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I TOLD YOU WHEN I SAW ENOUGH EVIDENCE I'D BE ON BOARD And I saw enough to be all in favor for a massive investigation where they drag people identified in this movie in for questioning until they find out who, if anyone, paid them. Find out where they got the ballots they dropped into boxes. Get the woman in this documentary on the record to talk about it. You really should watch this movie and you can watch it by dropping 20 bucks on SalemNow's platform here. This article is a good overview of the movie.

AND NOW FOR THE FACT CHECKS So I got up this morning and read the fact checks that are out, and they all are quick to say that geocaching doesn't prove that these people stopped at dropboxes and this is correct. The AP is too quick to dismiss why someone would be driving by these drop boxes at 3 in the morning in a concerted pattern. Doesn't that make you question why they might have been doing that? They also use a complete red herring to dismiss that there were enough votes cast to overturn the election by saying that if people dumped tons of ballots into a box it would be caught. But if you watch the film, they are NOT doing that, they are doing this five ballots at a time at multiple boxes. Politifact fact checked the film BEFORE it came out by disparaging Dinesh D'Souza FIRST, and then again saying that geocaching isn't precise enough. But oddly they ask for no further investigation, they don't seek any of the names of these alleged mules to do follow up, nothing. Weird. My issues with the film are that the left wing non-profits were never named, and I'm guessing that is so D'Souza and company don't get sued. It also never explains what happened election night when ONLY places that were battlegrounds where Trump was ahead but eventually lost stopped counting ballots. That was not what this film was about, but it deserves some attention. I looked around for what I thought for sure would be fact check after fact check and I found two. Total. Doesn't that seem odd in and of itself? As if the strategy on this is to just ignore it until it goes away?

ECONOMIC HISTORIAN LARRY REED IS ON TODAY AT 1 And we're going to talk about the last time hyperinflation came to our country which he wrote about here, and this column about two gentleman's whose single-minded focus on ending slavery finally succeeded. Never give up, friends.

THERE IS A COOL EVENT TO SHOWCASE NON-PROFITS And I've got The Honor Bell's Chris Boyer and Neal Brown from Courageous Faces Foundation on to discuss The Tank, which is coming up this Wednesday. It's a cool riff on Shark Tank featuring non-profits and you can buy your tickets by clicking here.

OUR YOUNG PEOPLE ARE DYING AT ALARMING RATES And it's because they are taking fentanyl thinking it is something else. This article is super depressing from our friends at the Denver Gazette. It shows how lacking our treatment is here in Colorado, especially for teens. From the article:

What's more, there are no inpatient detox facilities in the state, Thurstone and Riggs said. While an adult could check into a hospital for a few days to stabilize before starting medication treatment, that option is not available to younger people. Riggs described a patient, referred to her by Children's, who was in the emergency room for fentanyl withdrawal. He had been in the ER two weeks before, too, for the same reason. He'd called a list of detox programs and none would let him in because he was 17. He didn't want to be discharged again. He didn't want to keep using fentanyl. His provider wasn't licensed to write a prescription for buprenorphine. Riggs called another provider who got him started. She's started microdosing patients with buprenorphine — necessary because of its effects on a fentanyl user — and slowly increasing their dosages. "I would say 95% of the youth I see with fentanyl addiction would benefit from an inpatient withdrawal management program to get them stabilized with medication, therapy, resources and then discharge," Thurstone said.

We are failing our kids. We are failing our young adults, we are failing all them miserably. Side note, you need to talk to your kids ENDLESSLY about the fentanyl in the drug pipelines these days. Whereas when I was young and stupid, there wasn't something that could kill you in the party drugs available, now they have no way of knowing and are killing themselves accidentally.

THIS AS THE DEMOCRATS REFUSED TO REFELONIZE FENTANYL Because they are super worried about the drug dealer vote in Colorado apparently. Did you know that fentanyl killed 800 people in Colorado in 2021? That means that more than two people died PER DAY in Colorado last year from this deadly drug, but Democrats are going to allow drug dealers to skirt a felony by only carrying one gram with them at any time. We learned that from testimony from a former dealer and addict that Democrats heard testify, but they still chickened out.

DON'T BELIEVE RE ELECTION JARED'S CLAIMS OF LOWERING COSTS IN COLORADO Because the Democratic legislature did nothing of the sort, they merely delayed a bunch of tax hikes they already passed and are using OUR money to "give" us tax breaks that expire after the election in November. This column shares the ways they are lying about making Colorado more affordable.

YES, COLORADO STUDENTS ARE BEING TOLD TO LIE TO THEIR PARENTS You really need to know what is happening in our schools, and this interview with Jon Caldara with a mom in Poudre Schools is eye-opening and shocking. Her daughter was invited to stay for an art club after school but it turned out to be a Gay and Sexuality Art club that tells students parents are bad and they may be a different gender than they think they are.

THE LIE ABOUT PARKING METER RATE INCREASES WILL REDUCE TRAFFIC IS OBVIOUSLY A LIE Because parking fees have brought in double what they did the year before. Remember they were going to raise parking rates to fight global warming by forcing people to not drive downtown. It's failed at this mission but I'm guessing the City coffers are okay with that.

MARRIAGE RATES ARE FALLING AND THIS ISN'T GREAT If you're single without kids, this isn't a big deal. But if you've got kids, you need to be married. So much information is out there about how much better kids do from intact homes that it's truly incontrovertible. Now we know that black men are the LEAST likely to be married, along with their black women counterparts. Now married households are the MINORITY. This is not good for the underpinnings of society.

COULD POOP BE THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? This is weird. Transplanting poop from young healthy mice's guts into old mice's guts has been shown to reverse some signs of aging. Transplanting gut microbes from old mice into young mice actually aged them. Will this work on humans? We have no clue.

WE'RE NOW ENTICING ALIENS WITH NUDES Not the dirty kind, but simply anatomical figures designed to lure extra terrestrials to Earth. I'm still not sure this is a good idea. The figures show a man and a woman, and now non-binary folks want their own figure that looks like a Ken doll. Just kidding about that last part.

COLORADO IS SEEING A RASH OF CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFTS And the Legislature is trying to do something about it, but we'll see if any of the new bills makes this any better. Read more here.

DOCTOR STRANGE CRUSHED IT AT THE BOX OFFICE And we need to find out from ARod how the movie is, but it did really well this weekend in theaters.


WHAT TO DO IF YOU RUN INTO A BLACK BEAR This seems useful as bears and their cubs are waking up and heading out for a snack. The key is never turn your back and make yourself big.

JOKER IS THE LEAGUE MVP The Denver Nuggets Nicola Jokic is going to be the league MVP for the NBA again. Congrats to him!

THE GERMANS ARE MAD WE'RE MAKING FUN OF THEIR LANGUAGE And they are fighting back with their own video.


THIS JUST IN...GERMAN AIRLINE BANS ALL JEWS FROM A FLIGHT WHEN ONE COUPLE DOESN'T WEAR A MASK And this is absolutely unbelievable. Can you imagine if this were a black couple who didn't wear a mask and all black people were removed from subsequent flights.

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