Andy McCarthy talking Trial of Michael Sussman

Andy McCarthy is a contributing editor at National Review, a Fox News contributor, and a former federal prosecutor. Our main topic today will be the trial of Michael Sussman, an attorney who went to his friends at the FBI to tell them that he had information potentially connecting the Trump Organization to Russia. As part of that meeting he told the FBI that he was coming forward as a good citizen and not as part of any political operation when in fact he was (and knew he was) operating on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Andrew C. McCarthy | National Review

Michael Sussmann Trial: Text Shores Up Prosecution Weakness | National Review

Not by Andy, but key facts in the case: Michael Sussmann Trial: Marc Elias Testifies | National Review

We'll also talk about why the Attorney General seems so content to allow people to clearly violate federal law by trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices: Attorney General Garland: Protect the Justices | National Review The furthest the AG has gone is providing the Justices more security and offering some generic pablum about violence not being acceptable. Does anyone think he'd be acting this way if there were pro-life activists protesting outside the liberal justices' homes?

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