Mandy's Wed Blog: The Fentanyl Fix is Likely Dead in Colorado

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 1:00 So it's a fast and furious day for sure.

DON'T LIKE BASEBALL? GRANT'S PODCAST IS A GREAT WAY TO PASS THE DAY I've been getting caught up on Grant's podcast and a few of my favorites are the one with a cop from Colorado, which is here, and the one with our own Michelle Zellner where you really get to know HER and not just about healthy stuff which you can find here. There, you've got plenty to do now.

THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE IS GOING TO DO NOTHING ABOUT FENTANYL THIS SESSION Because the bad bill the House passed, which would have allowed drug dealers to traffic the deadly drug as long as they didn't have more than 1 gram per arrest on them, has been sent to a conference committee after the Senate removed a section that would allow someone to claim ignorance that they possessed fentanyl to get out of the charge. The House rejected it and sent it to a conference committee, which as of 9am this morning hadn't even been scheduled yet. As the Session is over tonight at midnight, this bill will die. Every member of the Colorado Legislature should be deeply ashamed about this, but the Democrats own every death that occurs from this point forward from fentanyl. Shame on all of them, and I hope none of their children dies from a fentanyl overdose accidentally.

THE REPUBLICAN STALL TACTICS HAVE KILLED SOME PRETTY ONEROUS BILLS And I think they deserve credit for gumming up the works long enough that controversial bills like the county collective bargaining agreement have been gutted in order to get to less controversial bills in the waning hours of the session. Read about what won't be passing here.

I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING ABOUT THIS PROTEST Because it strikes me as just so funny. OUTRAGED about the so-called "vegan upcharge", Succession actor James Cromwell took the bold step of gluing his hand to the counter at Starbucks. I can't make this up. Watch this.

Did he just say "ethnicity"? Yes he did, let him explain from the counter.

By the way, the upcharge is entirely justified by the price of these products. A did a quick Amazon search for Oat Milk and the cheapest I found by buying in bulk was 13 cents a fluid oz. How much is dairy milk? 5.8 cents per fluid ounce. Half and Half is also 5.8 cents per fluid ounce. James Cromwell can suck it and pay the money.

DENVER CITY COUNCIL THINKS CONCEALED CARRY HOLDERS ARE CRIMINALS And I am PISSED about this and will be discussing it with the Mayor on his next visit. The bill passed on its first reading, and now Denver is one step closer to declaring concealed carry permit holders part of the criminal problem in downtown Denver. If you carry concealed, they think you are a criminal. I hope someone sues the crap out of them. If I lived in Denver it would be me.

THIS DOUGCO RESIDENT WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE ENTIRE MEMO, MR. TEAL I've been doing some digging into the drama in Douglas County and I have to say, I'm very disappointed in what I'm finding. Long story short, the County Commission is considering a very expensive water project with a company called Renewable Water Resources (RWR) and they just paid a pretty penny to a legal consultant to do a deep dive on the legal issues. I've already sent one CORA request about these memos, only to be told they are not available yet. Imagine my surprise and displeasure when I saw this quote from Commissioner George Teal in an article about when the memos would be released:

Commissioner George Teal said he believes the value of the memo could be diminished “were we to release the entire document.” Teal also said based on his conversations with residents, he doesn’t think Douglas County residents are interested in seeing the full memo. 
“Our normal citizens here in Douglas County trust us to take the information provided by their tax dollars and use it in their best interest,” he said. 

How in the hell would it "diminish" the value of the memo? That doesn't even make sense. And as a "normal" citizen of Douglas County, you be your sweet bippy I want to see the whole memo, especially in light of the shenanigans that Teal and Laydon are engaged in against Lora Thomas. My trust has been very, very eroded. And frankly, these people are Republicans and I expect better from them so this really makes me mad. I'll be sharing the memo when I get my copy.

NO, BIDEN DIDN'T CUT THE DEFICIT...SAYS CNN? In a speech last week, our addled President said this:

"Let me remind you again: I reduced the federal deficit," Biden said in a speech on Wednesday. "All the talk about the deficit from my Republican friends, I love it. I've reduced it $350 billion in my first year in office. And we're on track to reduce it, by the end of September, by another 1 trillion, 500 billion dollars -- the largest drop ever."

Cue the Fact checkers to back him up, right? Not so fast, even CNN had to call BS on this assertion. Here is my favorite part from the fact check:

The deficit has been smaller under the Biden administration than it was at the end of President Donald Trump's tenure. But the deficit has been bigger under the Biden administration than the nonpartisan federal Congressional Budget Office had projected it would be if the Biden-era federal government stuck with the laws that were in effect when Trump left office in early 2021.

So if Trump were still President IT WOULD BE LOWER STILL. But I'm sure his sycophantic followers, whose numbers are shrinking daily, will eat this up.

ANOTHER INSTANCE OF COLORADO SCHOOLS KEEPING PARENTS FROM SEEING MATERIALS This time it's about sex ed, and one school refused to let parents see the videos their children were going to see as part of that. Again, this is in the Poudre school district.

THIS ARTICLE DEMONSTRATES WHY I KNOW LONGER NEED THE COLORADO SUN I was excited when the Colorado Sun went live, as I thought perhaps it would be a good source of unbiased news. Boy was I wrong. This article, headline included, indicates they are yet another news outlet beholden to the Democrats in this state. Check this headline out:

Republican stall tactics in Colorado House threaten fate of dozens of bills as 2022 lawmaking term nears Wednesday close

Got that? Republican stall tactics, not the mismanagement of the session by the Speaker, are the real issues here. Newsflash, at the end of EVERY SINGLE LEGISLATIVE SESSION there is a logjam of bills, and rather than bringing everyone to work on weekends the past few weeks, the Democratic leadership let everyone go home. Now they are bitching about Republicans, who can't stop ANYTHING otherwise, are using the rules of the House to slow everything down. And the Colorado Sun is right on brand with this full throated accusation that it's the evil Republicans who are to blame. If I wanted a Democrat mouthpiece, I'd read the Denver Post. Total Fail, Colorado Sun. This is why I give my money to the Denver Gazette these days.

TINA PETERS HAS BEEN BARRED BY A JUDGE FROM OVERSEEING ELECTIONS And I don't see how the judge could have ruled any other way since she's been indicted for fraud from the last election. Read the rest here, but please don't vote for this entirely unelectable woman.

JORDAN PETERSON GETS TWITTER And he explains it beautifully in this short clip.

INFLATION IS STILL AT 8.3% And this is not good news because our President is completely unaware of what is causing the problem and completely unaware of how to fix it. Read the BLS report here.

IS THIS GUY A BALLOT MULE LIKE WE JUST HEARD ABOUT FROM 2000 MULES? This is odd, isn't it? A man in Minnesota has been convicted of lying under oath to a grand jury about three absentee ballots he submitted in 2020. He told the grand jury that he knew the people and they asked him to submit the ballots. The voters in question have never heard of the guy. Hmmm, sounds familiar. This is one little story that girds the larger story about voter fraud.

WE'VE KNOWN SINCE BEFORE COVID MASKS DON'T WORK and here is a video of a public health professional in 2018 admitting that masks don't work except to scare people into social distancing.

The odd thing here is that Laurie Garrett's Twitter profile now shows her wearing a mask. She allegedly uses the extremely flawed "study" from Bangladesh to show masks work, but it only showed masks working for people over 40 and there were no control groups so it's garbage. Read more here.

THE GOP POUNCE ON THE BABY FORMULA SHORTAGE HAS HAPPENED Because whenever Republicans are pointing out the failures of Democrats it's a pounce. Baby formula is in short supply across the country, and took the occasion to note the Republican 'pounce". Why is there a shortage? Supply chain issues and the shutdown of a formula factory and subsequent recall are to blame. I have to say I found this quote from a doctor entertaining:

Can I make my own homemade formula?
No, making your own formula is dangerous and could cause severe illness or death in infants, said Dr. Abrams. Don’t feed infants cow’s milk or add more water to powdered formula to make it last longer, which can be harmful, he said.

You do realize that before formula, women mixed things like milk and karo syrup and we all survived on that. Not perfect, but better than starving your kid to death.

OFFICE POLITICS MAKE A LOT OF COWORKERS HIDE THEIR TRUE SELVES I have to say, I don't understand this poll. Or more accurately, I don't understand the fear expressed in this poll. Apparently people are afraid to be their real selves at the office and hide personal info from their employers and co workers. The part I don't get is why you feel the need to share every bit of yourself at the office. Why is this a thing? Can't you just be yourself and not tell every detail or quirk of your personal life and still be happy? I recognize that I am not for everyone, but it's never stopped me from letting my freak flag fly, I just figure if they don't get me, I'll work somewhere else. It's very liberating.

OUR SNOWPACK IS MELTING TOO QUICKLY And this is really, really bad. We didn't get enough snow and now it's melting way to fast. Read more here and then UPDATE YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE AND VIDEOTAPE YOUR STUFF. Fire season is going to be horrible this year unless something gives significantly.

PLASTICS RECYCLING IS A TOTAL FAILURE And in this article the greenies blame oil and gas "subsidies" for making new plastic cheaper than recycled plastic. The real issue is there is no easy way to recycle plastics because they are all so different. Maybe they need to read this next story for a solution.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAS CREATED AN ENZYME THAT EATS PLASTICS I heard Ross interview a guy about it last week and it is super cool (listen to that interview here) and now here is an article about how it works. This could be a game changer when it comes to plastic waste disposal.

A PASSENGER SUCCESSFULLY LANDS A PLANE WHEN THE PILOT PASSES OUT This story is cool and now this passenger has the trump card story of all trump card stories. I hope the pilot is okay.

MIKE TYSON WILL NOT FACE CHARGES FOR SOCKING A DRUNK, RUDE MAN ON A PLANE And this is good news and at least the guy finally came to his senses and did not want to press charges. I hope he's embarrassed by his behavior to this day.

MAYBE THE WHITE HOUSE WILL THINK THIS IS WRONG As pro-choice protesters are outside Nancy Pelosi's home protesting now. Of course they are in California, where she is not, so whatever.

SO WEIRD THE MEDIA COULDN'T FIND ANY PRO LIFERS TO COMMENT As the news stories broke about the unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court about the upcoming ruling that will overturn Roe, a funny thing happened. All the pro-lifers just disappeared. They went into hiding and were completely unavailable for comment. So weird. The pro-abortion folks were out in droves, as evidenced by how they were overrepresented in every news story on the issue.



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