Mandy's Tue Blog: John Kellner Wants to Be Attorney General

WHY DOES JOHN KELLNER WANT TO BE ATTORNEY GENERAL? Perhaps it's to do something about the crime wave gripping Colorado? Or our unfriendly business climate (how will AG do that?). We will find out at 1 when he joins the show. Find out more about John by clicking here.

MICHELLE ZELLNER TALKS MENTAL HEALTH AND PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARENESS MONTH As she joins us for her monthly chat about living your best life and being your best self. Find out more about Michelle and have her help you or your workforce achieve better physical and mental health by clicking here.

THE HOMELESS TOOK OVER THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL MEETING JUST LIKE THEY'VE TAKEN OVER DOWNTOWN I find this sort of entertaining, to be honest. Last night the Council discussed the ten year old city camping ban, which was just kicked back into action by a judge who threw out an earlier court decision. A bunch of homeless advocates and homeless people came to testify about how hard the city makes it to live on the streets and then they all refused to leave when the comment session was over and the meeting had to be recessed for a hour until they could be dealt with. It's a perfect metaphor for our downtown situation. A group of people who REFUSE to use the services that we have in abundance in Denver come to complain about how hard it is when they don't use those services. I especially love the guy who wore his "F*ck Yeah" shirt to testify. You can see the public comment portion in a link in the story, and I'm truly baffled by those who think angrily yelling at the Council think that's an effective means of communication. Watching this made me have LESS compassion for the homeless tbh.

A DOWNTOWN RESTAURANTS SAYS VIOLENT CRIME IS HURTING BUSINESS And I get that other business owners don't want to share their experiences with violent crime and how it affects businesses downtown for fear it will keep more people away, but I'm glad this guy spoke out. He says they have to have police in the restaurants Friday and Saturday to make the customers feel safe while they are there. Good luck to them running the gauntlet of violence getting to and from their cars.

BIDEN'S HORRIBLE MIDDLE EASTERN POLICY This is a great column about the chaotic and ineffective foreign policy decisions that started with Obama and are now being pursued full force by Biden. It's WAY worse than I thought, though I thought it was pretty bad. Mike Doran writes about it here and you should read it, because it is going to invite chaos and nonsense in the future. It does explain a lot about why Biden seems to despise Israel.

COLORADO DEMS ARE USING OUR MONEY TO BRIBE US FOR VOTES Otherwise why would so many of the things they did in this session to "save" us money expire after the elections? If they were really worried about affordability, they would repeal and undo the new taxes and fees they just levied without our permission, right? Joshua Sharf writes a great column here on the temporary shenanigans passed this year in an effort to prevent voters from knowing how badly these politicians have screwed us in Colorado. He says it a lot nicer than that.

EVEN NEWER HOMEOWNERS ARE UNDERINSURED FROM THE MARSHALL FIRE And I know I sound like a broken record, but take ten minutes today to call your homeowners insurance company and ask them what you are insured for if your house burns to the ground with everything in it. Find out you have a cost per foot cap that is unreasonable at this point and raise it. Do not find out too late that you are underinsured and can't rebuild like so many in Superior and Louisville have. Read that sad story here.

ARE YOU LOVING BIDEN'S SKY HIGH GAS PRICES? And I'm going to call them that because Biden keeps trying to tell us that they are Putin's sky high gas prices but Putin isn't my president so no. Gas prices are at record highs. But if you drive I didn't need to tell you that.

THE NEW YORK TIMES DEEMS FETUS A "FRAUGHT" WORD This is beyond stupid from the side of the aisle that allegedly believes in science. The New York Times retracted Monday's Wordle puzzle because it contained what the Times deemed a "fraught" word. That word was "fetus" which means a baby in the womb. The Times said they were worried that the word would be seen as them weighing in on the abortion debate. This is laughable.

THE STORY OF THE JAILER AND THE CONVICT ON THE LAM IS OVER This story is one of those I will never understand. What possesses a woman to fall in love with a convicted murderer and go so far as to help him escape? Now this woman is dead and the convict has been returned to a cell. She was found with a gunshot wound to the head, he says he didn't do it, but since she died I'm guessing he will be charged. I never understand women who fall for convicts. The convict is expected to be extradited back to Alabama today.

ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP YOUR LUSH LAWN IN COLORADO? This is an interesting story about our drought cycle and shrinking water table. This story is about homeowners moving to xeriscaping with rocks and native plants taking over for green grass. I'm not opposed, I just think rocks in the front yard is ugly. Will you re-landscape to save water?

HEY MILLENNIALS, WELCOME TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY I love this story because I knew it was going to happen. Don't feel bad, millennials, it happened to us too. We too had stars in our eyes believing that people really could get along if we just made the world more just and fair, only to find out that some people suck, the Democrat party is full of lies and empty promises, and that the world can't be forced into equal outcomes when there is not equal effort. Now it's happening to Millennials.

IF YOU WANT A FEEL FOR WHAT'S HAPPENING IN UKRAINE This story gives a real feel for it, including giving credit to Elon Musk for sending the Starlink system so they can continue to communicate even though Russia blew up all the infrastructure to do so.

IF SOUTHERN GRANDMAS FORMED A UNION This made me laugh because it's so accurate.

NOW A NERDY CHESS STORY ABOUT BOBBY FISCHER Because the 50th anniversary of his match with Russian Boris Spassky is coming up. This is a nice retrospective of the event and Fischer's success.

DEPRESSED? TURN OFF SOCIAL MEDIA I can't think of anything so widely used and accepted that causes so many problems for so many people as social media. It's now been shown over and over again to have a horrid affect on people's mental health. A new study that broke social media users into two groups and asked one group to stay off social media for a week clearly shows that the mental health of those who stayed off dramatically improved. This was true in all age groups. So why do we do this ourselves?

BACK AT WORK AND ANNOYED BY COWORKERS? We have forgotten how to behave in the office apparently, and now people are acting like they are still working from home AT the office. This article has some stunningly bad examples (painting toenails at your desk???) but offers solutions on how to deal. My suggestion is talking to coworkers nicely, but what do I know.

BIDEN DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PROTESTS AT THE JUSTICE'S HOMES Or anywhere else, as they are ignoring the federal law that bans protesting to change a court decision. They've also refused to condemn the protests outside the homes of the Justices. Because they like them, they really like them. Here's hoping no one gets hurt.

PARENTS IN RHODE ISLAND FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE DUMBING DOWN OF SCHOOLS All in the name of equity, of course. Equity means you can't have classes that are more challenging for smarter students to prepare for college, so the Barrington school district did away with Honors classes at the same time they did away with truly individual instruction for kids who need more help. Now every student can hang in the middle with the rest of the kids, even though some kids can't because they need the extra help the school just did away with. It's a union mentality to be sure. Parents are not taking this lying down and I fully expect yet another school board to flip over this.

WHY A FEMALE BOND WOULD NEVER WORK The Babylon Bee knows what happens when a woman is in a car chase.

HOW DO THEY KNOW HOW MUCH PRICES HAVE GONE UP? Because the government has a team of people who literally check prices ALL THE TIME. I'm not going to lie, this sounds like a super fun job to me. Just going to stores and checking prices, visiting service based industries and checking prices, this sounds really cool. Read the details here.

THIS IS WHAT I ENVISION THE GOVERNMENT DOES ALL DAY LONG A bunch of stuff that is unnecessary.

STUDENTS CALL TEACHERS BY THEIR FIRST NAMES And more stuff from the internet.

AND NOW, THE NEW YORK TIMES WORST PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS It's sort of awful to see how influential and totally wrong the New York Times has been and often continues to be. Read the list of shame here.

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