Hamler Ahead of Schedule, Darby Embraces Super Bowl Expectations

Wide Receiver K.J. Hamler and Cornerback Ronald Darby both met the media Thursday at UC Health Training Center (Photo: Brandon Krisztal/KOA)

K.J. Hamler's name isn't the first, and may not even be in the top 5 Broncos skill players mentioned when talking about who could benefit most from playing with Russell Wilson. But the 3rd year wideout sees as perhaps the most explosive weapon the offense has. "I feel like my biggest role is being a deep threat," Hamler said. "Me and Russ (QB Russell Wilson) gotta have those talks, and me and the Coaches gotta have those talks as well, but anything I can do to produce, to give this team a winning chance, I'll do it, it don't matter."

Hamler is working his way back from a torn ACL as well as a hip displacement, that required surgery. All of it occurred as he attempted to make a catch Week 3 against the visiting Jets, September 26th. But, the former 2nd rounder from Penn State is farther along then anyone expected he might be at this point. "Progressing, everyday," Hamler said. "I'm well ahead of sschedule, some days they gotta ramp me down a little bit, and tell me to calm down so nothing don't flare up. So, I'm just playing it smart, progressing everyday."

Cornerback Ronald Darby is one of 3 Broncos players, currently on the roster, who has a Super Bowl Ring. He got his as a member of the Eagles, who won Super Bowl 52 over the Patriots. Kicker Brandon McManus is, of course, the lone remaining member of The Super Bowl 50 Champs still on the roster. And, Wilson, of course was the quarterback for the Seahawks when they won Super Bowl 48. But, the addition of Wilson, raises expectations, and that's something Darby is fine with. "Of course it's gonna be high, each year, no matter what team I'm on, of course every team wants to win the Super Bowl," Darby said. "But we do have the team. We've got the QB, the wide receivers, the running backs, the defense, from there, it's just continuing to work each day. OTAs, like everyone here, everyone getting better."

Below you can watch both press conferences

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