Mandy's Fri Blog: Dinesh D'Souza is on at 1 to Talk 2000 Mules

DINESH D'SOUZA'S NEW MOVIE HAS SOME QUESTIONS TO ANSWER And although I do think 2000 Mules presents an interesting theory, upon further reflection after watching it, boy do I have some questions. He's on at 1 today to discuss it and hopefully answer my questions and yours.

MIKE ROSEN AT 2 TODAY Not sure what we're talking about but I'm sure there will be bad jokes galore.

IT'S NOT CAPITALISM TO BLAME FOR THE HOUSING SHORTAGE, IT'S GOVERNMENT This is a great column by Barry Fagin of the Independence Institute about the stupidity of the Vail City Council condemning property that Vail Resorts was going to use for affordable housing for their workers and it's a perfect example of why government needs to be as small as possible when it comes to housing.

A RABBLE ROUSING TEACHER IS TRYING TO RABBLE ROUSE HIS WAY BACK INTO THE CLASSROOM This story is really interesting because it shows what happens when a person decides he is bigger and more important than everyone else in a school. Tim Hernandez is obviously loved by his students and many of them say he is the first person to give them hope for college, which is great. However, he did not get rehired for SOME reason and his actions since he was not speak volumes about the potential reason why. This story shows that to Mr. Hernandez, it's all about him. From the article:

Hernandez told 9News he had high performing scores based on teacher observations and student perception. He believes he was let go over differences in regards to equity in his classroom with administrators and leaders.
"I was let go for retaliatory reasons. I have clashed with administrators and leaders of my school over what I think equity looks like for my neighborhood," Hernandez told 9News. 

He uses the words "clashed" and that says a lot. He may have great ideas about what equity looks like for his neighborhood, but it's not his job to make the decision in the classroom. I am guessing he is a constant thorn in the side of his principal, based on the fact he not only did not ask students to not walk out for him (they did), he walked out WITH them. He's building little Social Justice Warriors it seems, and maybe that's not what the school is looking for. It's not about him. Or maybe it is.

WHEN YOU STEP OFF THE DEMOCRAT PLANTATION, EXPECT TO BE SHOT Just like during slave times, if you try to leave the Democrat Ideological Plantation you will not be allowed to go quietly. Elon Musk is now finding that out, as Business Insider has a story about a settlement paid to a woman who says Musk asked her to give him a happy ending during a massage. He didn't touch her or assault her, he propositioned her and offered her a horse if she took care of business. She declined but then sued because she says her opportunities at SpaceX were diminished by her refusal. That part irritates me more, but I don't have the full story so I can't judge. If men would just take no for an answer and then not hold it against the women who said no life would be so uncomplicated, but here we are. The good news for Musk is that he has so much money it really doesn't matter what Business Insider says. Just like JK Rowling, you simply can't "cancel" people with this much clout. This column says roughly the same thing. Musk is taking it in stride on Twitter as he knows exactly what is going on.

Oh, and he's requested that the scandal be referred to as "elongate" which I'm happy to oblige.

THE REPUBLICAN DA IN MESA COUNTY SAYS VOTE FRAUD DIDN'T HAPPEN And this is not in any way shape or form about Tina Peters guilt or innocence, it's about whether or not vote fraud took place in Mesa County. The District Attorney began an investigation BEFORE Peter's indictment and has found no evidence of vote tampering or votes being changed by machines. The only tabulation errors were human errors. This certainly doesn't help Peters case. By the way, Ms. Peters declined to speak with the DA during this investigation. For someone who says she just wants the truth she doesn't seem interested in working with those seeking it.

THE SEASON'S OPENING OF THE NORTH POLE DELAYED BY SNOW That's not a headline I was expecting to write but here we are. The North Pole, Colorado Springs super cute amusement park, has delayed it's opening because of the snow storm we're having this weekend. It may open on Sunday, just check with the park here for more.

DO YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO FILM POLICE ACTIVITY? Though I'm pretty sure this is settled at the national level because it is clearly a First Amendment thing in my view, we have never settled it in Colorado. I find it hard to believe that the courts will rule otherwise, but they will settle it in Colorado as well.

EVEN AP POLLING SHOWS NO ONE LIKES BIDEN He's below 40% and still sliding. Only 33% of DEMOCRATS think the country is headed in the right direction. No one likes Joe.

THIS IS THE BEST EVISCERATION OF WHAT WE DO TO LITTLE KIDS IN KINDERGARTEN I'VE EVER READ Our kindergarten system is broken. It's too much like regular school at an age when some little kids, especially little boys, have no ability to control themselves in a classroom setting. Kindergarten was originally a place where kids could go and use their imaginations and explore and do things like play in the dirt. But now it's just another cog in the education machine and it's not working. This pediatrician blames it for the massive increase in ADHD diagnoses and he's not wrong.

YES HYPNOSIS WORKS and this is a great column about how it can be used in a myriad of ways from treating PTSD, anxiety and even for pain relief. From the story:

At first glance, hypnosis seems like one of those psychological phenomena that just shouldn't work. What makes it so interesting is that it often does. Entering a hypnotic state, focusing intently and listening to a suggestion is, for many people, enough to make that suggestion a reality. 
When a hypnotisable person is told their arm will start moving about as if all by itself, it will. When they hear their interlaced fingers will be impossible to separate, it will be like they are held together with glue. And when told they won't recognise themselves in a mirror, they'll see a vaguely familiar stranger mimicking their movements through a pane of glass.
If the suggestion is one that chronic pain will subside, or that anxiety will gradually melt away, hypnosis becomes a valuable therapeutic tool. A growing body of evidence suggests that hypnosis is effective for many people experiencing painanxietyPTSDa stressful labour and birthirritable bowel syndrome, and other complaints. For some of these conditions, hypnosis outcompetes standard treatments on cost, efficacy and side-effects.

It really does work, you should try it.

HAVE CORPORATIONS FINALLY GOTTEN THE MESSAGE TO STAY OUT OF POLITICS? This column gives me hope that we are moving to a place where I don't know or care what a companies' politics are. Please, God make this happen. This has several examples of companies who are moving in a different direction, from Netflix letting it's woke employees know they will not be dictating content in any way shape or form, or Hulu cancelling a Hillary Clinton based tv show (I know, who thought this was a good idea???).

I HOPE KELSEY WINGERT RECOVERS QUICKLY AND PAYS BETTER ATTENTION TO THE GAME! Kelsey Wingert does a good job covering the Rockies, but not such a good job paying attention to the game. She got smacked in the face with a line drive during a game earlier this week and is going to have a pretty epic Harry Potter scar on her forehead from how it looks. I hope she recovers quickly! However, this is the SECOND time she's been hit by a ball covering the games, so she probably needs to have a more head's up attitude. Just saying.

COVID MEDICAL CENSORSHIP DROVE ONE DOC AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRAT PARTY A doctor who says he used to have "an inherent aversion to Republicans" says he's now been forced to break with the Democratic party because of their anti-science censorship when it comes to covid. The actions being pursued by Democrats in the name of protecting their political stance have prevented doctors from working on better treatments and understanding of covid and he's done.

SHOPLIFTING IS SHUTTING DOWN LOTS OF STORES IN PHILADELPHIA Like 15 or 20 in the last few weeks. Brazen robbers come in and strip everything off the shelves, so what are businesses to do? The police aren't doing anything and if they do, the courts aren't doing anything either. I'd love for them to set up roving stings in the few remaining stores to catch these horrible people in the act.. This is Grand Larceny at this point.

DON'T FREAK OUT ABOUT MONKEYPOX JUST YET The smallpox vaccine pretty much takes care of it, but you can read about it here if you want to be grossed out. I put this in the same category as murder hornets in importance to our lives.

DAVE MADE ME UGLY CRY THIS MORNING WITH THIS ONE A mom with ALS dances with her son at his wedding.

WHY ARE SIX YEAR OLD AMERICAN GIRLS ENTERING PUBERTY??? What a NIGHTMARE this is. Doctors say a wave of girls as young as six years old are entering puberty and they aren't sure why. It could be obesity, which we know is an epidemic here, it could be stress, it could be plastics, we really don't know. I am inclined to believe an excess of hormones in our food have to do with it, or the huge increase in soy based products. Who knows? But this is just a nightmare.

BEN SHAPIRO HEARTBROKEN OVER AOC'S ENGAGEMENT And thankfully the Babylon Bee is covering it here.


NEWS ANCHORS CAN'T STOP LAUGING And this is the top six and I just cried watching this.


IT'S NOT JUST HEARTBREAK THAT CAUSES BROKEN HEART SYNDROME It's also happy events too! It seems that the shock to the heart that can cause heart failure from negative stresses can also come from positive events! So we're screwed either way.

HUGGING CALMS WOMEN BUT NOT MEN And I'm not going to say what would give men better stress relief because I bet you ALL KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. A study did show that a hug from their partners does relieve stress in women though. And guys, perhaps that hug could lead to something else to relieve your stress.

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