Mandy's Thu Blog: Why Won't our SoS Clean Up the Voter Rolls?

LET'S TALK REAL HEALTHCARE TRANSPARENCY With Dr. John Dygert from Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care in the Springs. They are a Direct Primary Care office with a flat monthly or annual fee model that cuts out a lot red tape. I'm talking to Dr. Dygert about how to inject more transparency into medical billing at 1. Find Pinnacle in Colorado Springs by clicking here.

YOU DON'T NEED GOALS, YOU NEED SYSTEMS How do you achieve your goals? Dr. Dravon James is on at 2pm to talk about how to reach the goals you have, not by just setting goals, but by creating systems to reach them. I'm interested. Find out more about her or listen to her podcast by clicking here!

IN A STATE WITH AUTOMATIC MAIL IN BALLOTS THIS IS RIPE FOR ABUSE I'd like to know why Judicial Watch had to sue Colorado to clean up the voter rolls after finding that TWO-THIRDS of our counties have more than 100% of eligible voters registered to vote. Because we send out ballots automatically to every registered this is so ripe for abuse. Our Secretary of State Jena Griswold has done NOTHING to fix this apparently and that seems like a big deal. Other states have been forced to clean up their rolls after Judicial Watch sued, so I fully expect this to happen here, but why do we have to hear about this from Judicial Watch? Where is Kyle Clark when you need him? (trick question, no one needs Kyle Clark)

THE FENTANYL FIX WAS PASSED AND IT'S PATHETIC Because you can still illegally possess up to one gram of fentanyl, enough to kill a few hundred people, and get a ticket. AND the stupid plausible deniability clause remains, so if you get caught with up to four grams of fentanyl you can claim you thought it was something else and get away with it. This is what happens when the session isn't managed properly and important bills get left until the last minute. I fully expect this to do nothing to stop the flow of deadly fentanyl in Denver. Here's hoping we have fewer than the 899 fentanyl deaths we had last year this year. I'm not hopeful.

ONE AC COMPANY SAYS IT'S DONE WORKING IN DOWNTOWN DENVER I got called by my friends in Louisville, Kentucky when they saw this story and asked me if it was THAT BAD. I said yes. This ac company agrees with me.

A DISRUPTIVE TEACHERS WAS NOT REHIRED AND KIDS ARE MAD Tim Hernandez is a social justice warrior who uses his teaching position to create new little social justice warriors and the school he was working at had enough. That is how I view this entire situation and it's born out by this story from the Post. First off, students spent the day in the hallway protesting instead of in class. Much like Corey Wise in DougCo could have done, Hernandez could have stopped this after a few minutes by telling students how much he appreciated the support, but they needed to be in class. He chose not to. This jumped out at me:

“I don’t just teach here 40 hours a week,” Hernández said. “I’m the only Latino teacher in the school who’s from here and the only Latino teacher who still lives here. I spent a lot of time in my life doing everything I could to advocate for my community, but because of the discretion of a white man who is uncomfortable because of the ways I challenge him on diversity and inclusion issues, I was labeled divisive, aggressive, attacking. Because of that, I was not offered a job that was rightfully mine.”

No job is "rightfully" anyones. And if an employee at my school described me the way he described his boss, I'd cut him loose too.

LAUREN BOEBERT'S PRIMARY OPPONENT HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO And the Denver Gazette Editorial Board is here for it. This editorial lays out the myriad of way State Rep. Don Coram has used his position at the state level to enrich himself over and over. He's worked very diligently on all hemp legislation, mostly because he is a hemp farmer. When his hemp had too much THC and a customer refused to pay for it, as that's not what they agreed to buy, he tried to use government to charge them with a crime. I don't give a rat's ass which party you are in, this is not what being a "public servant" is about. For all of Boebert's bluster, I'm pretty sure she isn't passing legislation that gives her restaurant an outsized advantage.

THE CRYPTO MARKET IS COLLAPSING And we don't know if this is a blip or something more ominous but $200 BILLION dollars disappeared yesterday as a massive sell off that saw market leader Bitcoin dip below $27,000 for a moment. The largely unregulated marketplace is seeing investors run for the doors and no one knows when it will stop. So what I'm hearing is it's time to buy Bitcoin.

HEY AN ENTIRE COLUMN POINTING OUT WHAT AN AHOLE KYLE CLARK IS Of course he's only referred to as "a local television personality" and that must surely chaps Kyle's hide, but the column is about what Kyle did after he loudly complained and condemned a CORA request that would release the names of teachers who sicked out as "doxxing". In response to this outrage, Kyle doxxed a private citizen and Douglas County parent instead. I'm using his definition of doxxing by the way. This column points out that Kyle is the bully and this sort of thing prevents others from getting access to the documents they are entitled to as taxpayers. It's not wrong.

PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS ARE KILLING COLORADANS Not everyone who takes benzodiazepines is going to die, not by a long shot. But this class of psychiatric drugs is being overprescribed in Colorado and this story tells the sad story of one young man who accidentally overdosed while on them. These drugs include Klonopin, Valium, Xanax, Ativan and others and when taken in concert with anything else that slows your respiratory functions, they can easily kill. This story is so incredibly sad but not that uncommon. Our pharmacological society needs to understand these drugs are serious and can kill and frankly I don't think anyone who is not actively in some form of therapy should use them.

FACING RECORD HIGH GAS PRICES BIDEN CANCELS OIL LEASE SALES That were scheduled to happen according to federal law. They say no companies are interested in the leases, which doesn't surprise me as this administration has been notoriously unfriendly and has blocked previous leases and has shown nothing but animosity for oil and gas.

HE WON'T GET OIL AND GAS BUT BIDEN WILL GIVE OUT CRACK PIPES! Remember when the story broke that the new "harm reduction" kits the government was going to give drug addicts would have pipes to smoke crack and meth included in them? Remember how the "fact checkers" couldn't wait to tell us how stupid that was and OF COURSE the government wasn't giving out crack and meth pipes. Except THE GOVERNMENT IS GIVING OUT FREE CRACK AND METH PIPES. The Washington Free Beacon got five kits from five cities and five sets of crack and meth pipes.

DON'T LET THESE RESUME MISTAKES PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THAT JOB And I have to tell you, PLEASE check for misspellings. A whopping 58% of resumes have spelling errors and that just says "I can't pay attention to details". If you are not a good speller, find someone who is. I have rejected multiple candidates in the past for misspellings. Also don't lie. No one needs that.

WHOLESALE INFLATION IS STILL AT 11% And our addled President still has no idea what's going on. He's running around shouting about food boxes. Read more about what producers are dealing with here. Here is our Fearless Leader ranting about the bad ol times not even recognizing that his policies are recreating them now.

GOOGLE HAS A PAIR OF GLASSES THAT WILL ALLEGEDLY TRANSLATE IN REAL TIME And put the words up on the lens so you can read them. If they are using the voice recognition software they use in the new Google Pixel 6, good luck with that, it's garbage. Read about this here.

HERE ARE THE TEN MOST VULNERABLE SENATORS And our own Useless Michael Bennet is on the list, though they still have the race as Solidly Democratic. We shall see. None of the people on this list are very surprising.

NOW YOU CAN RENT A BUNKBED FOR 800 BUCKS A MONTH IN CALIFORNIA And I'm not even exaggerating. This home has 14 "pods" in it where people can pay 800 bucks a month to live. This is my nightmare. Why would you want to live like this? I'm sure some young people do, as they are mostly full, but for how long? This feels like living at a hostel, which I also would not do.

DEMOCRATS EXTREME FAILED ABORTION BILL ERASED WOMEN They changed the word "woman" to "person". So women, we no longer exist or have any autonomy so we don't hurt the feelings of men who have decided they are a woman or women who don't want to be women at all. Good thing this bill, which would have allowed abortion until the moment of delivery, failed. In a test vote yesterday, the extreme, dewomanizing bill failed with Joe Manchin and all Republicans voting against it.

THIS LITTLE RING BEARER IS ADORABLE His face when he sees his mom is so stinking cute.

SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS WILL BE GETTING A BIG BOOST THIS YEAR Because inflation is out of control. It looks like the bump could be as high at 8.5% next year based on April's numbers. This will be good if inflation ever comes down, but don't bet on it just yet.

DRUG OVERDOSE DEATHS HIT A SAD RECORD LAST YEAR And 107,000 Americans died last year because of drug overdoses. That is a fifteen percent increase year over year. Many of those deaths can be attributed to people accidentally taking fentanyl, which Colorado lawmakers couldn't see fit to refelonize.

GERMAN AIRLINE APOLOGIZES FOR ANTI-SEMITIC TREATMENT OF PASSENGERS I shared the video the other day of a man being told he could not make his connecting flight because other Jewish passengers refused to wear a mask. The agent banned all Jews from the connecting flight as punishment for the actions of two other Jews. The airline has condemned the action in the strongest possible terms, but no word on if the agent has been fired or re assigned for her actions.


AND NOW FOR AN OLD MAN PRANK This is a good one.

BIDEN SOLVES THE FORMULA CRISIS By asking every illegal immigrant to bring a can of formula with them. Yes, it's the Bee.

WE FINALLY TOOK A PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE! But only the outside as we can't see the inside because we'd die or something. I'm pretty sure these are worm holes to another universe.

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