Mandy's Mon Blog: KBB from the GOP, plus Two Soldiers In Ukraine Need Help

KRISTI BURTON BROWN FROM THE COLORADO GOP IS ON AT 1 And we're going to talk primaries and more.

HELP THOSE WHO ARE HELPING IN UKRAINE Amy Gallagher reached out with the following email:

My name is Amy Gallagher, and I am the wife an Army veteran.  He was a SF Medic from 1968 to 1980, (Chuck will know what SF is).  We also have a friend that is a much younger SF Medic that is now out of the service.  He and another medic from Texas have self-funded a “call to duty” and are now in the Ukraine.  Tyler Schmidt is from Colorado.  He has worked at Peak Vista Medical clinic as well as the VA Hospital in Aurora.  Tyler has communicated to us the need for certain medical equipment and items that are sorely needed to help treat the people of the Ukraine. The following is his post to me that he sent on April 20th. 
“For the first time since being here in Ukraine I realized why I felt so strongly about coming to help. Today I witnessed a refugee train arriving in Kviv. Didn't feel right to take photos. First off the train are those confined to stretchers, 2nd wheelchairs and amputees with crutches, finally women, and children with all their belongings in a large grocery bag. These incredible people are 10-12 hours removed from combat. The children appear happy and grateful for coloring books. Many go directly to ER tent to get evaluated. I start there tomorrow after vetting to relieve the UK Doc that works practically 24/7. I'm taking the night shift. Housing agreements have changed and getting kicked out of my current digs, but am sure something will present. I am expecting to see 50-70 patients in a 7-hour shift. We have little to no diagnostics and no imaging, but they're making it work. As important as medicine, just plain compassion and empathy is what these hero's need. Seeing the dirty bright-eyed six-year old's is heartbreaking. They get excited about a coloring book and 3 crayons. Pray for the soldier's, the children. the women, lastly for me to maintain the strength to care for them 24/7 and beyond. If you can, donate equipment we need Morgan Lens kits, IO kits, AED for forward hospitals. This is a real war people and the supplies we continue to request does not end up in the intended recipients hands. I will let you know over the next few weeks and months the progress we make/made. If your are serious about donating the aforementioned please let me know and Ill provide the address.”

I'll talk to Amy at 2 today. If you want to help, there is an account set up at FNB Bank in Bennett Colorado, the name of the account is "Medical Relief for Ukraine", there is also a Venmo account set up with the same name and you can use 1637 as the phone number digits. If they want to mail a check, the address to the bank is, FNB Bank, 1076 S. 1st Street, Bennett, CO 80102 and the phone number is 303-644-5100.

STEP DENVER'S PAUL SCUDO JOINS JON CALDARA TO TALK ADDICTION IN DENVER And this is worth your time. They talk about how much addiction is a part of our homeless issue and more.

ANOTHER SQUATTERS CAMP IS RUINING ANOTHER NEIGHBORHOOD And lest you think that this doesn't affect you, I think you should fully expect this to come to your neighborhood soon, and don't expect the City of Denver to help. One southwest Denver neighborhood is finding that out the hard way, as RV squatters have taken over their local park, surrounding it with broken down RVs. Along with the RVs, there are buckets of feces, because they don't have running water or functioning septic tanks, and now the neighbors are afraid to use their park. Now the city is telling the neighbors to use an online portal so they can come to the park and "offer services" to those living this way. I'm sure that will work. Just sure of it.

THERE IS A NEW WAY BEING DISCUSSED FOR HOMELESSNESS And this is what we've been talking about for YEARS now so I'm glad to see it amplified in the Gazette in this column by Vince Bzdek about Care Courts, which divert drug addicted and mentally ill people into treatment, and often by force. I am all about this. Read it here.

THIS IS JUST COOL. And if chariot races are your thing, they have come to the 21st century.

MORE NONSENSE ON MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT ON THE WESTERN SLOPE The sage of Mindspring Health is a perfect example of how bad government is at managing things. Yes, Mindspring is a private company contracted by the State to provide mental health services, but apparently the oversight bureaucracy has failed to provide ANY oversight and has allowed Mindspring to fake patient reports about diagnoses and treatment plans that were designed to show that Mindspring was successfully treating the people they were just overmedicating instead. Now whistleblowers are coming forward to expose the lies. I think people need to go to jail for overseeing this level of fraud. Period.

YES, WE NEED NUCLEAR IN COLORADO If we want to achieve our zero carbon dreams, this is the only way to do that while still having reliable energy. This is a great editorial from the Denver Gazette about why nuclear should be a part of our energy production.

THIRTY NINE PERCENT OF AMERICANS ARE DELUDING THEMSELVES ABOUT BIDEN Because they say they approve of Biden's performance as President. A whopping 56% say he's dreadful. They are correct.

CONSERVATIVE STOP FALLING IN LOVE WITH POLITICIANS OMG THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. I should have written this column but Kurt Schlichter wrote it before I could.

CONSUMERS ARE REALIZING THAT BEYOND BURGERS AREN'T HEALTHY Because they are full of fake ingredients and FIVE TIMES the amount of salt that a real burger has. The Beyond Meat company saw a 1st quarter loss and is making excuses but people just want meat.

TALK ABOUT NEVER GIVING UP Terrence "Bud" Crawford is a very good boxer and he's also a dad. His daughter runs track and she lost a shoe right out of the blocks but didn't give up. Watch this.

NOW DIPLOMATS WILL BE CHOSEN BY SKIN COLOR And this is an absolute disaster but it will allow the President to crow about something no one cares about but Democrats. Instead of the rigorous Foreign Service exams that have been used to insure qualified people are serving in very important diplomat positions, the Biden admin is using skin color as the qualifier. I'm sure this will go well.

RUSSIA HAS LOST ONE THIRD OF THE GROUND FORCES IT SENT TO UKRAINE And at some point, won't the families of these soldiers wonder they are? According to British military intelligence the Russians are not making any progress, and they are losing soldiers hand over fist. At what point is Putin forced to change gears? If you read Pravda, which you can using Google Translate, there are no mentions of casualties or struggles, just lots of stuff about which countries in the world think Russia is the BEST! Find it at if you want.

INFLATION HAS US JACKING UP OUR CREDIT CARD BILLS And if you need to buy your family food and the only option is credit cards, do it, but don't put your daily coffee or dinner out on a credit card you can't pay. Interest rates are going to rise, which means carrying that debt on a credit card is really, really bad. That being said, you are not alone, find out more here.

VIRGINIA CAN'T ENFORCE LAWS AGAINST HARASSING SUPREME COURT JUSTICES And they are whistling into the wind by trying to get Biden's Attorney General to enforce the law and stop it. The Biden admin only enforces laws they like, see the southern border for an example. Virginia, as a state, can't enforce federal law. Read more about the ins and outs of it here.

THE BUFFALO MURDERER HAS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES So much so that he was detained for a day and half after making threats against his hometown. He was found to not be an immediate threat so he was released. This goes to show how difficult it is to truly assess someone's mental state when they don't want you to know. This past weekend he killed ten people and wounded more.

COULD DIRECT INSTRUCTION BE A KEY TO CLOSING THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP? This is a really interesting column about what is called Direct Teaching, which is pretty much how we used to do schooling here. It's essentially where a teacher has a written plan that is consistent across classrooms, where they completely explain a concept before asking students to do it. Seems like a good idea, right? Except no, teachers don't like it even though they haven't tried it. Read about it here.


BIDEN RELIEVED THERE ISN'T A SHORTAGE OF ADULT DIAPERS Instead of baby formula and yes this is juvenile but still funny.


DAD JOKE JOKE OFF And these are funny-ish.

THANK GOODNESS FOR...CNN? They were the only media outlet to call BS on Biden's obviously wrong tweet about vaccines not being available until AFTER he was in office, which is just stupid. CNN was the only news org to call him out.

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