Mandy's Wed Blog: Unify America, I Was Wrong, and What Black Folks Think

I DID THE UNIFY COLORADO CHALLENGE AND IT WAS OUTSTANDING I've got to tell you about my experience with Lindsay, who is a queer teacher and an absolute lovely woman.

REMEMBER THAT HOSPITAL BILLING TRANSPARENCY BILL IN COLORADO? It passed and I asked David Silverstein, the man behind this effort, to stop by for a victory lap at 1. Read about the bill's passage here.

DOUGLAS COUNTY CHAIRWOMAN LORA THOMAS IS ON AT 1:35 I ran into Lora last night and asked her what the hell is going on as her two fellow Commissioners took the ridiculous step of removing her from her Chair position over a letter they say she used improperly. She has some stuff to say about what is going on, and she's on at 1:35 to discuss.

HEY, GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS UP! And this week he has Christopher Maher who is a former Navy Seal, studied Musician, Holistic Coach, and Author of the book "Free for Life." Christopher has unlocked a way to live life to the fullest with True Body Intelligence, but it wasn't before doing a lot of work on himself. He resolved past trauma, pushed his limits, and studied endlessly to find permanent solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. Listen to the podcast by clicking here!

I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE TRUMP INFLUENCE WANING At least in Ohio, where author JD Vance just won the GOP primary with Trump's backing. Vance also enjoyed a $10 million dollar donation by Peter Thiel to a Super PAC supporting him, so this may not ALL be Trump, but I do believe the former President did get Vance over the hump. There were seven challengers running, and they effectively split the vote so Vance got 32.2% of the vote, while his two closest competitors notched 47.2% of the vote when added together so this was a tough race. It just goes to show you how easy it is to split the vote and win. We'll see how Georgia shakes out before I announce Trump as a kingmaker, but I was wrong about this race and had some crow to eat. It's best served cold.

COLORADO DEMS COULD HAVE LOWERED TAXES ON US BUT SAID NO And this was a bill that would exempt already prepared food from sales taxes. So if you got take out, there would be no sales taxes. The Democrats shot it down because they are afraid they won't have enough of our money for their pet projects. Please don't believe they care about your budgets.

BLACK AMERICANS ARE MOST WORRIED ABOUT....VIOLENCE? This new Pew research poll on the attitudes of black Americans is really interesting. They did a deep dive on attitudes about a lot stuff, but when they asked about the MOST important issue facing their community the response at the top for ALL age groups was Violence, with 17% of respondents naming that as the top concern. Where did racism come in? At a whopping 3%. Economic issues, housing, Covid, Infrastructure, Neighbors, No Issues, and Public Safety ALL came in higher than Racism. Even NO ISSUES. Perhaps this concern is because since the Defund the Police movement got ginned up, 4000 MORE black people were killed annually between 2014 and 2020 for a total of 9,941 in 2020. In 2020 there were 21,500 murders, so black people made up nearly HALF of them, though they only make up about 12-13% of the population. An extraordinary number of those murders were young black men, which make up an even smaller part of the population. Perhaps we need to shift our attention to black people being murdered? Statistically, by the way, people kill people of their own race, so this is black on black crime. How do we fix that? This is cultural rot that has to be repaired within the community, but I'm white so I'm no supposed to talk about it. Perhaps we start by recognizing that there are aspects to black culture that are not helpful and actually harmful. This Pastor White Mike makes a pretty compelling case that our culture has made black murder normal.

AN EDGEWATER CITY COUNCILLOR ORCHESTRATES GUN CONTROL WITH OUTSIDE GROUPS This is really not surprising but I find it outrageous as well. Edgewater is the town surrounded by Denver and Lakewood and not somewhere you'd think being a hotbed for gun control, but if one anti-gun member has her way it will be. Hannah Kay Keao has been feverishly working behind the scenes with gun control groups to present a slew of new gun control measures under the guise of community demand. She has been giving information and talking points to anti-gun groups to use as they "testify" before her fellow members in an effort to get them to use language she believes will convince her fellow council members. As far as I know, the other members were unaware of her involvement and manipulation. We'll see how they feel about being manipulated.

VAIL DECIDES SHEEP ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOW INCOME PEOPLE And they are moving to block a new affordable housing development that was approved three years ago by a prior council. They have even gone so far as to CONDEMN the property to stop the $17 million development that Vail Resorts is trying to build for its workers to live in. Vail Resorts worked with wildlife biologists to insure that the new development in East Vail would NOT affect the herd of bighorn sheep that inhabit the area, but the Mayor of Vail has decided she knows better than biologists so the project must be stopped. When asked about the luxury homes being developed in the SAME area, she demurred by saying those platts were approve a long time ago. Much like this new development was approved a long time ago. Vail hates working class people.

IF YOU WANT REPUBLICANS TO WIN YOU BETTER GIVE THEM MONEY The Governor just dropped another 5 million into his campaign to get re elected. Democrats have WAY more money on hand to run in all statewide races. But Heidi Ganahl outraised Polis from outside donors, so there's that. These campaign finance reports are not good, and I'm hoping there is a lot of money in PACs that will help, but I doubt it. Why don't Republicans give money to their candidates? Why do we complain then not do ANYTHING to fix it? Real question here.

SPEAKING OF PUTTING YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS There is a new VISA card that will donate a portion of each purchase to conservative causes. Read more about it here.

WHY WON'T KYLE CLARK COVER THE DUMPSTER FIRE OF DPS LIKE HE DOES DOUGCO? I know the answer, he's a Democrat and these are his people ruining Innovation schools in Denver. This is a great column about some members of the Denver Public School Board now saying they were lied to by teachers union hacks who demanded control over Innovation schools in Denver. Really? You don't say? How shocking. Even Tay Tay is saying he was lied to. Does this mean they will roll this mess back? That remains to be seen although I doubt it, the entire board is beholden to the teachers unions and they are the ones who wanted this. This as 5% of black and brown third graders read at grade level in Denver.

THE CDC HAS RENEWED ITS RECOMMENDATION TO WEAR MASKS ON PLANES And they can take their recommendation and shove it. They are also fighting the injunction that stopped that mask wearing nonsense. Please fight it, it's so popular.

THIS IS THE RECORD THAT WILL NEVER BE BROKEN A Brazilian man has been confirmed as the man who worked for the same company for the longest period of time. How long? How about eighty four YEARS. You read that right. He's 100 years old and started at the company he works for a year before World War II broke out.

CHAPPELLE GETS FLATTENED AND ROCK MAKES A SMITH JOKE This must have been wild at the Hollywood Bowl where Netflix is hosting a comedy special right now. An attacker leaped onto the stage and tackled comedian Dave Chappelle. When Chris Rock came out to see if he was okay, he said, "Was that Will Smith?" and the crowd roared.

A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANT LIMITS ON ABORTION Though they don't want a full ban, 60% of registered voters want a ban on abortion after 15 weeks. Thank goodness a majority of Americans realize that anything more than that is bad. It's a start.

NEED A SERVICE DOG? A LOAN MAY HELP Training a true service dog is an expensive and time consuming proposition and it makes it challenging for people who need a service dog to get one. Now there is a loan program people can tap into to get a service dog, which can cost between $15,000 and $55,000 depending on what they are trained to do. Find out more here.

SO WHAT DOES THE ALITO DECISION ACTUALLY SAY? This is a good column about what is actually IN the leaked draft decision about Roe. It's an easy decision to read, and you should read it here. The New York Post has a good explainer here. If you actually read the decision you see that a lot of the worries being expressed by the Left are unfounded, as Alito goes to extra lengths to describe how abortion is different than so many other social issues.


NAME BRANDS V STORE BRANDS IS A BATTLE HEATING UP I don't mind a store brand on some things, but when I want a brand name, I want a brand name. In some stores it's getting harder and harder to FIND brand names (King Soopers I'm looking at you) and that leads me to other stores instead. Now name brands are gearing for retail battle as inflation has shoppers picking up the store brands instead. Read about it here.

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