Mandy's Thu Blog: The Founder of Unify America, Plus Summer Travel Plans

DAVE AND I BOTH LOVED THE UNIFY COLORADO CHALLENGE SO MUCH! We loved talking to fellow Coloradans about various issues that showed us we all want the same outcomes, we're just arguing about methodology. Today we are speaking with the founder of the nationwide Unify America Nathan Gottlieb about how the program came to be. Find out more or sign up by clicking here.

READY TO GO SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE? I've got a Google Expert on today to talk to Justin Burr, Google Technology and Trends Expert about what tools Google has to make your searching easy, plus where people are searching for right now. He's on at 2pm

and the Military Broadcast Radio page here.

RTD STANDS FOR REASON TO DRIVE This story about the Knox station of RTD being an open air drug market is encouraging. JK, it's horrible, especially when RTD says this:

“RTD Transit Police is aware of the narcotics issue at Knox Station. The Transit Police is continuing to patrol and be visible at and around the station. Transit Police is also relying on their partnership with the Denver Police Department for assistance. In addition, RTD Transit Police has been restructured to four patrol-specific teams, known as Impact Teams, that have a dedicated area of responsibility. The Rail Impact Team creates an increased presence of dedicated officers on light rail services and continues to make positive contacts along the system. RTD asks its customers to download the RTD Transit Watch App to send suspicious incidents directly to the Transit Police Communications Division.”

So they KNOW about the problem, they just aren't FIXING the problem. I truly don't understand why this is so hard.

AN EDITORIAL ABOUT OUR PRECIPITOUS DECLINE IN DENVER And I'm talking about the story we had yesterday about our freefall in the Best Places to Live rankings from US News and World report. Read the editorial here.

IT'S GONNA BE HOT AS BLAZES BEFORE IT SNOWS TOMORROW Because we live in Colorado so.... Read the story here.


ANOTHER COVID SURGE IS COMING. DOES ANYONE CARE? I think this is a legit question, as I think most of us are over it. Sure there are people with serious underlying health conditions who need to be super careful, as well as older people in ill health. But I honestly don't give a crap. I know so many people who have it RIGHT NOW or have had it in the last few weeks and the worst of them had really bad flu symptoms for a few days. Do you care? Now cases are rising in places like New York, but I don't expect the government to overreach this time because it's an election year.

WOMAN CHARGED FORTY BUCKS FOR CRYING AT A DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT And at first, I was skeptical of this headline, but upon further review, it seems legit. After breaking down for a moment about her frustration with her chronic illness, the doctor tacked on a $40 for a brief emotional/behavioral assessment only the patient says nothing that is supposed to be required to meet that standard was done. The standard requires an actual test with questions and whatnot, and she got NONE of that. This is so stupid and why medical billing is nonsense.

JARED POLIS COMPARES ABORTION TO A NOSE JOB And the funny part about this is PROGRESSIVE groups are mad at him. Because he completely demeaned human life by comparing it to a vanity elective surgery? Heck no, because they want to fund abortion with our tax dollars and he just compared it to a vanity procedure. I could argue that abortion is a vanity procedure too, but I'll refrain.

THIS IS HOW YOU HANDLE ABORTION ACTIVISTS You make them admit how ridiculous their position is on when life begins. It can't be about changing the law until you change people's minds about what this means.

THE TRANS MAFIA IS A CULT And a former cult member makes the case here that the Trans Movement has become a cult, separating members from their families who may want to prevent them from becoming a permanent medical patient. It's a very good essay and worth a read.

THE BIDEN ADMIN IS FINALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT BABY FORMULA And they are going to want credit for "solving" a problem they themselves created so don't fall for it. I hope it works, though it's not like baby formula companies just shut down for vacation. The import of formula will be a real shock, as European formula is far superior to what we have here so parents might not want to go back.

WHY WORDLE IS GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN Or any brain testing word puzzles like crosswords. They keep your brain active and can stave off mental decline, so get crackin!

ONLY LIBERALS GET ASKED TO GIVE COMMENCEMENT ADDRESSES And I've known this for a very long time. Now it's been proven by a survey that shows a majority of schools that had announced their speakers when the survey was taken had invited liberals. Taylor Swift gave a graduation announcement for criminy's sake. This is the least surprising story of the day.

DOES AN ELEPHANT HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS A PERSON? That's the question being decided in a New York courtroom as an organization called The Nonhuman Rights Project is suing on behalf of Happy the elephant about her living quarters at the Bronx Zoo. Now the question of standing seems to apply here, but New York is New York so we'll see what happens. I wonder how this organization feels about abortion? I'm guessing they are all for it.

A NEW POTENTIAL CANCER TREATMENT USING MODIFIED VIRUSES IS BEING TESTED ON HUMANS This after good results from animal trials showed the new immunotherapy shrinking hard tumors in animals successfully. The drug delivers a modified virus into the body where it attacks cancer cells in the tumor and makes them more visible to our own immune system. It's cool, but the Phase 1 trial just started so we are years away from any potential treatment.

NEW YORK'S RESTRICTIVE GUN LAWS DIDN'T STOP BUFFALO FROM HAPPENING And we have to take note of this because gun control never works, whenever it's tried, and yet, we still have Democrats screaming for it. They have it in New York. It doesn't work.

YOU'RE REALLY GOT TO SUCK TO BE FIRED, BUT HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST? Right now the labor market is so hot that if you have a pulse and show up, you're probably not going to get fired. You may think that keeping a bad employee can be mitigated with your customers, and maybe it can be, but it also damages the morale and motivation of the good performing employees that you may have. All that being said, there is a likely a recession on the horizon so if you've been coasting, you may want to up your game.

I THINK DAVE IS SENDING ME A MESSAGE WITH THIS VIDEO About not messing with old people.




HUNTER BIDEN WAS A DRUG ADDICTED PLAYBOY DOING BUSINESS WITH CORRUPT FOREIGNERS And I fully expect the Republicans to drag all this into full view if they take back the House, and they need to. I believe Hunter Biden, a drug addict desperate for money, would have given the Chinese or corrupt Ukrainian firms paying him whatever they wanted during this time. He and his father have to be held to account. This article ignores the corroborating testimony of Tony Bubulinski, who is on record that The Big Guy as mentioned in Hunter's emails is indeed Joe Biden. That's kind of a big f*cking deal, to quote our POTUS.

IF REPUBLICANS DID THIS, IT WOULD BE FRONT PAGE NEWS Are you seeing any front page reporting on the Michael Sussman case? He's the guy being charged with lying to the FBI about the Steele Dossier and its origins. As a part of his trial, all sorts of unseemly things about the FBI LYING to the DOJ about pretty much everything so they could begin an investigation based on campaign opposition research from Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump. You guys know how I feel about Trump, but this is some banana republic level shit right here. This column outline exactly how corrupt the FBI and DOJ were here, and we should all be very, very afraid of this.

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