Liz Mair on the Ban of Flavored Tobacco in Colorado

Liz Mair is a libertarian Republican activist and consultant who was able to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes. She joins us today to talk about how bad an idea a bill making its way through the Colorado legislature is. The bill, HB22-1064 would ban almost all flavored tobacco or synthetic nicotine products. As usual, the nanny-staters don't remember their Bastiat and don't consider the likely second-order-effect harm of their incursions into individual liberty.

Here's the bill: C:\1064_ren.txt (

Here's Reason magazine's arguments against it: Colorado's proposed flavored tobacco ban would worsen public health and criminal justice inequities - Reason Foundation

Here are arguments from a group pushing the ban: Flavors Hook Kids Colorado | Stop Big Tobacco from Targeting Colorado Kids

Here's more research showing the unanticipated negative impacts of bans like these:Updated-Final-No.-222-.pdf (

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