Mandy's Tue Blog: Baby Formula Shortage, Plus an App for Addiction Recovery

DESPERATE MOTHERS ARE CALLING AROUND And my friend and goat milker Kelly Maher has been getting the calls from moms desperately seeking goat's milk to feed their babies with dairy allergies. Kelly joins me at 1 today to talk about this column she wrote and how stupid government is to prevent her from providing the milk moms need. Read about how the government created this shortage by clicking here. This all as the Biden admin loosens some regulations on imports to try and address the problems. The kicker on that is the restrictions on formula aren't because of what's IN the can, but the label on the outside of the can. European manufactured formula is nutritionally superior to the formula we make here. Fact.

IN ADDICTION RECOVERY? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT And I'm very pleased to have Mark Van Loucks with Recovery Partners on the show at 2 today to discuss it. You can find it in your phone's app store!

WANT TO DONATE TO THE UKRAINE FUND WE TALKED ABOUT YESTERDAY? Since we spoke about it yesterday fake Venmo accounts with similar names have popped up, so you can just use this code if you want to donate, and use 1637 as the last four digits of the phone number:

THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL THINKS I'M A CRIMINAL Because they decided last night to ban concealed carry in their parks and buildings. This as crime is SOARING downtown, and people are being faced with confrontations with angry, crazy homeless people. So they decide people like me, who have to fill out countless forms, be fingerprinted by the sheriff's office, and take a long ass class for the right to conceal carry are the problem. Idiots. Every Council member who voted for this is an idiot.

DENVER IS IN A FREEFALL WHEN IT COMES TO BEST PLACE TO LIVE And I am not exaggerating at all. Last year on US News and World Reports Best Places to Live list we were #14. This year we are #55. What is considered when making the list?

The rankings for 2022-23 were based on an analysis of 150 metro areas using data from sources such as the Census Bureau, the U.S. Department of Labor and the FBI. U.S. News measured the strength of each area's job market, housing affordability, net migration (whether people have moved into a particular city) and quality of life. Quality of life, in turn, examined factors such as an area's crime rate, quality of education, health care quality and availability, commuting times and air quality.

This as Colorado Springs and Boulder come in at #2 and #4 respectively. This is a complete collapse of a once great city and it's hard not to blame the leadership of the city for this. Who else do you blame?

THE SORDID TALE OF FALSE CHILD ABUSE ACCUSATIONS ISN'T OVER As Danielle Jurinsky, an Aurora City Council member, has announced she is suing the county over the false accusations levied by the partner of former Chief Vanessa Wilson. The entire story is laid out here, and it's a doozy. Jurinsky says she wants a review of the entire department after seeing how easily it was weaponized against a political foe by Robin Niceta, former Chief Vanessa Wilson's partner. I am seriously doubting the Chief didn't know about this. Just saying.

THE COLORADO SUPREME COURT JUST SUPPORTED HEALTHCARE PRICING TRANSPARENCY And I LOVE this story so much. A woman was given bad info about whether or not her hospital was "in Network" for her insurance company. In doing so, they told her she would be out-of-pocket for just $1700 and change for her back surgery. The surgery had some complications and the hospital presented the woman with a bill of $229,112! The hospital used what are called "chargemaster" rates that are set to bring maximum income into the hospital but they never informed her that such rates even existed so she refused to pay. Now the Supreme Court has agreed with her and says she doesn't have to pay. This ruling will most certainly put a chill on such business practices the more it is referenced in court cases of this ilk.

THE NEW BIDEN PRESS SECRETARY IS ACTUALLY WORSE THAN JEN PSAKI And I realize this is her first day trying to defend indefensibly stupid policies from her boss, but watch this nonsense.

MORE WAR CRIMES EVIDENCE IN UKRAINE And this is a story that needs to be shared far and wide, as the Russian soldiers are just using the Soviet style, scorched earth, war crimes everywhere type of warfare. Now the story of three brothers tortured and taken in the woods to be shot and buried is out there because one brother lived to tell the tale.

75% OF US THINK THE COUNTRY IS HEADED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION And that is a stunningly high number not seen since the Great Recession of 2008. Is it any wonder? Biden has done an absolutely horrible job on every front and doesn't even seem to be aware that his policies are making thing much, much worse for everyone. Read more here.

USING THE WRONG PRONOUNS MEANS SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGES FOR EIGHTH GRADERS And I can't even with this so you can read it if you want to.

A SENATE CANDIDATE IN PENNSYLVANIA SAYS SHE WON'T SUPPORT A REPUBLICAN IF SHE'S NOT THE NOMINEE And this is a perfect example of when a "purity" test is just stupid. She says she can't support a "globalist" so that means she will tacitly be supporting the Democrat nominee who is an avowed socialist. Great job, dumbass. By the way, this is the Flavor of the Day candidate that is relatively unvetted and has already made multiple missteps on the campaign trail. She would lose my vote because of this position, regardless of anything else. I'm done with selfish Republicans.

HAVING MORE THAN TWO KIDS HURTS LONG TERM BRAIN FUNCTION And it seems to be that people with more children have less money, which causes more stresses, and could that be the reason? Two seems to the magic number when it comes to having kids.

LET'S JUST MAKE POLYGAMY LEGAL AGAIN AND CALL IT A DAY I've never understood the ban on polygamy as a legal concept, as long as everyone entering into a union like that is over 18 and capable of making their own choices. There is a zero percent chance I would ever enter into an arrangement like this but who cares if someone else does? Now that "polyamory" is a thing where people have open relationships with multiple partners, why not allow them to marry? It's up the one with multiple partners to figure out how to alimony and child support if it doesn't work. Polyamorists are looking for status that they think will make them more accepted in their communities, which I also believe is a fantasy. I have no desire to be friends with polyamorists because I'm simply not sure if they respect my monogamy and I'm not going to put my marriage in a position to have someone interfere if I'm being honest. Do what you want to do, but recognize that it will be considered weird and if your relationship fails, we will all shake our heads and say things like "who didn't see that coming" or some such thing. And I also believe your kids will suffer. But you do you.

THE US UNVEILED A SUPER SPEEDY NEW WEAPON And this one is one I'd like to know more about. This new air launched hypersonic weapon travels at five times the speed of sound. So does it make a "CRACK" when it goes by? I'd like to know what that's like.

YOU CAN GET ANOTHER ROUND OF COVID TESTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT And I refuse to use the word "free" in conjunction with this because you already paid for them with your tax dollars and will continue to pay for programs like this one through inflation, but order them if you want.

WE'VE GOT MORE WORD SALAD FROM OUR VEEP And if you could eat word salad she could feed the entire world. Watch this claptrap.

BECAUSE WE LIVE AT HIGH ALTITUDE YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF SKIN CANCER And I've talked about having an annual skin cancer screening to look out for it. This is a good article about skin cancer and what to look for. Now schedule yourself an annual screening with a dermatologist.

WOMEN ARE GOING MISSING AT AN ALARMING RATE AT CRACKER BARRELS NATIONWIDE Just kidding, it's a Babylon Bee story about the Old Country store.


WHEN THE PEOPLE TASKED WITH PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN FAIL SPECTACULARLY This is a really good article calling out the myriad of organizations that exist ostensibly to help our kids. From public schools to the American Pediatric Association, instead of doing what was right for kids, did what they wanted to benefit them politically. In doing so they failed our kids, and especially our poor kids, in ways that will be felt for decades. Shame on all of them.

WHAT DID OUR US PRESIDENTS LOOK LIKE AS KIDS? This video uses age regression to see.

THIS IS A GREAT STORY ABOUT MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER RUNNING FOR CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR And you've heard Michael on this show, but does he have a chance? Read it here.


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