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WELP, HELL HAS FROZEN OVER As I am in complete agreement with noted Communist and City Council member Cande Cdebaca about the concealed carry permit ban in Denver Parks. Although her reason is much different than mine, we are on the same page that this was an unneeded, unnecessary limit on legal firearm holders. Her beef is that it can be used to shake people down in the park and she's worried those people will be disproportionately people of color, but who is going to be in the parks when the City has announced they are now full of unarmed potential victims?

DON'T LIKE BASEBALL? LISTEN TO GRANT'S PODCAST WITH FATHER MIKE! He's one of my favorite people EVER and I'm so glad he's is going to be the first third time guest on Grant's show even though this is just his second visit. If you need a boost in your overall mental health, just listen to this here.

SOME REQUIRED READING ABOUT LAWYERS CAUSING THE HOMELESSNESS EXPLOSION This is really, really good. It's given me more firepower for the Mayor to use if he really wants to get serious about fixing downtown. We will be discussing tomorrow so read it here.

AND THIS IS WHY I PLANT MOVEABLE PLANTER BOXES Because it's gonna snow or something Friday. Here's the story we do annually about how to protect all your annuals you just planted in a fit of optimism that winter was over. We were wrong. It's gonna be hot as blazes Thursday so enjoy it.

THE DENVER GAZETTE ENDORSES JOE O'DEA AS THEY SHOULD As he is the candidate with the best chance of beating The Useless Michael Bennet in the general election. Read their endorsement here.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS KUDOS AND WHAT TO WATCH FOR NEXT This is a great column by Alan Gottlieb who writes about Denver Public Schools for the Denver Gazette about upcoming school closures and something he says they did right on school start times. Since I am endlessly picking on the idiots who are on the Denver Public School Board I figured I'd share something that doesn't make them look like complete dolts. Until they deserve it again that is.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT GETTING JAIL TIME FOR SHOOTING INTO A CROWD That's the message sent by a judge who just let a protester who walked onto I-225 to shut it down and then fired a gun at a Jeep trying to get through off almost scott free. Luckily the injuries were minor, but dude got time served and probation??? What the hell? If I had done this and shot AT the protesters I'm guessing it would have been a different outcome. I'm jotting down this judges name to bounce his ass out asap.

THIS AS THE NEW YORK TIMES NOTICES THAT PARENTS ARE LEAVING PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN DROVES And comically they are genuinely unsure of why this mass exodus has happened in the last two years. Gee, I wonder what in the world it could be? Think, think, think. Nope, I've got nothing. Just kidding that the reporter has NO idea, check this part out of the story:

No overriding explanation has emerged yet for the widespread drop-off. But experts point to two potential causes: Some parents became so fed up with remote instruction or mask mandates that they started home-schooling their children or sending them to private or parochial schools that largely remained open during the pandemic. And other families were thrown into such turmoil by pandemic-related job losses, homelessness and school closures that their children simply dropped out.

Though I am mocking, this is a really big deal, because once parents make a choice about education and it's working, they aren't going to swing back to public schools being run by the same teachers unions who kept schools closes against all scientific evidence that it was safe to open them. This could be the end of public education as we know it, but I doubt it will be that dramatic. We'll see how school boards respond.

TRUMP'S ENDORSEMENTS DON'T ALWAYS WORK And some of the Republicans he endorsed won, while others lost. It's too soon to tell if Dr. Oz pulled it out in Pennsylvania. The extremely unlikeable Madison Cawthorn, who scored an endorsement from Trump, lost. I personally think Madison Cawthorn should be used as an example of what not to do in office for future burgeoning firebrands. I'm happy voters looked beyond that endorsement and instead at the candidate.

THIS IS THE MOST SHOCKING THING ON RUSSIAN TV And it's shocking because this former military leader who is now a military commenter on television is telling the truth about what's happening in Ukraine. Watch the other panelists as what he says sinks in. I'm surprised this guy is not dead. This is a great overview of why the Russian may be letting him say these things here.


PROJECT VERITAS CATCHES A TWITTER EMPLOYEE CALLING ELON MUSK SPECIAL NEEDS And the best part of this is how the guy from Project Veritas pretends like he doesn't know how to pronounce "veritas" as he tapes this guy endorsing censorship because Twitter employees care about the world, not free speech. Watch this.

THIS AS ELON SAYS HE WILL VOTE REPUBLICAN And I have to wonder how much impact this will have on Musk fanboys who never considered voting Republican

ONLY 11.6% OF AMERICANS AGREE WITH THE DEMOCRATS GHOULISH POSITION ON ABORTION The Trafalgar Group is a polling group that leans right but is really accurate in their results. Their most recent polling from AFTER the Supreme Court leak about Roe so the word was out that Roe was in peril.

WAPO'S WHINER IN CHIEF IS SAD THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH IS DEAD FOR NOW The Biden administration totally screwed up when they announced that a new board was coming to fight "disinformation about national security" at the Department of Homeland Security. Fresh off lots of conservatives being banned via the Democrats Big Tech proxies, people lost their collective minds and rightly attacked this clear violation of their First Amendment rights. Now the whiny ass Taylor Lorenz, who doxxed the woman behind Libs of TikTok after complaining about being attacked by online trolls herself, is back with a super whine-a-thon about HOW MEAN everyone was to the 33 year old left wing head of this new venture. I'll save you the trouble of reading the entire thing, just read this for the flavor:

Jankowicz’s experience is a prime example of how the right-wing Internet apparatus operates, where far-right influencers attempt to identify a target, present a narrative and then repeat mischaracterizations across social media and websites with the aim of discrediting and attacking anyone who seeks to challenge them. It also shows what happens when institutions, when confronted with these attacks, don’t respond effectively.
Those familiar with the board’s inner workings, including DHS employees and Capitol Hill staffers, along with experts on disinformation, say Jankowicz was set up to fail by an administration that was unsure of its messaging and unprepared to counteract a coordinated online campaign against her.

I wonder if I'm part of the right wing internet apparatus? Is there a benefits package with that?

THE JOHNNY DEPP-AMBER HEARD TRIAL SHOULD PRETTY MUCH DESTROY #BELIEVEALLWOMEN I haven't watched any of it live, but this article about the complete dismantling of Amber Heard's entire testimony by Depp's attorney pretty much sums it up. Heard is a lying liar who decided to casually destroy a man's reputation by lying about him being abusive. Good for Johnny and I'm guessing Heard is already trying to figure out how to pay the judgement that is surely coming. The only one beating Amber Heard is Depp's attorney.

BLACK LIVES MATTER GRIFTER NETWORK IS BEING EXPOSED And this is NOT GOOD as even Clintonista Marc Elias has ended his brief association with the Global Network so you know it must be bad. Former leader Patrice Cullors paid her family, friends and boyfriend exorbitant sums of money for who know what, she bought herself lavish homes and more. Man it's good to be a Marxist! Thanks for showing us how it's done, Black Lives Matter!

NOW DISSING FAT PEOPLE IS RACIST And it was only a matter of time, really. If you have the unmitigated gaul to want people to maintain a healthy weight, you are probably a racist. Because so called "fatphobia" has it's roots in racism and of course misogyny. Of course it is. Of course.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU GET COVID? Short answer, two at least, maybe more but no one knows for sure. Read it here.

THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS FOR DEMS HANGING THEIR ELECTION HOPES ON KILLING BABIES Check out what is important to voters in this latest polling via FiveThirtyEight, and it's not abortion.

BITTER POTENTIAL GRANDPARENTS SUE SON FOR NOT HAVING KIDS I don't think this is entirely unreasonable honestly. Two Indian parents are suing to get back the money they invested in their son so he could find a good wife and give them grandchildren. Not sure if they have a legal case, but good for them for trying.

CATS REMEMBER EACH OTHERS NAMES But they choose to act like they don't because they're cats Read it here.

IS A CIRCUS THE SAME WITHOUT ANIMALS? Ringling Brothers is about to find out as they hit the road with no animals in tow. I'm guessing they are going the more Cirque de Soleil route but we'll see. Does this make you more or less likely to go?

WE'VE ALL BEEN SCARED INTO SILENCE BY THE TRANS MAFIA The Trans Mafia of course not including all trans people, just the ones who want to shove trans ideology onto little children. A new poll by Christian company shows that people overwhelmingly oppose medical affirmation for children and teaching gender identity to little kids, but they are too scared to speak up.



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