Ben Domenech Should the Supreme Court Overturn Roe v Wade

Ben Domenech is the co-founder of, he's the host of the Ben Domenech Podcast on Fox News Radio, and he's the author and publisher of the newsletter The Transom which is hosted on Substack.

Ben was sued for a violation of labor someone who wasn't an employee of his company. And, unsurprisingly when you hear how the "administrative law judges" are selected for things like this, he lost in that court. But Ben took the case to a real court where he won overwhelmingly, as he should have. Indeed the result from the ALJ just hows how horrendous that process is. Ben will tell us the joke and how he made his way through a literal federal case. (See more about this from Ben in the video below.)

NCLA Clinches 1st Amend. Victory in NLRB Lawsuit over Ben Domenech Satirical Tweet, No Veiled Threat, Says Court - New Civil Liberties Alliance (

We'll also talk with Ben about his expectation should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v Wade. In fact, it's possible that we'll have an opinion from the Court on that issue before Ben joins the show today.

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