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LET'S SPEND 28 MILLION TO TRAIN PEOPLE TO USE RTD I have to give it to our leadership, they aren't afraid to keep trying to make us do what they want. Now they are spending $28 million of my money and yours to fund free RTD rides in August of this year and next. It's two fold plan, one designed to cut down on ozone in the dead of summer, and one to get us to "get into the habit" of taking the train. For $28 million dollars. This probably seems like a good idea, but if it doesn't work, can we just call the whole thing off? I'm guessing no.

THE COLORADO TIMES RECORDER BLOG DROPS ANY PRETENSE OF OBJECTIVITY I'm guessing most of you don't read this blog, but I'm putting this here because people send me this stuff as if it's an unbiased news source, which it most certainly is NOT. Case in point, they have hired a Democratic operative, who is STILL WORKING AS A DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE to work on their "non partisan" (snort) blog. Just making sure everyone gets the memo.

WHAT THE HELL CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS? The hits keep coming for the Gold Standard school district. A new video of a kid getting the crap beaten out of him was posted to social media from Liberty Middle School. The now deleted Instagram account had posted 11 other fights, but we're not sure where or when they happened. Liberty Middle confirms a fight took place, but I want to know if the kid doing the beating was suspended or expelled? If I'm a parent at Liberty, I'm making an appointment to find out how they are keeping my kid safe. Just saying. I guess competition for Valedictorian is bad but the new Gladiator competition is cool.

I HOPE THEY THROW AWAY THE KEY ON THIS SCUMBAG A pathetic ahole who gave underage girls alcohol and fentanyl so he could rape one of them has been convicted of manslaughter for letting one of them die of an overdose. I hope he rots in hell.

YOU CAN SEE THE NEW MOVIE ABOUT ELECTION FRAUD THIS WEEKEND Dinesh D'Souza has a new film out called 2000 Mules which purports to show how Democrats pulled off massive election fraud in the 2020 election, including video evidence of ballot harvesters dropping off ballots in the middle of the night. I've always said when you can show me some solid evidence that fraud occurred I would join the parade so I already bought my ticket for Saturday night's show. You can watch it at home by clicking here.

A LOAD OF THESAURUSES GETS LOST ON THE HIGHWAY Thanks to listener Michael for sharing this gem.

DON LEMON DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THE CONSTITUTION AT ALL And you need to watch this. His first question demonstrates how little he understands our system of government.

NO, OTHER RIGHTS AREN'T GOING TO FALL BECAUSE OF ROE FALLING And I've been saying this since I read the opinion. Justice Alito bends over backwards to clarify that abortion is not like these other things. The Wall Street Journal editorializes on it here. From the editorial:

The correct answer is none of the above, as Justice Samuel Alito’s draft takes pains to emphasize. The leaked opinion is explicit about distinguishing Roe and its 1992 legal revision, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, from cases on unrelated social topics. None of the other decisions cited by Roe and Casey involved the critical moral question posed by abortion,” the draft says. “They do not support the right to obtain an abortion, and by the same token, our conclusion that the Constitution does not confer such a right does not undermine them in any way.”

This is red herring by people trying to gin up protest from groups that otherwise wouldn't care.

THE RIGHT IS GOING TO HAVE TO ACT AS OBNOXIOUSLY AS THE LEFT FOR THIS TO STOP The Left has used the tactic of protesting outside the homes of conservatives for YEARS. In Kentucky there were protestors outside of Republican lawmakers homes EVERY DAMN DAY. It's wrong and it needs to stop, but unless and until the Right does the same thing to Nancy Pelosi, (whose street in San Fran is blocked and protected by police, btw), Jen Psaki, and every Biden family member, it will not. Now a liberal group is calling for protests outside the homes of the Supreme Court Justices in light of the leaked opinion. This is wrong, wrong, wrong, no matter what side you are on. WRONG.

JEN PSAKI ISN'T MAD ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT LEAK And when pressed she said the administration didn't have a "particular view" on the leak itself. Okay, right. Sure. Mmmkay.

HAVE WE SEEN THE END OF COMEDY? Howie Mandel thinks so on the heels of Dave Chappelle being attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of days ago. He says the slap by Will Smith began a very dangerous time for comedians and he is not looking forward to being on stage any time soon. He may be right. You can't be brilliantly funny when you're in fear for your life or career.

I'M RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT POTHOLES Because honestly they are an expensive scourge and our governments fail us all daily when it comes to potholes. This article gives the grim statistics on how much damage they cause and remind you to look before you drive when possible.

THE "BETTER" WAY OF MANAGING CLASSROOMS DOESN'T WORK And this teacher lays down the truth, which is kids need clear and enforced expectations and limits. Though concepts like restorative justice work in some circumstances we have to allow teachers to manage their classrooms with an iron fist if necessary, and teachers should be the ones to decide what their kids need. Classroom discipline is one of the reasons parents seek out charter and private schools. It's impossible to learn when you are surrounded by chaos.


THANK GOD FOR TURKEY! Because the nation's inflation is actually worse than ours so we aren't the WORST in the world, amiright? Turkey is seeing prices soar a whopping 70% year over year, and it's not showing any signs of stopping. The authoritarian leader of Turkey is trying to use unconventional methods to check inflation rather than raising interest rates. How's that working out for him? Not well.

FIVE MAGAZINES EVERY GOOD CONSERVATIVE SHOULD BUY This is a great article and I'm ashamed to say I subscribe to none of those, but I will be seeking them out to test drive. Find them all here.

WE ARE GETTING SOME CLUES INTO LONG COVID And it seems that people with what is being called Long Covid are having issues with their mitochondria not working properly. This is an early study but maybe it points us in the right direction to help people suffering months after an infection.

FREE SPEECH RESTRICTIONS ON CAMPUS ARE LAUGHABLY BAD But they are STILL happening. I love this column so much I could marry it. Read this:

Regulations on campus “hate speech,” sold as efforts to protect marginalized groups and prevent harassment, do neither in practice. At best, they’re ineffective, and at worst, they open the door to administrative abuses of power and contribute to a campus culture of shame and fear.
Such regulations feature notoriously overbroad language, giving administrators authority to punish vast swaths of expression. Civil liberties activist and former president of the ACLU, Nadine Strossen, emphasizes the risk vague speech restrictions pose to the very marginalized groups they’re intended to help:
"It is important to understand that hate speech laws are inherently likely to be enforced in ways that further entrench dominant political and societal groups, and that further disempower marginalized individuals and groups. This pattern is not a result of occasional “abuses” of the laws, but rather is the inevitable, systematic result of any use of such laws, given their irreducible vagueness."

The kicker is these speech codes always get struck down as clear First Amendment violations but the school's students, administration, and faculty keep pushing and pushing.

HOW GERMAN COMPARES TO OTHER LANGUAGES This made me laugh. Now I wish they would compare Farsi, as it always sounds angry to me.

IS THE ABORTION ISSUE THE WEDGE ISSUE IT USED TO BE? I think this author is optimistic about this, but it's worth a read. She posits that abortion is a down ballot issue that has fallen over the years, but I think if Roe falls it leaps right back up to the top of the list for many women. But those women were already voting Dem, so will it really help Democrats? Not sure. I think this issue is literally an issue of life and death for BOTH sides and but we both agree that now politicians are going to have to govern instead of hide behind Roe.

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