Mandy's Tue Blog: A Supreme Court Leak Causes Chaos!

A MASSIVE LEAK FROM THE SUPREME COURT SETS OFF ACTIVISTS And to be clear, that was the intent by the leaker. If true, and the Court has confirmed or denied nothing as of this moment, Roe V. Wade will be overturned and the right to regulate abortion will be kicked back to the states. This means nothing for us here in Colorado as our Democratic Legislature has made it okay to partially birth a full term baby so they can crush its skull and suck the brains out. Nothing changes for us here. Hooray. That being said, this is a scandal of the highest order. This is the equivalent of what happened on January 6th, it's an attack on the very foundations of our country. That got glossed over on the statement from Pelosi and Schumer, who didn't mention this transgression. I want the person who leaked this to be treated the exact same way as the people who stormed the Capitol building. It's that egregious. Read about the leak here, but know this is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate the Justices as they decide how to rule on this issue. If they change their mind now, we've got proof that the Courts have become overtly political and we lose the whole thing in the name of killing babies. That's just sick. A listener sent me this link with a lot of statistics about abortion that I was unfamiliar with and it's worth a check. They show how specious the "rape and incest" argument really is. This is a good speculation on where the leak came from.

HOW OFTEN DOES A SUPREME COURT DRAFT LEAK? The answer is literally never. This is outrageous and I hope the person who did it is disbarred or impeached and removed from the bench (although I am HIGHLY doubtful that a Justice was involved in this). Politico, who broke the story, has this to say about how often this happens.

SO THE LEFT IS GOING WITH "BURN THIS DOWN" AS THEIR STRATEGY And it's so funny how the same Left, who encouraged and supported the protests that lead to "mostly peaceful" riots, looting and burning for two summers, who then got the vapors when members of the Right did the same damn thing on January 6th, have now decided to burn it all down over the possible overturn of Roe V Wade. They not only fell off their self-imposed high horse, they beat it death with pro-abortion signs.

THOMAS FREY OUR FUTURIST IN ON TODAY And we're talking the longevity of cryptocurrency brands going forward. Read his column on it here. Find Thomas and get his expertise or listen to his podcast by clicking here! He's got another great column on how autonomous cars will change the meaning of desirable real estate here.

YES, RON DESANTIS IS GOING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT Someone sent a text yesterday that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would not run against Trump. That is flatly wrong, DeSantis realizes that loyalty to Trump doesn't serve him in the long run and is gearing up for a race. This article specifically talks about him wanting to win re-election by a large margin to prove to Trump voters that he is MORE popular and more electable in 2024 than Trump. He's not wrong. I especially like how his opponent, Democrat for now Charlie Crist (who is the worst person in the world) is saying he would go back to mask mandates in Florida. Mmmkay, Charlie, I'd love to see you do that.

WE MUST DO BETTER IN COLORADO TO PROTECT OUR MOST VULNERABLE This story is awful. A "professional" private guardian has been stealing from her wards for years. Who are her wards? They are people incapable of taking care of themselves for a variety of reasons, who hire an outside party to manage their financial affairs when they are no longer able. This woman stole over $400,000 and got probation and an order to pay it back. This is outrageous and sends the message that you can steal from the infirm with impunity. She needed to go to jail. This isn't an isolated incident and obviously more protections and harsh penalties need to be applied to this industry. People who steal from the infirm deserve a special place in Hell.

DON'T TRY TO BUY VOTES WITH MY MONEY, RE-ELECTION JARED This is more of the Re Election Jared realizing that his policies and parties have raised the price of everything in the state and it's an election year so he has to figure out a way to buy votes. Now he wants to "give" us a property tax "break" this year without telling us this would cut into our Taxpayer Bill of Rights refund he tried to play off as a gift from him personally. He's now trying to position a property tax break as that as well, even though it is STRUCTURED to steal our TABOR refunds the next year. I hope the entire news media will also call out this as they called out the advance on our TABOR refunds this year.

BIDEN WANTS MORE INFLATION TO COURT RICH LIBERALS And this is all that college loan debt forgiveness is, just pandering to the base. My favorite part of this story is this:

Psaki was also pressed on whether the White House has analyzed how potential student loan forgiveness could impact inflation. I know there’s been outside analysis of that, but I don’t have any internal analysis at this point to preview for you," she said.

So during a time of out of control inflation, the White House hasn't bothered to see how a giant spending thing would impact inflation? Biden is an idiot.

EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT OF VOTERS SUPPORT VOTER ID And they go even further by asking for a ban on ballot harvesting, clarity on mail in elections and the security measures for those ballots and more. The Democrats are on the wrong side of history on this one.

ABOUT THOSE CLIMATE RELATED DISASTERS... The UN loves to take data and make it seem like the end of the world is upon us. They did so in a recent report in the uptick of natural disasters by using a database whose owners say shouldn't be used to extrapolate such conclusions. But hey, it's the UN, so what do you expect. The upshot from the disaster database is a really good one, and that is deaths from natural disasters have been reduced 99% in the last 100 years! That's pretty astounding! Read it here.


HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY NEGOTIATE YOUR SALARY And is there anything more onerous than negotiating salary? I HATE IT. This article has some tips, but the biggest one from me is that you have to prove your value and that YOUR personal needs don't matter at ALL to the Company. And don't take it personally. Never take it personally.

COULD YOUR INTERIOR DESIGN BE MAKING YOU SICK? Even as I typed that line I felt stupid, but Zen design is a thing and has been for a while. If you are in a rut, read the myriad of ways you can re arrange your home for optimal health here. I'm not buying what they are selling.

THIS KID IS GOING PLACES, BUT HE'S STARTING AT THE AIR FORCE ACADEMY A Nebraska teen was accepted at ALL FIVE service academies for college. He announced he chose the Air Force Academy and why wouldn't he?

JUST SAY NO Want your life back? Just say no. Why it's so hard for people to say no is no mystery for me, I used to have a bad case of that. Now, not so much, especially after Covid when I realized my life was out of control and I didn't like it. Now the no comes much easier. Read more here.

AND NOW, RUSSIA ACCUSES ISRAEL OF SUPPORTING NEO-NAZIS And this is so beyond absurd I can't even comment just read it here.

AMAZON DOESN'T WANT BABIES TO INTERFERE WITH YOUR WORK So they are going to pay for travel related expenses if their workers have to travel for an abortion.


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