stuff.

YES DISNEY IS UNAFFORDABLE FOR AVERAGE PEOPLE And yet, the parks are still jam packed ALL THE TIME. I feel like this story is simply part of the ongoing pile on happening right now, and that's okay, it's deserved. A family of four went for a week and when the totalled it all up, they spent $10,000 for that week. Did you know you can go to Hawaii for a week for way less than that? Or Europe? Just saying. Will it matter? We'll see because Disney never reduces the cost of the park, but they may start offering good deals and packages again. And why don't other amusement parks step up and offer value? I feel like there is a real opportunity here for Universal, which is also expensive, just not so crazy, but they have way better rides at Islands of Adventure anyway.

THERE IS A MOVEMENT IN CHINA TO SPREAD AMERICAN IDEALS And this is very subversive and I hope it works. Read about this brave movement here.

NOT EVERYTHING IS RACIST And this stupid story about a Yankee player calling a White Sox player "Jackie" is one of them. The Yankees Josh Donaldson has some history with White Sox Tim Anderson and was jawing at Anderson during a game. He jokingly referred to Anderson as "Jackie" because Anderson called himself the modern day Jackie Robinson in an article in 2019. It may be rude, but it's not racist. It's just stupid that we are even discussing this.

I REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT MONKEYPOX AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME Try as you might, I will not be upset about monkeypox because you can only get it from close contact and right now, this is currently a gay and bisexual man's disease in the US and I am neither of those things. Not that I don't have sympathy for anyone gay or straight with monkeypox, I just don't think this is going to be a big thing in the US, as YOU CAN SEE THE RASH AND IT CAN BE AVOIDED. Check the genitals of your new sex partner to avoid this one and don't sleep in the bed of someone with open sores of any kind. I firmly believe that the only reason we're hearing about monkeypox is because it has an easy answer (smallpox vaccine) that the government can deploy to deflect from the numerous covid failures of the last two years.

JOE BIDEN CONFUSED ABOUT JOE BIDEN'S TAIWAN POLICY And it's created some tension with China as you can imagine. Our policy is NOT one of military response if/when China invades Taiwan officially, and yet, Joe Biden keeps saying it is. He's going a great job. Just a great job.

WANT TO AVOID HEART DISEASE? WATCH LESS TV This is literally the least surprising study result in the history of study results. Just spending one hour less of watching television per day and your risk of heart disease drops. Seriously, they studied this?

THE LAST PUBLIC PAY PHONE HAS LEFT NEW YORK As many of them have already been replaced with new LINKNYC kiosks that allow free phone calls and wifi and charging stations. They removed the last pay phone bank this week. When you think about it, payphones are super gross and yet we all used them.



THE USELESS MICHAEL BENNET IS FUNDRAISING OFF CRAPPY POLL NUMBERS And this story in Politico is designed to up his out of state money haul. In it, he paints a bleak picture of those evil Republicans and how they have been nipping at his heels since he got into office even though that is clearly demonstrably false. It's all about fundraising from out of the state. I sure hope Joe O'Dea pays attention to this sort of thing and reminds people that no one in Colorado even knows who he is which is why he has to fundraise from outside the state.

CALIFORNIA IS PLACING THE BLAME FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION IN THE WRONG PLACE As they are trying to pass a law to allow parents to sue social media companies if their children develop an addiction to the platform. What the actual hell is this? Parents, if your kids are addicted to social media, this is YOUR FAULT. No one else allows your kid access to a computer or a smart phone with social media on it. You giveth, you taketh away. It's truly that simple. They are trying to give bad parents who have allowed this to happen a scapegoat and this is just wrong.

POLIS SIGNS A BILL TO GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK EARLY BEFORE THE ELECTION So he can try to take credit for your windfall so he can get re elected Governor so he can run for President. The $500 bucks you'll be getting back is just a TABOR refund sped up. It's your money no matter what Re Election Jared says.

REPUBLICANS IN GEORGIA ARE TERRIBLE ABOUT SUPPRESSING THE BLACK VOTE Because their latest attempt, dubbed "Jim Crow 2.0" has lead to an EXPLOSION in early voting for this election cycle. Jeez the Republicans suck at all the racist plans they hatch, don't they?

HOW TO WIPE YOUR PHONE OR COMPUTER IF THEY ARE LOST OR STOLEN And this is really good to know. There are a lot of ways to scrub your data and even find your phone but you have to set them up ahead of time. Read more and get the directions by clicking here.

HAS THE PUSHBACK BEGUN TO BUILD STEAM IN COMEDY? Ricky Gervais has already proven in his Golden Globes monologue that he doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks of him, and in his latest comedy special that just dropped on Netflix he apparently lets fly about the latest third rail of comedy, transgenderism. I'm sure there is going to be an attempt to cancel him from some quarter and I'm sure he doesn't give a rat's ass.



I WANT THE DANCING BIRD OPTION ON MY RINGTONE Because how could you miss a call with this kind of notification?

THE BABYLON BEE TELLS YOU WHAT TO LOOK FOR IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE MONKEY POX And I'm using these as my only monkeypox guideline.

AWKWARD MOMENTS THAT HAPPEN IN PUBLIC And one of these literally just happened to me. I won't tell you which one.

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